The Ever-Changing Hologram

Beloved one, we will continue speaking of the holograms. I have used the concept of a hologram as another way of explaining your reality—lower case “r”. Your reality is — as has been written in other writings — an illusion. It is not real in the sense that it is fixed. It changes.

Your Reality—capital “R”—is the Christ spirit of you which allows you to create your hologram, your reality with a lower case “r”. It is a way of understanding that when you are in the hologram and you have nose to window pane, you do not always know that it is a hologram, an illusion, a creation that you are making for yourself.

That is why some time ago we spoke of the importance of being the Beholder, being able to take the deep breath and to step back from whatever is going on and to ask, “What is truly happening here?” and to watch it as you would watch a play, a drama in your theater or on your big screen; to watch it from a place of non-judgment, a place of neutrality, just watching.

As you do that, as you exercise your understanding of Beholder, you can see the hologram that you are making. Again, you will not judge it. You will see it for what it is—an experience. You have had, and will continue to have, many experiences. You are quite wealthy, and you will add to that wealth with more and more experiences within the hologram that is forever changing.

Allow yourself several times throughout the day to stop and to take a deep breath, even in the midst of everything else that you are doing or feel that you have to be doing — and try to see the experience from the place of Beholder. Watch it as a drama. Behold your interaction with co-workers, your interaction with friends, your interactions with the four-footed ones; allow yourself to see the interaction for what it is—an experience, an ever-changing experience.

I say ever-changing, because you are changing all of the time. Your perceptions and the perspective from which you view everything changes momently. That gives you a new perspective. You add that new perception to the hologram of the illusion of the reality and it changes your belief system, sometimes by leaps and bounds, most often by a small step of change, but it does change. It is always changing.

You can step back from it and begin to realize that everything that you bring forth in the hologram, in the illusion called reality, is a blessing. It has divine purpose: its divine purpose is to bring you to the place where you understand that you are the One who is creating. If you do not like what you are creating, you can change it. You can just stop midstream, mid-thought, and ask, “How can I see this differently? What is truly going on here? What is the purpose?”

You were born into a certain mindset of the collective consciousness. Your parents, your culture, your peers have molded your beliefs, and sometimes this molding has felt right and sometimes it has not felt right. Then you have struck out on your own and you have said, “That doesn’t resonate with me. What I have been told does not feel right. I believe differently.”

And so you have been making your own changes in the hologram as you have gone along. The hologram is not static, does not stay the same. Every moment you are changing it. Every moment you are changing your self-image of who you are and what you are and can be.

Now, changing the hologram seems to be a gradual process. It seems that that process is slow. But that, again, is a belief that has been given to you: that everything has to be a process. Truly, you can make instant change. You have recordings in your holy writings of instantaneous healing, miracles of healing that I and the disciples did, which have been recorded in your writings. These examples show you that not everything has to be a lengthy process. Change can be quite instantaneous. Immediately, as there is change in the belief system, it changes the energy.

You are energy. You fashion your body a certain way, but if in the next day you want to have a different kind of body, the teaching has been that it has to be gradual. “Well, if I want to lose weight, perhaps I can do that over the next six weeks by going on a diet. If I want to become more athletic and be able to run faster, I can do that in a process of exercising every day and running a mile or so every day.”

But in truth, you are the instantaneous being, and it is only the belief that there has to be process that keeps you from instantaneously making changes. That is what I am here to tell you. This is what I have been suggesting to you throughout the years, all two thousand of the years since you knew me as one Yeshua—Yeshu’a, as you called me; beloved friend.

During my lifetime I changed my hologram. I knew that it was possible to change. There were times when I disappeared from others’ sight, and I did this by knowing I could change my reality where they and I were no longer in a shared hologram.

I knew how to expand the hologram, and that feeling of energy, hope, knowing—truly, it was a knowing—was contagious. That is why there were ones of the multitude who caught perhaps the hem of my robe, who caught what I was saying, and instantly were healed physically—and many times mentally and emotionally—because they understood that the hologram that they were living could be changed, that it was ever changing, and it is.

As I walked amongst the multitude of people who were just like you—and if you will receive it, they were you; you have come back to live another incarnation and to call me forth in another way—they knew a change. They saw a possibility that things could be different, to the place where they knew that they were not the body, to the place where they could be the so-called Christian martyrs who were thrown into the pit with the lions.

They did not have to save the body, because they knew that they were not the body, and they knew that the hologram was not real. Now, did they feel pain of the body from the lions? At first, yes, but not to the degree that they would have felt if they were in fear. They were not in fear. They were in belief that they were the creators of what they were experiencing, and they knew that they could change and leave the body behind.

