2012: Of the People, By the People, For the People

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Great joy always to be in your midst; to be able to look out with the human eyes and to behold the radiance of you; to be able to feel heart to heart the love that you are; and to feel the excitement of your soul as it stands upon the threshold of making a great shift into the place of understanding Oneness.

Great excitement. All of the masters, ascended and those who walk amongst you, are feeling great excitement, because you are ready. You have been asking, you have been pleading, you have been praying to want to know, “Who am I? Why am I? What is happening? I want to know all of me; not just the separated ego that says I have problems and challenges and that I have issues, that I have things that I have to just trust are going to work out alright. But I want to know all of me. I want to know the good stuff.”

You have begun to say that now. It is time to know the good stuff. You have said, “I have suffered the slings and arrows of the world long enough. I have been in the challenges long enough. Now I want to know all of me. I want to know the Reality—capital “R”—of me and to know that it allows me to make the reality—lower case “r”—of my own experience, and if I don’t like that reality, to know that I have the power to change it and to really take hold of that power;” to really take hold of the divine power of creativity that you are, to make the changes that seem to separated ego to be impossible, and to make those changes moment by moment. And that is what it takes.

Separated ego has been your companion for so long that it feels like it is part of you, a very integral part of you. Whenever you start to move into a new space, it is going to speak to you loudly and it is going to remind you of other times when you tried to step out of what the human image had been.

When you decide to ask to know the All of you, separated ego will run onstage and it will say, “But you tried that before, and it didn’t get you anywhere. Why do you think that now is going to be different?” And you say, “Because now I have other information. I have practiced my trust. I have practiced my Light, turning on my Light, feeling happy in the midst of unknowing and what it takes in order to come to that place of realizing—making real in my experience—the Oneness that I am.”

The power of that Oneness is the old adage, “Practice, practice, practice.” Just keep saying, “I Am One. I Am powerful. I Am coming out of the place of separation. I Am trusting. I know that I am loved, being taken care of, and that always I will prosper. Always I am whole. I am healed already. I do not have to worry about what the morrow if going to bring me, because I know it is going to be all for my good,” which it is.

Now, separated ego at that point is going to run onstage and say, “Oh, yeah, right; it may look like a pile of manure, but it’s going to be for your good; sure.” And you say, “Yes, I trust it now. I know that it is all working for the realization of at-One-ment, that realization of knowing that there is truly only One of us present. There is only One of us; no separation.”

This is why I have spoken to you many, many times and why the other masters have spoken to you that there is only One, that your Reality—capital “R”—is the Oneness; only One; not separation. So there is great excitement on this plane and the other planes as well as they behold your willingness, because that is all it takes, is your willingness to practice, to come back each time and to say, “No, I’m not going to be as I was even a moment or so before or a day before. I am going to be a new person in Christ.”

Your brothers and sisters have a good saying there if they would realize the true meaning of it. I am a new person in Christ. I am realizing the Christ being that I am. What would the Christ do? Not just what would Jesus do, but what would the Christ do in a situation? And then you pause for a moment, you take a deep breath, and if you don’t get an answer, you take another deep breath. And if you don’t get an answer, you keep on breathing until you do get an answer. Or, you fall over into a bit of a sleep because you have too much oxygen, but that won’t happen, because before that happens you will have some guidance.

Now, I have been asked to speak this evening about your upcoming year that is quickly approaching, a year that has been called 2012, two-thousand-twelve. There have been many prophecies about what this year 2012 is going to bring. There have been conflicting reports and prophecies, and it is hard to know what is going to be happening.

Well, I say unto you, you are the ones who are going to be making the reality—lower case “r”—of 2012. I am going to give you some probabilities, but the final choice is yours. You are the masters, so therefore whenever there is a choice, allow yourself to breathe, to step back as the Beholder and to ask, “What is for the highest good of All, of the One?” And again, if the answer doesn’t come right away, you ask again and you wait for it.

Now, your year 2012 has been designated as a great pivotal year, and it has prophecy that on the last month and the third week of the last month of the year there is going to be a great change. Ones are going to wake up and realize who they are and what is going on. And this is true. That prophecy contains a kernel of truth in it.

There will be many. Because they expect that to happen, it will happen for them and through them. However, I do say unto you that you do not have to wait until December 21 for it to happen. You can let it happen on June 21 and celebrate early or any other date that you want in the year, because you are the masters of your reality—lower case “r”.

But, probabilities—as it is seen now, looking forward into the year 2012, it is going to be a year of great tumult, chaos; a year of divisiveness; a year of brothers and sisters choosing sides and standing very firm in their beliefs and defending their beliefs, much as you have had in this year. But it is going to grow, where ones get very much into two definite camps and defend what they believe to be the rightness of their beliefs.

