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Conversations with God has taught me that what is going on in my life is not simply a journey from nowhere to nowhere. This is a process. Life is a process. It is a process with purpose and meaning. It is a function of the Universe. It is the Present Action of an Eternal Activity. I am not an infinitesimal spec of dust on the cosmic floor, unworthy to even be seen, much less celebrated. I am a big and important, and yes, an even glorious part of an Ever Ongoing Expression of Divinity.

Conversations with God also taught me that God forgives me completely and utterly for my "offenses" -- which God sees as merely "mistakes," "misunderstandings," and simple "errors," holding me in the cradle of Her love, embracing me in the warmth of His compassion and deep understanding, encouraging me now and giving me the strength to move forward with my purpose in this life: to know myself as Who I Really Am, and to experience that.

In this way, God experiences IT-self...and it is the only way God can.

Each of us, I have come to see, embraces a mission. That is, there is a singular "assignment" (if I could use the word) that we give ourselves in each lifetime. (Oh, yes, we have multiple lifetimes. An infinite number, in fact.) Each assignment allows us to express and experience additional aspects of Divinity.

My assignment is this lifetime, it has become clear, is plain and it is simple: to give people back to themselves, and to change the world's mind about God. In a very large sense, this is the mission of all of us, and each of us is playing it out in the way that is natural and perfect for us in every incarnation.

We are given the gift of God's joy and God's peace in our heart, and offered an invitation to share it with everyone whose life we touch--regardless of exterior appearances that sometimes seem to make it impossible to do so.

I have come to see that all of life's circumstances, conditions, events, and experiences have been sent to me as opportunities to do that. Each moment-- even (and especially) the worst among them--is a gift, creating a Contextual Field within which I might choose how I wish to experience myself, and decide what part of that interior experience I shall express in physical form. And so I thank God for each and every manifestation of life now producing that Contextual Field. I shall judge not, and neither condemn.

This living without judgment is the hardest part for me, but it is the beginning of the Holy Experience, and as I have looked at the depth of my life it has been made clear to me that so many people would have to live without judgment of ME in order for me to feel the love that is all around me. And so the least I can do in exchange for this unspeakable blessing is to offer the same in return, and to live without judgment of others. For who among us shall cast the first stone?

I have been invigorated in my life morning by this freedom-giving thought: I am forgiven, by God and by all those who love me. I choose now to forgive myself as well, thus to dwell in the joyful place of enlivened creation. For nothing good is created from guilt, and all things wonderful emerge from joy.

What a joy this life is, with all its sadness and pain, its strife and travail, its tests and its obstacles. What a joy to be alive and experiencing all of it, and to be able to choose which part of it to internalize and call my own. Having this choice, and exercising it, is the Holy Experience.

Hugs and Love,



LordJesusChrist 4th February 2012 4:10 am

The Good Force be with you!

You have done well, Neale, in your Life's assignment! To build The New Jerusalem, the Holy City, My Wife in United States of America is a wonderful Life's assignment for the American citizens who are from the tribe of Joseph. It is in this work that we receive everlasting life and become wise, just and lead many to righteousness. The New Jerusalem is beautiful in the picture but in reality it is far more glorious than ever.

Live forever and prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
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onafriday 4th February 2012 1:23 pm

In my living room is a table that resembles an altar (it was given to me). On it are three items that came together in a way that tell a story.

I unpacked my boxes when I moved in 3 years ago. I found my prayer candle with Jesus's image on it and a globe (which wasn't mine). I offered to return it to it's rightful owner but they said No, you keep it.

Then one day while walking down the street, I found a workman's tool - a sledgehammer - on the ground in the roadway, directly in front of the church next door. I brought that sledgehammer home, sat it on the table where the globe and candle are. I sit and stare at it sometimes.

"Jesus Judge (sledgehammer / mallet) the World".

I didn't even recognize that the table resembles an altar until after I had those three items laid out.

There you have it. In my living room is a table that resembles an altar with a Jesus prayer candle, a sledgehammer and a globe - just sitting there.

And me just sitting there, staring at it.

True story. I'd post a picture if I had a camera.

Mik 4th February 2012 4:12 pm

Thanks Neale. Empower others, empower self. Disempower others, disempower self. Empowering others is to help them free themselves from themselves. Love and Blessings.

Arthur 5th February 2012 9:17 am

My Comment was deleted?


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