Manifesting Your Desires in the New Year

Beloved one, I have heard the deepest desires of your heart. You look at your world and it does not seem to reflect back to you the beauty, peace, harmony that you envision in a perfect world. You have individual desires that you wish to see manifest in your life, and separated ego tells you that probably they will not be manifest in the near future, if at all. But I will tell you truly that everything you have desired, truly desired, is happening; it is occurring. That which you have desired to see, to feel, to realize, is in your midst. It is right here already.

It may take you a process of time, as you understand linear time, before you awaken to the realization that, "I already have that which I have been seeking and desiring; I already am that which I have been looking for." So you have what you see to be the nuisance of time, which will call forth the quality, the most wonderful quality, of patience.

You are learning to be at ease with patience, although it is a struggle, and you find yourself from time to time railing against time itself. "Why, after I have put all of this energy into envisioning, looking here and there and everywhere for that which I know will be my fulfillment, why don't I feel fulfilled? Why don't I see it?"

You have in a most wonderful set of books called A Course in Miracles a saying that, "I am determined to see things differently." When you are determined, truly determined, and you practice seeing anew, asking how you can see something differently, the Truth has to be revealed to you. In Truth, you are right in the midst of that which you seek. You are right in the midst of the process—even if you want to call it a process—which brings you to the realization where you then say, "Aha, I have it, and gosh, you know, it has been around me all this time. I have had it all this time."

Many of you are asking to manifest healing of the body, healing of relationships, healing of the employment, healing of aspirations which you want to accomplish in this incarnation. I say unto you, and hear me well, you are already doing that which you have desired to do, and you are already that which you have desired to be.

Allow yourself to awaken in the morning, first thing in the morning, and to say, "I know that I am blessed in this day, because my Creator loves me." Your Creator does love you. It has to, because It is Love and you are the extension of Love -- and much more than even what the human love can understand. It is Love as Intelligence before time began; it is Love which goes beyond any human understanding.

You are greatly, greatly loved, and your Creator—which is you, in what you would understand yet to be an expanded Self of you—your Creator does not see any fault, any failing, any lack of anything. You may feel that you do not have everything that you would like to have, that perhaps you do not have the beautiful hair that you would like to have; perhaps you do not have the slimness; or perhaps you do not have the curves of the body that you desire to see; or perhaps you do not have the employment you would desire; or perhaps there is a quality of personality that you would like to feel. Perhaps the world around you seems to reflect only chaos and tragedy, with no purpose.

However, if you will hear me truly, everything works together in divine perfect order. Everything works to bring you to that place of awakening where you say, "I Am the awakened Christ. I Am already that which I have wanted to be. I Am already the knowledgeable master. I thought I had to read about it in a book. I thought I had to attend a hundred and one workshops; workshops that were not just an hour long, but the workshops had to be weekend workshops, or perhaps a week; they had to be of a certain length of time so that we could actually get into, in depth, understanding about things, and I had to do a hundred and one of these. A hundred was not enough; I had to do one more before I would be the knowledgeable master."

Well, I say unto you as I have said many times, you are already the master who is bringing forth all of the workshops; not for the purpose of learning anything more—you already know it—but to allow yourself to be in concert with others of like mind and to be there for them as they feel that they have to keep seeking; to say to them, "I like you just the way you are."

That is why you go to the workshops: to be with others of like mind and to share the vibration of like-mindedness, of love and of acceptance; to know that truly you are loved with a greater love than you can ever, ever imagine.

Take that deeply within the consciousness and allow yourself to feel. "How does it feel to know that I am loved with a love that is greater than I can even imagine? I am the little Child, the little girl who ran in the sunshine and wanted to know more. I am the little boy who was always asking questions, always asking, ‘Why?' I am still that little girl, that little boy."

And you are, because that Child of you is always within you; the holy Child of you. As you grow taller, you put on a certain persona that you think the world will accept; yet the little Child of you is still wanting to be acknowledged and to be loved. That is why you listen to my voice within your mind and heart, to know how truly loved you are; to feel it; not just to read the words, but to feel how it feels to live in the kingdom of love itself; to be the little Child and to know that truly you are always loved, taken care of, nurtured, as you want to be taken care of and nurtured.

Then you can take that deep breath, and no matter what the world will bring to you, you know that you do not walk your path alone. You walk it with love. You walk with friends, ones that you can see, and you walk it with friends that are unseen, because truly, as we have said so many times to you, there is no separation.