And so for the first ten, eleven months of the year, you are going to have much of chaos, much of words, much of judgment. It is not going to be a pretty sight, except as you will sit in the front row of seats at a Broadway production and behold all of the drama going on and keep yourself from getting drawn into it, as much as it is possible.

Now, you are going to have your own beliefs, and you’re going to find an affinity with others who share the same belief systems. You are going to find that from time to time you are going to get a wee bit hooked by what is being said by “the others” and then you’re going to back off from that and say, “But it is a Broadway production and it is worthy of many awards,” because it will be.

You are going to find ones rising to the occasion, very strong in their beliefs, and putting forth information, whether it be truth or not, putting forth information that suits their cause. And they will, at least at the surface level, believe in what they are saying. If you were to question—and there will be much questioning that will go on—if you were to question them and take it a bit deeper, there would be a bit of what you call the waffling. But on the surface of things there is going to be much divisiveness.

The voices that are calling out for change, that are calling out for helping brothers and sisters, those voices are going to get trampled in the melee of the other ones who feel that they must complete lifetimes of being the warrior. That is what they are doing. They are completing lifetimes where they have been in battles, embattled, where they have been the commanders, where they have been the ones who had to make the hard decisions, and where even if they saw the battle going against them, they could not change their mind because they were already stuck into what they had chosen.

And so there are going to be ones who are going to be very definite and warlike. You are going to see much of war—on a large scale and on an individual scale. Co-workers…there is going to be much of upheaval in the employment, and the employment is going to be even less than what you have now; in other words, what is coming up to be the programs for job creation, these programs are going to fail. They are not going to be the be all and end all answer, although the ones touting them are going to say that they are.

The power is going to be finally realized at the grass roots level, at the personal level. That is the miracle that is going to happen. The power is with you and the brothers and sisters, taking your power back from the collections of ones who supposedly represent you, and they do not. They represent themselves or the big corporations.

There is going to be a miracle of change of thought, where ones are going to realize that the representatives do not represent me. They are going against anything that would seem to be common sense, and common sense is not all that common, as you know. They are not looking out for the common man. They are looking out for how to win the battle, because as I have said, they are completing lifetimes where they have been the warriors and where they had to be right, and if they were not right, it was death to the body for them.

So you can see that it is a life and death crisis that they are going to be looking at, and therefore they are going to be very much stuck into their belief and they are going to defend it to the death. You and other ones who have a different viewpoint, you are going to wonder, “What is happening to my reality? This is not what I have envisioned. This is not what I thought would be happening in a place that has promised that each person can live their dream, the so-called American dream, the so-called potentiality of ones being able to realize their fullest potential. This is not,” you are going to be saying to yourself, “what I thought the representatives were going to be saying.”

Now, some of the representatives will be understanding the position of the “common man/woman” and they will be speaking out, but their voices are going to be drowned out by the warriors who have to win. So you are going to see much of warring and you’re going to see much of discussion going on; disappointment; frustration of ones who elected a leader thinking that he could make everything right, and seeing that he cannot make everything right. In truth, he couldn’t anyway, because you are the ones in charge of your own destiny. But he volunteered, as the great soul that he is, that he would play this part in this time and that he would do his best to interject from time to time a voice of reason.

But the voice of reason will not be heard; not for a long time in the year; not for many months in the year. And ones are going to turn to each other, ones of like mind, ones who want to help others. You are going to group together and ask, “What do we have in our house that we can share with others to make it better for them? What can we do to form, perhaps, a corporation of our own, an organization of our own, whatever legalese it needs to be, where we can collect and distribute the goods that ones need and stop looking to the big father/mother in Washington D.C. or in any capitol of any country to take care of me.

The big father/mother, in truth, does not exist except in your heart. So it is going to begin to dawn upon you and the brothers and sisters that you do not have a voice in the large scale of what is going on, but you do have a voice that is very powerful when you band together and decide what you can do to make it better for ones in your own neighborhood and even farther away than that as you begin to get a bigger picture of what can be done.

You are not powerless. There is going to be a feeling the first few months, the first six months perhaps, of the year 2012 of powerlessness. “Why can’t my representatives understand what needs to be done? Why am I powerless to get them to understand this petition I’ve just signed? Why won’t they hear me?”

They won’t hear you because they don’t need to hear you, because you are going to take it into your own hands and heart to change things. All of you are very powerful, and all it takes is that shift in consciousness that says, “I am that which I’ve been seeking. I am all-powerful and I can help others. I can join with others of like mind.”

