Dreams and Desires

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about dreams and desires, the night-time dreams and their messages, yes, but more than that I would speak with you about the dreams that you have as goals of something you want to see made manifest.

All of you have dreams of what you would like to see happening in your future, and you spend some of your time in the daytime with the daydreams as you envision what you would like to see manifest and what you would like to experience. This is very good, because it allows your point of focus to expand and to play, truly, with your divinity; to play with the unlimitedness that you are.

How would it feel if you could move into one of the unlimited possibilities of the daydream? How would it feel if all of the limitations were taken off; what would you dream; how would you be? The daydreams are important.

Desire is what activates and brings into manifest form the daydream. As we have spoken many times, your words hold clues for you. Examine your words. Be aware of what words you choose.

The word "desire" truly is from "de" "sire" - of the Father. Therefore, your desires do come from the Father. Be awake to your desires. Be awake to your daydreams. Be awake to the power of the imagination. Imagination is a tool, a gift that you put into this reality so that you could play with the possibility of taking limitations off and being, manifesting that which you would like to see in your daydreams and in your desire.

When you bring the two together, when you bring the daydream into alignment with desire, desire puts the energy into the daydream to make it happen. When it is of the Father, when it is of your divinity and is of your divine path, then the daydream manifests. There is nothing that can hold it back.

So start first with the daydream. Whenever you get time to daydream, think of what you would like to see in your future and what you would like to see manifest in the world . Then ask, "Is this in alignment with my divine Self and the divine Self of others? Is it of the Father?"

Sometimes you will have to examine and go very deeply within yourself to see where the daydream comes from, to see, "Why do I want to see this dream come true? Is it based on ego that wants to make manifest something that others will then praise me for? Or, is it based on fear that if I don't realize this dream, something really disastrous might happen? Or, is it based on limited thinking?"

That may be a tough one as you go deeply within yourself, because limited thinking has been a gift that generations have given over and over to the younger generations. It is the voice that says, "Well, this would be nice, but it probably can't happen."

So go deeply within yourself and ask, "Where does this dream come from? Why do I want to manifest this?" Play with all of the parameters of the daydream. Play with, "How would it feel?"

Play for a minute or so with "what if". "What if the limited thinking isn't true? What if I can manifest the dream in alignment with desire? What if?"

For example, what if you truly live in a friendly universe, and that all of the stories of your ETs have been based on the belief that this reality holds that there is good and that there is opposition to good? This reality, as we have said many times, is based upon a belief in duality, that there is good and that there is evil, but what if this reality is only one sandbox, only one place to play, and there are many other sandboxes that do not believe in duality?

What if all of your stories about the universe, about how ETs are going to have more power than you do, how they are going to come and overtake you, are not true? Some of your Hollywood stories like to bring you a lot of drama. What if there is intelligence beyond this one planet, and what if that intelligence is a positive intelligence, friendly intelligence?

What if it is a friendly universe? What if all of the stories that you have ever been told are just that, stories? You love stories. You love drama. You love to play with the adrenaline rush. After all, it makes you feel alive. If you are in a certain place of fear or drama and the adrenaline is flowing, you know yourself to be totally alive.

So when you have a dream of something you want to see made manifest, go into it deeply. What would it look like? What would it feel like? And yes, it is going to change as you play with it, because the boundaries of the dream that you have are going to be a bit fluid. You are going to think, "Well, it's going to have such and such qualities," and then you say, "Well, maybe more like…" And then that suggests to you something different.

The mind is going to be very busy. The imagination is going to be very busy. Then there is going to come a time when the heart will be in alignment with the mind, and then you will know that the dream has come into alignment with desire. The heart will tell you that it feels right.

Many of you have been brought up with teachings from the parents and from the peers and from the "authoritative ones" who thought, or at least gave you the impression, that they knew what was best for you. When you were small, you accepted what they gave you, because you, for survival's sake, found that it was probably best to go along.

However, as the years have gone by, you have said, "Perhaps they weren't as right as they thought they were. Perhaps I know what is best for me, better than anyone else," and you do, because you are the one who is walking in your sandals.

No one else, well-meaning as they may be, can tell you how it feels to walk in your sandals. No one else, even I or other ascended masters, can tell you what is best for you, but you will know it when the mind and heart come into alignment, when you come to that place when the dream of what you hope can be comes to the place of knowing, "It is."

When you bring the dream of what you want to see manifest and what you want to experience into the place of understanding, "I already have it," then the heart allows you to send it back to the mind to do the technical working out of what the structure is going to be.

Hear me well. When you come to the realization of the fact that you already have that dream – in potential -- then the heart sends the message back to the mind - because the mind is the servant of the heart - "How now do we make this manifest? What are the technicalities of it? What does the structure look like? What do I have to do? What is the first step?"

