The Origins and Future of Planet Earth

Beloved one, I would speak with you of the origin and history of your planet, our holy Mother, the Earth, and how the planets came to be. In the beginning, before ever there was even the thought of time, there was Thought. There was an awareness, a presence, if you will, of creative Isness, extending Itself. And there was thought to bring forth expression of the creative Energy, for energy cannot be contained. The energy of the Isness of you cannot and never will be contained within any sphere of any reality, with a small "r." The Reality, capital "R," of you is ever expanding. The one Mind is ever expanding, ever expressing and experiencing.

There was thought to bring forth Light and from that Light to bring forth form out of light, to coalesce light into form. And from that one instant outside of time, because it was not thought to have time at that point, there was form brought together as the energy, brought together into form which coalesced into what you now still can see in your heavens as various constellations, the universe and various bodies of energy in which you lived, in which you knew your existence, in which you knew you were the energy of Thought.

Now, I speak here as it would be in linear fashion of a past time, and yet there was not thought of time yet at that point. There was only thought of creation. Time, the understanding of time, came later. So even as your scientists now will measure the light from the galaxies that are far away, it is measured in light years, and it is measured in linear time.

But, in truth, what you brought forth is even older than what your scientists are telling you now, or can tell you now, because your scientists are yet circumscribed by the concept of the sphere of time. And they do very well with it, taking you to the very edge of the sphere of time. But to go beyond that, it is a bit like your explorers who at first thought that the Earth was flat, and that if you would go beyond a certain point on the horizon, you would fall off.

Your scientists yet are working with concepts within the understanding of time, and yet they are making breakthroughs to understand that thought and the energy of thought does not need to and, in truth, cannot be, contained even within time. So in what you would see to be eons and eons of time ago, you lived and moved and had your being in the farthest galaxies of the universe. And you knew yourself to be creative; you knew yourself to be the flow of thought and of energy. And as you experienced various forms of stellar bodies, you knew yourself to be even the sun. You were the activity and the energy, and still are, of the sun, and of each star.

You knew yourself to be the extension of Energy that went beyond that sun or that star; very expansive, no limitations. And you played with that for what you now understand to be eons of time, until there was a thought, "Let us see what else we can create." And then there were more of the galaxies created within the vast universe, which is still expanding.

You played on your way to this solar system; you played in other star constellations–the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and others as well–many different ones where you have known the experience and expression of holy Isness, creative Isness, places where you brought forth great civilizations as you would now, in a broad term, look at civilizations.

And you brought forth technology, as you would have, again, the broad understanding of technology. It was not exactly what you have now. You brought forth the space ships to travel, and not the slow ones that you understand now: you would go with the speed of thought, faster than the speed of light.

You are the explorers. You are the ones who want to know the furthest frontiers. And when you get to whatever would seem to be a frontier, well, it is as the idea of the Earth being flat, so that you might fall off at the edge of the horizon. You find that when you get to the horizon, there is another horizon beyond, etc. So the explorers that you are, you keep creating. Why? For the sheer joy of it; because you want to create. You want to experience and express the divinity of you. You want to know the power of your divinity -- not the power of the world; you have played with that many times -- but the power that is now coming into even the collective consciousness: the power of divinity, the power of thought, the power of going beyond what ones have said the box has to be.

So now when you go out and you look into your heavens, you see the light of stars, constellations where, in truth, you did and are having expression, even now. For as your scientists will tell you about the light years that it takes for the light to come from a certain other solar system or another constellation, know you that you were standing upon some of the energy bodies even in that time. And now you are looking at yourself standing here looking back at the self. It is a thought that allows the mind to expand a bit.

So as you wanted to, and as is your nature to be expansive, you kept expanding the universe itself. And in working with the creative energy, there are times when you wanted to bring forth something new, and you did what is known as the involution of energy, the black holes, they are called, where you would bring in a lot of the energy into quite dense form, to then create new, because it is part of what you want to prove to yourself, the one Mind, how expansive, how creative you can be.

