Coronavirus, Origin & Future of Planet Earth

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, Child from the one Source.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth, once again to come and share our Light together, once again to come and share our love and allow the heart center to be energized, to be totally bright and new; once again to remember the old friendships and to know that truly nothing ever passes away, but is stored and kept as the precious jewel that it is; remembrances of other times together.

Beloved ones, I have been asked to speak on a topic which is much in your “news” nowadays. Now, in truth, we have spoken other times about your news and how it is truly nothing new. What you do is repeat and see how you feel about and react to news that you have experienced other times, other lifetimes, and how you have felt about, reacted to, re-energized the Light that you are.

So this time around, you get the opportunity to play with what seems to be a new topic, what is called the coronavirus, as if it would be an energy akin very much to your energy, having potential to come forth and interact with you, because truly this is what you have invited it to do, to show forth your power, the innate power of the creative One to create all kinds of wonderful drama.

You have seen this on what is termed your news, because it is always breaking. It seems like they want to bring you something new, and yet it is old; it is what you have lived with other times as well. So we will speak about the supposedly new form of virus, a living form that is in the shape of…sometime, because now they are discovering that even the corona part can be of different shape as it mutates on its own.

But we will speak of it and liken it to all of your creations, because truly there is nothing that you have not created. This lifetime you are re-creating all kinds of interesting experiences for yourself and for the news people so that they can be employed. (Laughter) You yourself have known lifetimes when you were what they called the town crier who went up and down the streets and pathways and cried out the news.

That is what your ones that you see on your square box nowadays are doing, the same as you have done, as they have done sometimes in previous incarnations, and they are allowing you to reinterpret what they tell you, allowing you to take it in and see how you feel about it. And they are giving it a bit of the energy, that you should have energy about it; therefore, oftentimes you will rise to the occasion and take their suggestion, and your fellow brothers and sisters sometimes take it to the nth degree and get quite upset about it, as you have done in other lifetimes.

This lifetime I will give you the special credit of being able to stand back and ascertain, “What does this mean to me? How do I see it?” Not just how it is being portrayed, and as it would be a bucket of water being dumped over the head with your news, but to sit with it and say, “What does this mean? How does it affect me? Why am I creating it?”

Because truly you create your reality as you go along moment by moment. And if you do not like what you are creating, you can physically turn off the square box and not listen to it any longer. You can put the earmuffs on if there are other people in the room who want to hear the breaking news. You can put the earmuffs on, or you can just walk out.

Everything that is presented to you, you have called forth so that you can look at it and ask, “What is the truth of this as I perceive it? What does it mean to me? Is there a knowing that I have been here, done this before; known this kind of message and had to sit with it? And what was my feeling in other times when I lived through what was being portrayed as perhaps life-threatening?”

Now, in truth, your life cannot be threatened. The body, the form, yes; many, many times you have laid it down. Many times you have said, “I’ve had enough. I’m going to rest for a while,” and you have allowed the body, the form, to be let go. This lifetime you are still activating form because you want to interact with the brothers and sisters. You have a curiosity about you that you want to know, “Where is this going? What am I experiencing, and why am I experiencing this? What is the deeper meaning?”

You have come to the place where you not only react, but you sit with it and then you act. So ones of you are getting to be quite wise in taking your time about making decisions. You say, “Okay, I will gather in information, whether it’s new or not.” But they always call it new. It’s always breaking, a bit like the waves on the shore. You are having a bit of that, wave by wave by wave, bringing you news of fresh disasters.

Now, we have talked in other times of the word “disaster”, which truly means “from the stars”. And that is what is happening. You are calling forth information from the star that you are so that you can know, truly know at some point, how creative you are. So when you see what is happening in the world, allow yourself, first of all, the deep breath. Stand back and watch what is happening. Watch how you feel about what is happening, and then make decision, if there is a decision to be made. Take your time about it, and know that truly you are creating it.