Many of you were one of the ones who caught my message in that day and knew that you were not controlled by outer circumstances and by other ones who said that they were more powerful than you. You knew your power. You knew that it came from beyond the small self. You knew that you could change your illusion because you connected with your Reality, the on-going, everlasting Reality, the divinity of you.

So I am suggesting that you play with the hologram as you understand your life experience right now to be. Play with making changes in it, because you can. You have thought that perhaps you were stuck in a certain situation and that others had power over you, but here you are, still in the same dwelling place living your life day by day and not sweating the small stuff any longer.

You have chosen that your hologram is going to be a happy one and that you live in the Now; there is no other time to live, in any case. And you do not worry about the morrow and you do not go back to what has been the past and judge yourself and others for what has been. You live in the Now, and that Now is always open to change. It is open to the place where you can say, “I am eternal,” because you are. “I am whole, holy,” because you are. “I am always being taken care of,” because you are. “I will always know love,” because you are love. “I will always have friends,” because you are a friend to other ones. “I will always know happiness, because I choose to know happiness.”

It is a free choice. You can choose to be down in the depths and to suffer, but that is no fun. And you can choose to always have a joke at hand, to always look on the light side of everything that is happening. And you can choose to know divine purpose in everything that the world presents to you.

The world right now is of your making. The world right now is seemingly in chaos and making many changes. That has been the prophecy that you have made for this year — that there will be many changes — so you will see many changes, and one of those changes is going to be your understanding of your reality—lower case “r”—and your connecting with the Reality—capital “R”—that you are, that is eternal and on-going and forever has been and will be beyond the purpose of time, because time is your creation.

Expand your hologram. Be the Beholder. Step back from it, first of all, and have a look at this beautiful hologram right in front of you of what you are doing and see how you are interacting with all of the aspects of the hologram. See the emotions. Emotions have color. As you are watching the hologram in front of you of your reality, you can see the color of fear, the color of love, the color of courage, the color of friendship.

You can see all the various colors as they are mixing together, and you can see which ones are predominant at a certain time, and you can see that as you entertain the thought that perhaps this hologram could be different, the colors are going to change. The emotions are going to change.

You have been taught down through the ages that reality is only real if you can see it, touch it, taste it, feel it, smell it, etc. But you are the one who is putting the parameters on the hologram, and you can change those parameters. Imagine a hologram, your hologram, on the floor beside you. You can say, as the Beholder, “Look at the way I’m worrying about something that doesn’t really exist.” And that gives you a new perspective. “I think it exists. Look at those colors. Wow, look at that red. I’m really angry about something. Oh, now it has changed to green because I understand that it was rage. It really came from other lifetimes, and it has nothing to do with this present hologram, so now it’s green. It’s healed.”

Play with being the Beholder. Imagine. You have built into this reality—lower case “r”—the most wonderful gift of imagination. It is fun to watch the hologram on the floor and see the colors as they change and to see how certain other persons come in and what color they bring with them.

Imagine. Be the Child, the Beholder Child that looks at the hologram and then says, “Hey, I can change that. Wow! Okay, this is the year for change. I thought this meant that it was going to be outside change; other people were going to change; world affairs were going to change. I didn’t know that it actually meant that I was going to change my hologram, that I was going to understand that I am not controlled by anything beyond my belief system. I am in charge of my hologram. I can change that. Wow! I really was worrying about the golden coins. Ha! I don’t need to. I see ones coming in who are the green color who want to support me. Hmmm. Jeshua has always said to me that I’ll always be taken care of,” and you will.

You will always be taken care of. You will always have raiment to wear and a dwelling place. And it is going to get better. “Wow! That’s a great thought. It’s going to get better. This that I have right now, it’s pretty good. Sometimes there are a few things I would change about it,” you say, “but Jeshua says it’s going to get better.”

Yes, it is going to get better, because you are going to understand your power. You are going to understand that the hologram that you have been struggling with is just that; it is a hologram, it is very malleable, changeable, can be shaped, molded, and changed.

Now, one of the things you are going to want to do besides taking the deep breath and being the Beholder is to get some clarity about what you want in your hologram. You are going to take out your notebook paper and you are going to write down how you want your hologram to look, what you want the aspects in the hologram to look like. Be very definite, because you can be.

Expand it. Bring into it the positive energy of success, of knowing how powerful, how loved you are.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



L.J. 9th May 2012 12:19 pm

Amazing! This article has truly given me "eyes to see". Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

themaster 10th May 2012 8:32 pm

Yes, nice.. also very in sync with the work I do with jim ;D


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