You have many in your midst who know how to organize. They have been sitting on the sidelines…such as you and you and you and you…sitting on the sidelines thinking, “Well, gee, I’m just one person and I haven’t had a degree in such and such and I don’t know what I can do.”

You can do a lot. Already you know how to use your technology to be in concert with others, immediate concert with others with your texting and with your e-mails and your telephones. You know how to be in concert with others and you know how to find ones who know how to organize.

All it takes is that small shift to the place where you say, “Hey, nobody else is doing this. Maybe it’s because it’s for me to do it,” and taking your power back, no longer looking to big brother/big sister/mother/father in government to look after you. It’s not there. This is what you are “proving” to yourself as evidence that mother/father/government can no longer do it. But you can. You can become the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

What do you think that statement means? Your forefathers knew when they wrote that. They knew where the power lies; not with representatives that are miles away and haven’t a clue what you do day by day. They knew where the power lies, and it is being given back to you now.

So you will gather in groups—doesn’t matter the size—a group of two or three, a group of five, six, five hundred—doesn’t matter—realizing that you can help your brothers and sisters. You can look into your closets, your wardrobes, everything that you have in your house to share. All of you have extra blankets. All of you have extra clothing that you don’t use any longer.

“Well, I might need it, maybe next year; I’d better keep it.” Well, you keep it until the moths get to it. Give it away. Whatever you have, give it away. It’ll be a freeing feeling and it will also be much help for others who perhaps are in a place of feeling helpless. You say to them, “Hey, what do you have that you can give? I’ll do you a trade.” Because you don’t want them to feel that they’re just receiving and they’re being powerless. You ask of them to give as well. It’s an exchange, because they have something to give.

And if they don’t have something tangible to give, they have a smile to give. They have words of wisdom to share with other ones. They have the hug that can be given or the shoulder that someone else can cry on or lean on for a moment or so, however long it might take. If they do not have the tangible, they have definitely the intangible.

So the power is coming back to you. That is my message to you about the year 2012. There is a miracle that will be happening in the year, and the miracle is going to be the waking up of the people to take the power back; not only in this geo-political country, but in other countries as well, but you don’t have to wait for the other ones to wake up. You can wake up. You can start even now.

Study for yourself. Take those words deep within you: the power of the people, by the people, and for the people. What does that mean? Hey, maybe I’m a people. Maybe I have power. Maybe I don’t have to sit and wait until somebody else takes care of me and does something for me. I’m speaking there as a generalization. Spread the word to other ones.

I would suggest that you meet once a week with ones of like mind and get organized as to where you can volunteer, give your services, give your tangible goods, whatever you have to share. Get the ideas flowing. You know how powerful an idea can be, an idea whose time has come. And I am telling you that in the year 2012 this idea’s time has come. Yes, and it is okay.

Government is going to look like a mish-mash, because it is. Government has lost touch with the people. Government is full of warriors who are completing, and there is nothing that is going to get them off their course. But the good news is, you don’t have to worry about them, because you are going to be taking the power and organizing.

You have foundations of some corporations, of philanthropic organizations that you can work with, or even better, you can set up your own. If everyone put in a small tithe…you may not have much; you may say, “Well, my tithe is only about ten cents.” Okay, a ten cent here and a ten cent there, and after a while you have twenty cents. Yes, it adds up; fifty cents, a dollar; pretty soon you’ve got money to work with to help ones.

But it doesn’t have to be just the golden coins. That is the point I am trying to put across. It can be the intangibles of believing in another person, asking an unemployed person, “What is your specialty? What can you do? What would you like to do?” Make a survey. “Oh, but Jeshua, that takes time.” Well, what else do you have? You’ve got time. And then matching up ones.

You have on your most wonderful worldwide web things like e-Bay, Craig’s List, Angie’s List. Okay, start with those. Start your own, a list of ones who will work for food, barter; old-fashioned idea, yes, but it works. Start your own list—Jennie’s List. What do you have that you can exchange.

This does two things. It serves the person who is looking for a person who is unemployed and has talents but is not being hired anywhere, and it also gives them the self-image that they are no longer unwanted, but they have value. They’re on your list. You might even get phone calls and text messages…and they will.

Take your power back. That is what the year 2012 is all about. Now, I know that this evening’s message has been a little bit different than what you expected to hear, but your economy is going down because there’s nothing to prop it up. Your economy is like a house of cards, and you’ve begun to see some of the cards on the foundation, lower floors, have been pulled out. And the ones in the upper floors, upper stories of what has been built, are a bit shaky, to say the least.

Your economy is not going to improve from outside sources, but it is going to improve by what you do, because you are going to be believing in Jennie’s List, in Jim’s List, in Ted’s List. You are going to be believing in the group that you organize, and you start networking. You are all good networkers, and you know other ones who are not physically present here in this room who are good networkers.