The ones that you do not see with the physical eyes—your guides, your teachers, your guardian angels, your loved ones who have passed from your sight—they are with you always. They cheer you on. They listen to you as you rant and rave, and they smile, because they know that truly you are as the small child in the sandbox throwing the sand up in the air and then wondering, "Why does the sand come down on top of me?" They watch this, and they know that at some point in time you are going to stop for a moment and there is going to be a peace which will descend rather than sand, and you are going to realize, "Oh, I am the one who is throwing all the sand and dust up around me, all of this chaos. Ha! I was doing it. How great I am."

And then you change, because there is new perception, there is new understanding of how powerful you are, how you create everything; not for the purpose of suffering; not even for the purpose of learning; but you create everything for the purpose of seeing the love in it, because everything is a gift of love to you. Everything.

Then the awakened Christ—which is you—says, "How good it is to be alive," whether you are functioning with a body or not. "How good it is to be alive." Your loved ones, as they have released the body and have felt themselves to be free of having to drag the dust of our holy Mother, the Earth, around and have felt themselves to be free, and yet alive, have said, "How good it is to be alive." And how surprised they are sometimes. "I am still alive!" How freeing that acknowledgment is.

There is a little-known secret of manifesting which is not a secret, but has yet to be realized: "I am already manifesting that which I desire. I have only to change my perception a small bit."

Everything truly is unfolding according to a plan that you set in motion as time began, and when the purpose of time is fulfilled, the awakened Christ will say, "Hey, that was really a fun experience we had; over and over and over, you know? Sometimes I had to play that role many times before I really knew it. I would miss some of the lines, so I had to go back to play that role over and over, and play it with different actors and actresses to see how it felt to play it with different nuances."

Ask of yourself now, "What do I truly desire? What do I really want to manifest?" Become really clear about what you want to manifest, and then look around. Perhaps you already have it; maybe not in the form that you were expecting it to be, but you have it.

Ask yourself, first of all, "What do I truly desire to manifest?" Then ask yourself, "Why do I want to manifest that? What is the underlying reason that I feel that something may be lacking?" Because always if you want to manifest something, you feel that you have a lack somewhere.

So get very clear about why you want to manifest it. "What is the underlying motivation? What is it that I feel is not right or whole that needs to be changed?"

Three steps bring the awakened Christ into joy. "What do I truly want to manifest? Why do I want to manifest it? What is the underlying motivation, the underlying fear that something could be not quite whole or not quite all there?" Take the deep breath, and then realize that truly you already have it. You already are it.

"What do I desire? Why do I desire? I do have it." That is the secret side of manifesting.

Now, you have many, many workshops; many, many, books; many, many of your tapes, CD's, electronic recordings that tell you how to manifest, but they forget the last part, to tell you that you already have it. Even if they ask you the second part of why do you want to manifest it, oftentimes you do not go deep enough into that to understand that truly it comes from a fear that you do not have it or that you are not good enough without it.

When you get to the place of identifying the fear or the reason why you feel that you have to have this desire to manifest and you get really clear about that, you laugh, because you realize you have come to the very root of everything that has ever been bothering you. You come to the very root of whatever you have been, in any time, in any lifetime wanting to manifest, out of seeming lack. Then you realize, "I am the awakened Christ. I am already that which I have been seeking. That which I thought I was seeking was falsely predicated on a belief that I didn't have it or that I wasn't good enough or that somehow someone else had it and I didn't have it." But you already are and you already have, and if you want to make any changes, allow yourself to make the changes.

Separated ego then speaks to you, "You'd better watch out, because in this world you make no changes without giving up something; it's always a trade, and you may not want this trade. Now, make sure before you make this change that you are not getting into something worse."

But if you know already that you are whole, complete, awakened, knowledgeable, rich, abundant, then it really does not matter whether you stay here or you go there, because you are going to be Who you are wherever you are.

Manifesting: this year is going to bring you many opportunities to see things differently. The world is going to present chaos, both in general and sometimes closer to home. You are going to have many opportunities, not only for challenges, but for joy and friendship.

Whenever the world is too much with you, remember to take the deep breath, and ask yourself the three secret questions of manifesting: "What do I truly desire to manifest? Why do I want to manifest it? What is the underlying motivation?" Then be determined to see things differently.

Beloved one, you do not have to struggle any longer. You are that which you desire to manifest, to have, to perceive. You need only to look around you with new eyes. Look with My eyes, Beloved one.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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