You go to the certain outlet called the store that is selling something and you find that the brothers and sisters have been there before you and cleared off all the shelves of the various products that you were interested in and everything is open and you are wondering, “Well, why didn’t I get here sooner? Look at this; it’s an empty shelf. What am I going to do if I need the special paper?” Know you that some of the shelves are empty of the special paper because ones have bought more than one roll or even one package, because, heaven forbid, if you did not have that special paper, what would you do?

Well, you would do what you’ve done other lifetimes. If you did not have the paper, you used whatever was at hand, a leaf or the hand. [Small child crying in the background…remembering when the hand was necessary?] Ones are not born, at least in this lifetime, knowing about the special paper. Ones just do it. All of you have been there, done it, and lived

So take yourselves lightly. I often have said to you that when something happens, allow yourself to stand in the moment and take yourself lightly. See the humor in every situation; not that which seems to be heavy and drastic, but allow yourself to stand and look at the empty shelves and say, “Oh, my goodness, what am I going to do later if I need some special paper?” It makes for a good meditation.

The coronavirus, as it is called because of its shape, is something that you have created, something so that you can see and behold your creativity. It is not going to do you in. The ones who have been laying down the body—and there have been a number of them, as has been reported—have asked for a relatively simple way of releasing the body.

So your statistics, for those who are keeping track of numbers, have been mainly reported in the age group of ones who were processing an idea of making new form; in other words, leaving the form, the body that they have that they’ve expressed with, and yes, the loved ones missed them, and yes, the loved ones did not have a foretelling of it. But in truth, how these ones have released the body has been a very gentle way.

You have seen in your motion picture shows much of drama, and you know how drastic ones can experience the letting go of form. You have seen this in your war-time pictures how drastic things can be. But this form of releasing of the body has been simple, gentle.

And truly, as I have said to you many times over—and please hear this and take it to heart—no one releases the form except that they agree to release it; no one. No one can take the form from you, not even in time of what you call war, where it seems to be that many will be mowed down. And yet there will be one, or it might be more than one, standing; may be a bit wounded or whatever, but not gone.

Each one who creates a body has the say and decision as to when that body will come forth and when the body will be released. No one—you have this saying in your world—goes before their time. And yes, you may miss them, and you may remonstrate with them and say, “Why are you leaving me? Why did you leave me? I didn’t give you permission to leave me.” And yet the one has gone on and left the form behind. It was their decision. It was their time.

Rejoice with them. Because I will share with you, you have had many stories down through the ages as to what happens to you, as you understand the personality to be, the entity that is creating the form. You’ve had many stories, many horrible frightening stories. Where do you go afterwards? Well, you go to be purified in the great fire, and you will burn forever until all of your sins are forgiven or forgotten, whichever comes first.

That is not true, but you have bought it and paid rather dearly for it in lifetimes where you agonized over it. And yet once the body is released, there is a feeling of peace. You may, in truth, look forward to it. It does not have to be soon. You have work yet to do, each and every one of you so gathered here; each and every one listening to these words, you have work yet to do.

Allow yourself to be at peace about the releasement of the body, whenever that comes. So you have devised a way for ones who are at a place of wanting to release the body to have a rather peaceful way of doing it. It is not something that you sit in the chair and ask for consciously, but on another level, yes, these ones are asking, “Please release me from this body, this time.”

Some of you reincarnate right away and you have another experience to live. Others will wait a while, as you measure time. For them it is no time, because they are not within the time-frame of time; therefore, they do not feel the passage of time. They are at peace. And when there is a certain calling or a nudging, then they will choose to perhaps have form again or perhaps to be without form and yet, as what you call the angelic spirit, to be aware of what is going on and to bless what is happening and to make visitation.

Many of you, as I speak these words, know what I am saying, because you have had visitation by an energy that felt loving and you wondered, “Who is that? Why is that?” And yet it felt reassuring. And for many of you, you have asked, “Can I have that again? Let’s have a repeat performance.” And oftentimes that will be granted to you, where you feel the angelic presence and you feel the blessing of it.