If you are asking for healing of the body, know that truly you already have it. Then allow the mind to direct you to go to certain facilitators, certain nutritional ways which can be, in the outer, helpful. But know that, first of all, in the heart, you already have healing of the body. It is already done. Then the mind, as I have said, will direct you with certain guidance to go and speak with certain ones, and you follow whatever they may offer to you if it feels in resonance with what would be healing for you.

As you bring your dreams into alignment with the heart, into alignment where the desire of the Father knows the next step, you are going to have the most miraculous - according to the world - experiences.

Right now you have evidence that the Intelligence of the universe is making itself felt in ways that cannot be explained by your present-day technology. You have the most wondrous crop circles that are being made all over our holy Mother Earth; not by man, because men have tried to replicate and have found that it is not the same. And it is not happening just in one place, because if it were just limited to one place, then your scientists would come up with an explanation for it, or at least they would try.

But it is happening all over the planet in different places, and the designs are most intricate. The designs truly are a language that evokes a remembrance, albeit seemingly far away from present day awareness, but a language that you know. You look at them and you cannot read them, but it is the same with many of your languages in this day and time.

There are many languages. Do you know how to read Russian? Do you know how to read Greek? There are many languages you look at and they are squiggles; beautiful squiggles, some of the Aramaic writings are beautiful squiggles, but what do they mean?

So you look upon the crop circles and you say, "These designs are beautiful, but I don't know what they mean." There will come a time when there will be an "Aha!" -- a sort of Rosetta Stone which will explain what the crop circle designs mean.

There will be ones who will have the night-time dreams where they get up in the morning and they have written something that does not quite make sense in the language that you are accustomed to. But in time, in the exquisite right timing, that writing is going to decode the crop circles. So it is already in process.

That is why I say unto you, recognize that you already have it. Any dream that you would make manifest, look around you and say, "I already have it; now show it to me." That is the next question separated ego is going to say. "Well, okay, if I already have it and it already exists, show it to me."

 If you have any dream, if you have any desire that you have been working with this lifetime or other lifetimes - because you have come into this lifetime carrying with you dreams, hopes, visions of wanting to know Home right here in this human experience - those visions are going to be coming more and more into your awareness.

Already you have the feeling that, "I want to be free. I want to know the power of being invulnerable, the power of being totally free. I don't want to feel at the mercy of someone else's choices and dictates. I want to live in the present right now."

The past has seemed to dictate what you have to be in the present, but in truth, the past is not real. It is not with you, except as you bring it into this reality. The past, where is it? In memory only. That is why we have said to you in other times, if there have been experiences in your past that have not been loving, that have not been the kind that would allow you to feel good about yourself, you can go back and change those memories.

Any experience: perhaps when you were small and you did not understand the ways of the world and you did not understand what the parents wanted and they were harsh, judgmental, abusive with you, you can go back to that memory, get right back into it, feel it, and then change it.

Recognize, first of all, that they were not seeing you. They did not see you. They were reacting to their own perception of what they thought you were, what you were doing, what they had to do. They were reacting to old perceptions that had been handed down to them by their parents, by generation unto generation, and they did not truly see you.

If they had seen you as the angelic being that you are, if they had seen you as the light and the love that you are, the loving little one who wanted only to please, they would not have struck out. But they did not see you. Their perception was the perception molded by their experiences of what they had learned from their parents, and from society at that time, of what they thought they had to do.

So you can go back to that memory - and there may be many of those memories - and you can change each one with the wave of your magic wand of asking, "Where is the past? It no longer exists except as I bring it into the present."

That is how powerful you are. That is why you are not limited to the present. You are not limited even to what you see the future to be. You are going to make your own future by the power of changing your perceptions. Hear that well. You are going to make your future according to how you change your perceptions.

That is why there is a saying in one of the books that I authored, "I am determined to see things differently. I desire to see things anew." How can you see things anew? How would this be if it were different in your perception? 

I love that which you are, because you are love itself. Nothing else exists. Separated ego will give you a lot of drama to play with, but that is what it is - drama, a story, something to play with. It is as sand in the sandbox. You can throw the past, the drama, the hurts up in the air and allow the wind to take them away. They are gone.

Always I will love you, because I know that which you are: the innocent holy Child, come to play in a harsh sandbox.

Allow yourself the dreams. Ask of the dream, "What does this truly mean? Where is the desire in resonance with the dream?"  Know that you already have it, and allow the exquisite right timing for the dream to be made manifest.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


angelk 5th October 2009 10:50 am

Yes, this message really resonated with me today. I felt this last night, this knowing it was done and now this is confirmation for me. Blessings.


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