Jeshua Speaks About Energy

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about energy. Imagine for a moment a sphere, any size that you want to imagine. We will take one perhaps twelve inches across just as an example, but it can be as big as you want it to be. Within that sphere are many points which are connected by energy to each other so that to appearances it would be a solid, dense sphere.

But in truth, in between every point of energy there is much space, the same as your scientists now are teaching you about your universe, that there is truly more space than there are objects that have collected themselves into the denser form of energy in any dimension.

You have brought forth the sphere and all of the points within it. Not only that, but you have said that the sphere of experience is infinite, which means that what you would understand in this reality as having boundaries to make a sphere is truly open-ended with no boundaries. But your reality yet understands boundaries and says that everything has to have a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Every box has to have sides to it. But I am speaking to you now of infinite energy.

You interact with every point within the infinite sphere and, because the distance from one point to another point is perceived as a line, you see it as a linear timeline, and you say, "Past lives, future lives, present life, present connections, etc." but in truth, it is all happening at the same time, which is a non-time.

Now, in this reality that truth boggles the mind a bit, because this reality, for security reasons, wants to know, "How far towards the edge can I go before I fall off? I want a boundary somewhere so that I can know myself to be safe within that boundary."

But in truth, you are always safe, you are always expanding, and when the purpose of time, as you have built it into this reality, has been fulfilled -- in other words, the moment that you realize that you are not bounded by time at all -- time will no longer exist.

You have agreed before an incarnation that, as the energy you are, you will interact with other points of energy in what is called the soul group and with others in what appear to be other soul groups. The ones who are in resonance with each other, regarding vibratory level, often agree that they will come and find each other no matter where or in what geographical country or location they may be. You find a nudging that pushes you to somewhere and you meet up with friends of the soul group who have agreed that they will be incarnate at the same time as you.

You have done this over and over many times so that you could play together, so that you could support each other, so that you could move forward in the enlightenment of the collective. So once again you have agreed that no matter where the physical body may be residing, you will know yourself to be infinite energy connecting with all others who are also awakening to what they have felt deep within their heart: knowing that the human life is good, but it is not all there is; knowing each day to look for the positive, the good, the blessing in each day.

That is not the message of the world, but it is the message of Truth. For as a particle of energy, you cannot help but attract, as a magnet does, other energy to you, and it takes different forms. You have built that into your reality because you wanted to play with different appearances, different experiences, and then to judge them. And often they get judged in a negative way.

Begin by counting your blessings. Look around right now and see all of the blessings you have gathered to your experience. Look on the positive side of everything. If you do not see the positive side of something right away, flip it. Say, "Okay, here is this experience. This is how it looks to me now. Now I'm going to walk around it and see something different." Look at it from all angles. If it is not apparent right away, search until you find the blessing in it; it will not be hidden from you.

You have magnetized it. You have brought it to you. You are the creator of everything you experience; therefore, you are the master of it. So there is nothing, no thing, no condition, no experience that is more powerful than you. You are the master of it.

Throughout lifetimes, because of the sadness of feeling far from Home and outside of Love, you have reinforced for yourself over and over the feeling of unworthiness. The truth of the matter is, you are very strong. Only the strongest ones, only the masters call to themselves that which would be seen to be difficult and challenging. Let that sink in for a moment. Only the masters would have the courage to say, "Okay, let me try that experience. I want to know that experience from the inside out; not just to look at it as an appearance that maybe somebody else is experiencing, but I want to know it from the inside."

And so then your wish is granted, and you get to experience various challenges, as the world would call them, but actually they are blessings. You get to experience them intimately to the place where you begin to understand that you are the point of energy. You are in the infinite sphere of energy that is forever ongoing, forever creating, and will, past any limitation of time, exist and create and create. Let that sink in.

When you begin to realize how powerful you are, there is a freedom that comes, a freedom that the world does not know, a freedom that says, "I do not have to worry what this day is going to bring me, because I know it is going to be all good. I know that the world may present it in a certain way, but what does the world know?"

The world only knows a set of paradigms that has been lived over and over and over and has truly been completed. Understand this: the world only knows that which has already been completed. So when you wake up --and I mean literally in the morning when you wake up--and you say, "This day is a gift. This day is mine. I have made this day for myself," then there is the freedom to live in a new paradigm of joy, of security in knowing that you have never truly left Home. You have extended yourself as a rubber band, perhaps, into a reality that believes that there could be other than love, but you are the rubber band that is its point of origin and at any moment can snap right back to the place of Love, the place of Home.