That is why you have created the idea that there could be angelic energy, because a portion of you knows that this, the bodily form, this experience of incarnation is not all that you can create and experience. You would be most humbled, most impressed to see a depiction of who you have been, where you have been, what you have done in other lifetimes, as you call the segments of experience.

You would say, “Wow! I did that?” Well, yes, for the sheer fun of it, for the sheer creativity of proving what the energy of you can do. And being in the certain mindset of judging value, you would say, “Wow, there was a lot of value to that lifetime,” or, “Good heavens, you mean I was the drunkard who was the town one who lay in the gutter?” Yes, you did, just for the experience of it. And when you got tired of it, you said, “Hm, been there, done that, not doing that again. That wasn’t much fun.”

So you have come again. Is reincarnation true? Yes—lower case “t”—and it comes from the Truth of your being—capital “T”—because you are the extension of the one Creator. So you keep on creating, and sometimes you take time off and rest; not that you know it is time off, but it just feels good.

Sometimes I have heard you say in this lifetime, “Give me a break. I just want some time to catch up with myself.” I have heard. Ones of you take on quite a lot of activity from time to time because you want to know, “How much can I do in an hour? How much can I do in a day? How much can I do in a lifetime? I want to know all these experiences.” And you pack it in, more and more as you seem to be getting more efficient— let’s put it that way—at understanding creativity.

So back to the virus that seems to have a life of its own, it is your creation. Is it going to do you in? No. It is going to do your bidding as to whatever you feel that you want to experience and where you want to be. And your news media is quite happy to bring you the drama of it. And your ones who are supposedly in power to count numbers and to make up various cures of things, they have something now that impels them to get very busy and try to make up for what they feel is a deficiency in what was made to be or seen to be a seeming problem coming to the doorstep.

But it is all drama, and it is all for the knowing of the creativity that you are, so count it all as good, every bit of it. Do the things that seem to be necessary. Wash the hands—it’s good to have clean hands. Even two thousand years ago, if we were fishing, we put the hands into the sea and cleaned them after we caught the fish. We cleaned off the fish.

Wash hands; do the necessary whatever, as your custom is. But do not live in fear, because there is nothing and no thing that is going to do you in before your time, because you choose the time and the means and the how to.

Sometimes I know the body screams at you and you think that you don’t have power over it, and yet you have one amongst you who managed to saw off a couple of fingers and didn’t realize it at first until he looked and said, “Oh, my; something on the floor.”

You are always in charge. This one who sacrificed a couple of the fingers did not fall over and that was the end of him. He very calmly said, “Oh, I’m missing something,” and then went about taking care of a bit of a mess that was there.

You are always in charge. Allow yourself to be at peace. Now, I know sometimes you feel like you are running out of time. I hear this from my beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, “I’m running out of time.” And I say to her, “That is good. Time is not your master. Go ahead; run out of it.”

And she says, “Oh, but I have to get all of this done before time runs out.” And I say, “What will happen if you don’t get it all done?” “Well, then it will be there for tomorrow.” So? And she takes the deep breath and says, “Okay, Jeshua, okay,” and we have fun.

That is what life is for; first of all, to recognize your creativity when you bring something and it comes right up in front of your face and you say, “Whoops, I didn’t mean to lose those two fingers.” Or if a small little thing known as a virus comes and knocks on your door and says, “Hey, remember me? I’ve come to play with you.” Allow yourself to know it is your creativity speaking. Play with it.

If it is not the time you have chosen to release the form, you will not release the form. This is true for everyone. It seems, with the tunnel vision, that this kind of life that you are living…it seems to be that the energy of life is dictating to you how it will be, when it will be. But in truth, you can—and you have done this maybe in this lifetime, other lifetimes for sure—you might come up to a certain point and there is the thought that, “Oh, my goodness, I’m going to release the form,” or die, as it is called, and then there has come a certain feeling over you that has said, “No, not yet; there is more that I have to do.”

You know this feeling, because you came to that place where there was choice to either let the form go or to keep on activating the form. All of you, in truth, have had the experience, either this lifetime or several lifetimes, where there has been a decision and you have recognized it as a free decision where you could say either yes or no, and you have said, “There is something more that I want to experience. Don’t exactly know what it is, but I feel that there is something more.”

