Why Bother Telling Others?

An important step in creating the Holy Experience is sharing it with others, so that they may have it. This is a bold step. It takes spiritual courage. You must be willing to be seen as someone whose head is above the crowd. For not many people in the crowd called humanity are aware of having the Holy Experience.

As I have said now several times, they are not even aware that it is possible for them to have it. They believe that such an experience is for avatars and masters and monks, or "holy ones." The idea of the Holy Experience being available to anyone, to everyone, is not something that most people can easily accept.

The fastest way to convince others that it is available to everyone is to tell others that you are having it right now. Of course, if you just do this "out of the blue," others may look at you as if you are a bit daft. You have to find the time and the place for it. You have to create a context within which your announcement will make sense and be heard, not be ridiculed and ignored.

Why bother? If you are having the Holy Experience, why not just keep it to yourself?

Because your experience of everything in life is magnified and verified when you share it with another. Held within, kept secret, you may eventually come to think that it is all just a figment of your imagination. Shared with another, it becomes real.

There is also the larger point that until others are having it, you are not having it. Not completely. Not fully. That is because the You that is having the Holy Experience is larger than the "you" that you may imagine yourself to be. The You that you are does not stop at the end of your fingers. It extends outward to all the world. The only thing that ends at your fingertips is the particular physical manifestation that you call "you." But the You that You Really Are encompasses every other person. Therefore, if they are not having the Holy Experience, then You are not. Not completely, but only in part.

So, if you want to have the Holy Experience completely, cause another to have the Holy Experience completely--and another, and another, and another. Share your experience with others, that they, too, may have it. .

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