Allow yourself to see the body as energy, because truly that is what it is. It feels like there are limitations to it, but in truth, you are energy that is forever mixing around in the body, all of the time. Even as you think you are just sitting on a chair or lying on the bed, that energy in you is always moving around, coming to different formations. Some of the formations you keep for awhile. Others of the formations just move on and go into another formation.

You do a miracle in bringing the body into the form that you consciously know as your body. It is a miracle that you carry from moment to moment to moment, and when you wake up in the morning, again you assume the same focus of what the body is going to be. A moment before you woke up, what was that body doing? In truth, it was moving around, as the energy that it is, being amorphous, without shape.

Now, someone who walks into the room is going to see shape. Why? Expectancy; what they have known from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime in this reality to be true. But in Truth, you are energy that is moving all of the time. Every part of the body is moving. As I speak with you right now, there are synapses in the brain that are firing, going off, allowing the message to be taken in in a certain way. 

Every muscle, every organ in the body is moving as the energy that it is, forming, reforming. You know this from your science which studies anatomy, and the functioning of the body. The stomach and intestines are very busy all of the time. They are squeezing and squeezing, letting up, squeezing, relief. The heart is pumping the blood. It is squeezing, releasing, squeezing, resting, squeezing, etc.

Truly, you are a walking ball of energy that you have fashioned into a form that you understand to be you and that others understand to be you, yet it is always in motion and always changing. Sometimes the most wonderful thing happens to prove this to you. If you have not seen a friend in some years and you meet up with them say ten or twenty years later, their form has changed. Now, how did that happen? If they are one form and they are rigid form, they would always be that form. But you meet up with them later, and they look different. Sometimes you do not even recognize them. And then they start to speak and you say, "Oh, yes, it's you. Oh, okay."

I want you to understand how malleable, how changeable the body is. It responds to your thoughts. Now, you have heard that your thoughts create your reality. In truth, that is really what happens. And if you go around feeling that it is really, really a struggle to be here and you wonder, "I don't know why everybody has left me"…If you are going to be a sad sack, people are going to leave you. They do not want to be around that energy any more than you want to be around that energy. But if you get up in the morning and you are really ready for this day, feeling, "I want to see what this day is going to bring. I am so happy, I wake up laughing" --and you can literally wake up laughing -- your day is going to be fun.

Wake yourself up tomorrow morning laughing at a dream that you may or may not remember, but wake up laughing. It can be done. And say to yourself, "This day is going to be full of laughter. It's going to be full of blessings. It is going to mirror back to me the affirmation of my self-worth as to how worthy I am to be the divine holy innocent Child living the human experience."

No longer do you need to feel stuck in what the world has said reality has to be. That is where freedom comes in. When you realize that the world has not made you, you have made the world, then it has no power over you. You are the maker of you. And if you are the maker of you and you do not like what you are experiencing, change the script.

Allow yourself to feel free. If there are things that you want to change in your life and they seem really big, start with one step and another step and then another step, but start. Do not just sit and say, "Oh, it's a mountain; I'll never be able to climb up over that." Well, of course, you cannot if that is your attitude. But if you begin by saying, "Well, I can climb a little ways up that mountain…" and then you get up a ways and you look back and you say, "Oh, I see a valley. I must have come a ways up the mountain." And then you go a little farther and a little farther.

Every so-called challenge is seen in a new way as you will start with a willingness. The only thing you have to have is a willingness to see things differently; to begin to visualize yourself as the ball of energy that is forever moving and changing; changing shape within yourself, and in the outer, as well.

Many of you, if you get tired of a certain appearance, you cut your hair; it makes a change. Sometimes you change the color of your hair. Sometimes you will change the raiment so that you look a bit different. Sometimes you decide to go on what is called the diet and you lose a bit of weight, and so you change the form.

All of the time you are moving energy. You are not solid. There is nothing solid about the body, nothing that cannot be changed. That is one of the beautiful freedoms that comes with the awareness that, that which is at this moment in a certain shape and condition, whatever, can be changed by whatever way you want to change it.