All of you have done that. As a small one, many of you have come to a place where there seemed to be reason to let go of the form. Oftentimes it was called the childhood disease. But you were not ready to let go. You said, “No, I have experiences yet to have, to play with.” So the certain infantile diseases maybe allowed you to hurt for a while, but you did not release the body.

Later on you’ve had experience again where it was possible that you could have walked through the door and been into another experience. In truth, there are brothers and sisters who have done this and then said, “No, no, I’m coming back,” and have come back. And you have said, “Well, what was it like?” And they have said, “Well, it was very peaceful, but there was a feeling of something, someone calling me to come back.”

So they have chosen to come back. Everything—hear me well—is a choice. Even this so-called threat of a virus can be experienced and walked through and let go; not to release the body, but just to say, “Okay, been there, done that;” not to be drastic, not to be a problem, but just to be able to have the experience of it and let it go. So do not worry.

I have seen brothers and sisters of yours getting quite upset and wondering, “Am I going to be attacked by this little thing?” Yes and no. It is always a choice, even the releasement. As I have said—hear this well—even the releasement of form is a choice, and the time of the releasement is a choice.

Okay, as we have been speaking of your creativity, how about holy Mother Earth? Now, where did one get an idea to have what seems to be such a large body that you can have little pieces of life living all over this creation? Truly it came from a thought, a thought in a galaxy far, far away in a time long, long ago.

You had thought to create. As you asked yourself, “What more can I create, what can I bring forth in order to play on, to play with?,” an idea came to you, an idea shared— as you would understand it now—by many of you. It was a conscious thought to create shared by what we’re going to call a group consciousness, because words are hard to find that truly describe what you have done.

But it is akin to what you are creating with the little crownvirus. “What can I create?” And there was a coming together of energy known as Thought—capital “T”. “What can I create that will be most giving to me in the way of experience?” So you brought forth your sun, the energy of light, and you put it into physicality, the heat of the sun. Off of that came sparks, and then those sparks became coalesced into what you call heavenly bodies, otherwise known as planets, and you said, “I want to know what it feels like not only to look with the idea of creator—because at that point you are creating—but I want to know, “How does it feel to be on that creation and to look from that creation? What would I see?”

It was not a verbalized desire, but it was a thought to create; not with words, but as an idea. So first of all you created—because of the Light and energy that you are— that which you are: the sun, in another form of energy. And you created that which you see even this day and time as the bodies of energy that are in a certain magnetism to come around that energy, as you know. You know this from your science that is taught to you when you are about maybe this high. You begin to understand that, “Okay, I’m living on Earth. There’s the sun. And, oh, my goodness, there’s the moon,” beautiful moon in this evening, right?

Who created the moon? (Aud: We did.) Yes, you did. Have you been to the moon? (Aud: Many times.) Yes, perfect answer; good. Will you go again? Probably; sure. Same with some of the planets, as you call them. You have lived on some of the farther out planets, and as they started to cool, you have moved in closer and closer to the sun.

There is remembrance in times when you are in meditation or prayer or just maybe thinking about what you are going to fix for dinner. An idea comes to you. “Ha; I wonder if I have lived on Mars. Hm, yeah, you know, when I saw that picture of the Mars Rover, and I saw what it looks like now, I thought, well, there’s no possibility that I would have lived there. But you know, I can see in my mind’s eye green. I can see when there were water and clouds. Yeah, I think I lived there, but not the way it looks now.” Because things mutate, change.

Because you want to create, being the extension of the one creative Principle, you create. Hear that well. That is what you are; not just Who you are, but What you are—the extension of the one creative Principle. You create all of your experiences, all of the people that you interact with; the ones that you like and the ones that you don’t like. And the ones that you don’t like, sometimes they are like the sandpaper and they kind of polish you off a little bit. There are ones who bring up certain feeling in you, and you say, “Oh, really?” And then you come later to the point where you say, “Well, yes, really,” and you begin to see a depth and an understanding of them, and of yourself, but I digress.