All of you actually are good networkers. You know people. Goodness, you don’t sit in your closet and not see anybody. Every day you go out and you interact with people. Start interacting, offering, asking what does someone else have to offer.

You have in this evening a table full of books and tapes that are free for the taking because someone is wanting to empower you, and in that way to empower herself. You all have stuff that you can share with other ones. Some of the stuff may be of more immediate use. All of the stuff is of use, but sometimes the brothers and sisters are hurting too much to sit with what you would term the spiritual books and understand their spiritual power, so you have to start with feeding the body first or giving them the blanket to keep the body comfortable.

Then after the body is comfortable, then perhaps they can begin to go into the well of themselves and to dig deeper and to find the power that they are. I would suggest, strongly suggest that those of you who can, meet together once a week and give a report as to what you have done in that week to further the group’s activities of making the list, of getting it on the computer, of perhaps contacting places that are already set up to help ones who are homeless.

If you have friends who are homeless…what do you have in your house that you can share? Do you have spare room in your house? Actually, you do. You’ll say, “Yes, but there’s this and that and this problem and this other challenge and….” Sure.

Why do you think you have recently this past year, 2011, seen so much of the “natural disasters” of the weather? It has been a housecleaning. It has been a time of ones having everything that they ever valued taken away or threatened to be taken away. They’ve come to the place where they’ve had to realize, and they have even spoken that, “I’ve lost everything, even the photographs of my ancestors, even treasured mementos, but I still have my family.”

They have come to the realization of what is truly important. It’s not the things, not the tangible things, and they realize this, although as I have said, sometimes you need the tangible things for the body in order to then move on to the next stage of realizing who you are. But they have come to a realization that the tangible things are not who they are.

Why do you think you have so much of the earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, the drought that has gone on for months in parts of your country? It has been so that ones can be reduced to the actuality of who and what they are. They are not their job. They are not their house. They are not anything that they ever thought they were.

You and the brothers and sisters have been doing exquisite planning of process over the past few years of, first of all, letting some of the economy slip—the banks, the mortgages, ones losing their houses because they were—as-it-is-called—upside down in the mortgages. It has started as a process some years ago, and then the businesses not having the money to reinvest in their business and having to let some of the workers go; good people with talents, but no longer with the money to pay them.

So there’s been this downward spiral. Why? It has been a great global wake-up call, but if you want to, you can just look at your own geo-political country and see what has been happening. It has been on a global scale, because you are no longer isolated from the brothers and sisters who might be across the water somewhere or in another country.

You are not separate. Your news media tries to bring that home to you every time you tune-in to it. They show you what is happening with the brothers and sisters who are rising up and demanding that they have a voice. Yes, your heart goes out to them because some of it looks rather horrendous. But in truth, they have volunteered to play in this great global Broadway production so that you all as One can wake up to where the power really lies. Look not to another one, for the power lies within you.

So I would highly suggest that you meet with ones of like mind once a week, once every two weeks perhaps. If you do not have a group that is of like mind, seemingly, you have your religious organization, your church perhaps where ones want to do good, but aren’t quite sure how to do it, or maybe they are sure how to do it.

You can work within the structures that are already established and take your power back. That is what the year 2012 is about. That is the miracle that is going to be happening. And on the day of December 21, 2012, there is going to be an awakening of ones looking back over the year and realizing—making real in their awareness—hey, look what we have done in this year. Look what we have done, joined together as One. Feel the power in that? That is going to be the great awakening on December 21. As I have said, perhaps it will come sooner than December 21.

Take this all to heart, because what you are going to see in the next year of your timing is going to be horrendous, a mess, divisive, warring; not at all what you have hoped for. And yet the outcome is going to be what you have hoped for, because as I have said over and over and you have heard it go over the head, everything works for the realization of at-One-ment.

Everything, no matter how bad it looks, works for the realization of “I AM THAT WHICH I AM. I AM the power that I seek. I AM the love. I AM the miracle. I’m not going to wait for someone else to do it for me.” You’ve been doing that long enough—lifetimes where you have enslaved yourselves. You have prostrated yourself and you have said, “Oh, master, please take care of me. I will do your bidding.” And you got twenty lashes and sent out into the field.

Long enough you have given your power away. Even in this geo-political country that has been founded by enlightened ones, there has still been the thread of giving away power and hoping, expecting that the great master in the capitol city will take care of you. You don’t need someone else, and you’re not going to get it, but you do have the power yourself.

Be not down-hearted. Be lifted up by the power of the Christ within.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith




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