So if you had several people lined up with the same body condition, and person "A" chooses to eat only raw food and they know that that is going to be their healer, the way they are going to heal, okay; person "B" says he is going to go with a certain pharmaceutical substance which has been devised by himself, because otherwise it would not exist in his consciousness; he has created it. Person "A" cannot judge person "B", and person "B" cannot judge person "A". Everyone makes their free choice as to what is their path.

As you become the beholder and you can step back and review, re-look at previous lifetimes, you will see that perhaps in this lifetime you are choosing to go the route of the pharmaceuticals. Other lifetimes you have been the raw food advocate. You have been on all sides of the belief systems.

Then you begin to understand just how fluid everything is--not just the body, but relationships and conditions. Even as you feel that the chair is solid, the house seems to be solid, the house is energy, and the walls are moving. Luckily, you are moving in sync with the house, with the chair, so that you do not fall through.

Everything is energy, everything is in motion, everything is fluid, everything is changeable and is changing. Nothing is ever set, except Love. Allow yourself to live in joy. Allow yourself to wake up in the morning laughing; laughing at how silly you have been the day before to have worried about whatever it was that you were worried about, and just say, "Ah, you know, I see that differently now. You know, I really tied myself up in knots yesterday about that."

And you begin to laugh. You see things differently. And the freedom that comes with seeing things differently brings you back Home. There has been a change in the energy of an old paradigm, and you have broken out of it.

Visualize the infinite sphere of energy, the points of light, the points of energy -- even more than just light -- and how they are connected, how they are always working together. Visualize the body as energy, always changing, moving, very fluid, and know that the world is not your maker. You are in charge. You are the divine Energy which creates everything formed and unformed.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith



ohmi 3rd February 2010 8:44 am

There was a time I believed in Karma. There was a time of capturing past lives. Very real it's been throughout society
for centuries many believed in both rites.
And yet now it seems all so passe'. Like suddenly did everyone wake up.Realizing there is no before or after
only NOW in this moment of life.
No longer will we need to pay anything back
we've shifted into paying it forward.
And past lives are living among us, within, a different dimension of life.
The future has not been created.
There are potentials and probabilities. It is all within the moment of now, none need to step out to venture.
It is being formed on our gratitude, the love we are sending out.
Riding on the waves of light In God~Time we cherish the now. And what we have to give to it, our love our unique brilliant light.

CMarie 3rd February 2010 9:39 am

This powerfully makes sense and I thank you for this channel! BLESSINGS!

k 3rd February 2010 12:30 pm

We project our thoughts and feelings on to the energies around us which take the forms that our subconscious has been trained to create. Our fears are projected out into our experinces until we find ways of overcoming the fear. Retraining that subconscious to see good and not the negative I think is the process we have to go through in order to see heaven on earth. We are in our own individual illusions to a degree and we are responsible for what we create in our field of experience. So, I know in order to get out of my personal hell, I have to change my perspective and retrain my subconscious. What is on the inside of me is projected out into the illusion I expereince and think to be real.

mifasolasi 3rd February 2010 4:17 pm

And so it is... :)
Thank You!!!!
Love :smitten:

amrita111 4th February 2010 1:58 am


I feel such fluidity and calm reading your poetic verse. What truth! Wonderfully condensed perspective from Judith's post. Thank you, you who is Me!

With loving gratitude,

Convalia 4th February 2010 2:20 am

Wow!!! What a powerful reminder.

A big thank you for this wonderful energy :laugh

poetic555 4th February 2010 12:57 pm

Hello all, I have been reading quite a few messages in the last few months and have found them to be Beautiful and inspiring, I just have a problem wondering if they are real. I'm on a quest for what is real and am trying to keep an open mind. I am wondering where everything fits together as far as traditional religion and new age spirituality. Do we just throw all of our old beliefs away as far as whats in the Bible? It's hard to know what is real. Just my thoughts.

Sunkamanitu_Nagi_Wicasta 4th February 2010 9:09 pm

Dear Poetic,
To me, whatever you consider true will be, for you. What else do you need?
Personally, I am totally digging the messages from these channelings, but that is just me...


Kirin 5th February 2010 3:42 am

Dear Poetic.

Are you familiar with the book of Baird T. Spalding: Life and teachings of the Masters of the Far East?
Very interesting, if you can keep an open mind about what is possible....It links spiritual wisdom to the teachings of the Bible.
I love that book.
Just an idea....

Good luck, enjoy your quest and maybe keep in mind where our 'old' beliefsystems have brought us.....

Kirin, Holland


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