Holy Mother Earth was created by you by thought, by the thought of, “What would it be like to know certain energies coalesced together, and what would my relationship be to these bodies of energy? How would it feel to be inside?” Have you been inside holy Mother Earth, to the depths of her? (Aud: I believe so.) Aha, and you have. All of you have an idea. When I asked that question, you have an idea, maybe a very fast flash of something, and it’s like, “Oh, what was that I just thought?” 

Yes, you know what holy Mother Earth looks like from the inside. You’ve been there. It was your thought. It is your thought. Same thing with the moon. Is the moon hollow? Did you design it as hollow? Yes, you have. Is it hollow to other ones? For some, yes, it is. For others, they would say, “Of course it’s not hollow. It’s a body of…well, it’s kind of like dirt out there and elements, but it’s not hollow.”

Your space travelers come back and say, “We dropped a large object onto the moon and it vibrated.” They have concluded that perhaps the moon is hollow. Your scientists would say, “That can’t be.” For some of you, it can’t be, and for some of you, it can be. It makes for great discussions when you have nothing better to do in the wintertime. And all of it is truth—lower case “t”—because you are creating.

Will holy Mother Earth always be your home? No. Has it always been your home? No, of course not. Have you come from other constellations? That’s a true question; I mean it needs to be answered. Have you come from other constellations? Have you lived other places, whatever life would be? Yes, of course, you have.

Where do you think your science fiction comes from? It’s not exactly scientific, and it’s certainly not fiction. That’s why you get so excited about your—I don’t know why the first thing that comes out in the creativity is war—star wars. Why? Why not star heavens; how about star friendships? You’ve had those too. I guess maybe it’s the adrenaline, or trying to figure out, “How do I get out of this situation?” whatever the fiction is?

And yet every piece of fiction is created from experience. Think upon that for a while. Like, “Oh, my goodness, I didn’t realize…maybe I’ve lived in other realities?” Of course, you have. When you watch your moving pictures, when you read your science fiction books and you get caught up in them and you know how that feels to get so excited you can’t wait to turn the page over to see what’s going to happen in the next page, it is because you relate. And why do you relate? Because you’ve been there, done that; you’ve had that thought.

All of creation comes from thought. You thought to create, whether it be conscious thought in this day and time or not, because sometimes things happen and you say, “Well, I didn’t think that was going to happen,” but at some level you played with the possibility that it could be.

Creative Principle being as it is, when you ask, it is given unto you. So be careful, as the fortune cookie says, be careful what you ask for, because you just might create it. Ask for only the highest and best, that which is of love. Ask for love to come into your life, and it will be right there.

Ask how you can give love. This is what is missing, sometimes overlooked, by the ones who are on your computer, online where ones go to find love, and they want to know, “Who can I find online who is going to love me?” Or they go out in groups and look

around. “Who can I find who is going to love me?” Well, that works, but it works in a backward round-about sort of way, because what you are truly wanting to ask and truly asking is, “Who can I find to love?”

And if the first one doesn’t take you up on the offer, go to the second one. There are many, if truth be told, many who are asking for love. So, “Who can I love? Who can I give my love to?” It is not hard to find. You may not agree that you want a certain one in your life because of certain characteristics, but you can still love them. It doesn’t mean you have to set up household with them. “Who can I love?” Everyone you meet is the answer; everyone.

So holy Mother Earth, the origin and future: Okay, origin—thought; thought to create. When you were in a constellation far, far away—as you measure things now—holy Mother Earth was a thought. Hm, a body of energy experiencing seasons of change; hot in the summer, or cold if you are below the equator.

“What can I create?” You have created many worlds, many other planets where you have had experience. Sometimes in your dream-time—I have been asked this question —“How real are my nighttime dreams? I dream various things. How real are they?” As real as this dream that you are walking in right now, in truth, because you are creating that dream as well. But not to overload you, so don’t worry about it; just enjoy.

Future of holy Mother Earth: Well, your scientists are telling you that things are cooling. You are creating a change over time, in time, where holy Mother Earth is going to change, is going to be cooler. And you will move to another planet, maybe in a galaxy far, far from here; or not. Because you, as the extension of the one creative Principle, will always be creating—in time and outside of time; in something that is familiar to you right now and in something that you have no clue even in the farthest imagination to think of in this evening. But you are going to experience it; you are going to have fun with it. Hopefully you will have fun with it.

Anyway, allow yourself to give yourself top marks for your creativity, even when you create something that maybe seems like a conflict. Stand back from it and say, “How can I see this differently, because if I’m creating this and it seems like a conflict, maybe if I look at it from a different vantage point, maybe I can see something that I understand. And if I see something that I can understand, I will know that I have been there and done that; I have experienced it,” wonderful creators that you are.

When ones talk about being creative, and we talk about the creative Principle, that is the Source—capital “S”—of your Being. It is not an energy “up there” as a God

apart from you. It is not over here; it’s not over there; it’s not behind you. It is you going forth. It is you, the energy that you have understood up to this point as individualized you, but as we have said so many times, there is no separation.

You are the extension of creative Principle, and creative Principle is all around you. You are in it, very much as a goldfish is in the water or the whale is in the ocean. You don’t have to be the tiny fish; you’ve gotta be the big…yes, right; just like that can be the big whale, whatever you want to be; you can be the big fish, okay? Whatever. You are in it all the time.

I and my Father…now, my Father…I had to use terminology two thousand years ago that ones would understand, and the father in that society was the one who provided everything for the family. That is why I chose that word. But when you understand the whole meaning of Abba, it is not just father as a personage or as an entity separate. It is the source.

Because the children, as they understand physicality, see the father as being the source of their being. Or if you were in a maternal society, it would be the mother. So I used the word Abba, but what it means is not just an entity. That is why I have been speaking to you for some time now about the Father—not God being an entity separate from you that you have to pray to and hope that he/she will hear you. It is the source of your being. It is the ocean that you live in. It is from which you draw your energy of being, the Allness of Source—capital “S”.

When you realize that you are always in that ocean of creativity, creative Principle, “I can do all things through him who sustaineth me.” Of course, you can. You are right in the ocean of it. Whatever thought you have, you can bring it to life. So if you want to have a pile of golden coins, then you set out to do that, and some lifetime—maybe one lifetime or another—you will manifest it.

You want to be loved by everyone in your kingdom—you will manifest it. You want to be the one who can climb the mountain and see the view from everywhere…whatever you desire, you can make manifest in your experience, because you are in the milieu of Beingness, the ocean of Beingness, and you are not the tiny little fish. You are as big as you want to be. Play with that for a while.

It does not mean that you are going to go around very conceited and say, “Oh, how wonderful I am, because I am creating.” But you are going to, in your meditative times and other times when you are busy perhaps with the hands but not with the mind, you are going to realize—make real in your consciousness—just how creative you are. And if you are creating something that you don’t like, guess what? You can change it. And you know this.

You know this, because you have changed everything at one point or another in this lifetime. You have said, “No, I don’t like this.” And then you have set about, either consciously or unconsciously, making changes. Sometimes the changes come through what seems to be other people, and they say, “Well, I’m sorry, but I’m taking over. You’ve done your part. Now I am going to do this.”

And you say, “Okay, have at it. I didn’t really need all that responsibility. You can have it.” Then you look at it and say, “What a gift I’ve been given.” Sometimes the strangest things happen, and at first you think, “Well, wait a second. Why is this happening?” And then you kind of look at it a little differently and say, “Hey, thank you.

That’s the best thing that could have happened.” Sometimes it takes a little time, a little distance, a little different perspective, and then you realize, “Oh, that’s why that happened,” and you are blessed.

God’s telephone number; how to call God: It is but a breath away. You take the deep breath, you call forth the ocean of Being, and that is God’s telephone number. So be it.



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