You have played with the various constellations and on the planets of the various constellations. You have played within this solar system on other planet bodies. At first you began with being the sun, the energy of the star, being within the sun itself, knowing the consciousness of the energy of the star. And from that there was expansion to create other bodies of form, upon which you could play, making what you call now the planets, the different ones that encircle the sun and the solar energy, which is still you. You are still within your sun, your star. But you are also, vast creative being that you are, having a focus of attention of this lifetime, where you walk upon the surface of this planet.

Now, when this planet was first formed, you lived within this planet; you were within it, it was within you, and you lived within it as consciousness. And then there was thought to see, "What else could there be?" And ones would characterize this as then coming up to the surface. It was not so much that you physically came up to the surface, as it was the consciousness expanded to take in all that you were creating. And the planet, as you have understood it, has undergone many changes.

You have played on the other planets of this solar system as well. For you are not content, wanderer that you are, to play just on one planet. We have spoken in other times of the planet Maldek, and how you played out a most wonderful civilization and drama with advanced technology, to the place where there was the explosion of the planet itself into what you have now as the asteroid belt, the pieces of drifting physical forms of energy.

Some of the energy from the planet Maldek went to another planet known as Jupiter and became part of the mass of Jupiter; also, it became some of the moons of Jupiter. The physical energy also went to become some of the rings of Saturn, and also some of the mass of Saturn. Those two planets, especially, are much larger. That is because they absorbed some of the energy from Maldek.

The planet you call Mars is now being the object of investigation as to whether or not there was ever life on Mars. Of course, there was. Were you there? Yes, you were there.

You have in your history an occurrence which has been known as the ice age, of which there have been many, where there was much of ice upon the Earth. At the time of the explosion of Maldek the rippling effect of that energy evaporated most of the surface water on Mars and sent it outward. There is still water on Mars, but much of the water on the surface came to Earth in the extended heat of the explosion, melting some of the ice on Earth and adding to the amount of water on the Earth. Our holy Mother, the Earth, did not always have as much water as it does now. Land masses changed, here and on Mars.

As you have known lifetimes upon other planets of other solar systems in other constellations, you have come to this planet as starseeds. Even from Maldek and Mars you have brought with you remembrances and cultural influences. We have spoken previously that, as starseeds, you are in the process of blending many cultural beliefs and systems of belief into an harmonious whole: that which I have called the Atonement, the awakening as One. 

Many of you are going to return to some of the other constellations where you feel a call. You will spend what is seen now in your linear terms to be several more lifetimes, perhaps, on this planet, because you have agreed that you will bring your light here, and that you will bring the expanded understanding of how this planet came to be and what it is for, but in what you see to be, again linear time, in the future, many of you are going to feel a call to return through the stargates.

Now, we have spoken of the stargates previously, how they have been closed and how they are now opening. They were closed at the time of the destruction of Maldek, because it was felt by the Council of One that the collective consciousness in this solar system was too focused upon its very small self and how the divine power of creativity could be used in a way that was not beneficial or harmonious with the other constellations, so that the stargates were temporarily closed to communication until this collective consciousness matured a bit.

You are now coming to a place where the stargates are opening, where there can be and is communication with other constellations, with other intelligences from other constellations, and other forms of life. Your astroscientists have recently identified a planet in the constellation Leo which does sustain life. There is now an expansion that the collective consciousness has agreed to experience. So the stargates are opening, and with the opening is coming right now a trickle -- but it will become a flood later on -- of information, remembrance of where you have been and how you have been.

This planet, our holy Mother Earth, will continue to be for what you see to be a long, long time, because it has volunteered to be part of the divine energy, to serve as a place where ones can play in what I have likened unto the sandbox, where the ones can play in the sandbox harmoniously with each other -- or not.

There is always choice. But there will come a time when the purpose of the planet will be fulfilled, when the thought energy will be withdrawn from it. And it will be allowed to become part of the light of the whole of the cosmos, free-flowing as it was before it was formed. Now, it is not something that you have to sit here in this day and time and contemplate and wonder, "When is this going to happen; am I going to be here; do I need to dig my shelter somewhere in the ground, and if I do, have I found a sacred spot?"

As I have said, many of you will not be here at that time, because you will have taken your individuated energy to be with ones in other constellations once again where you have known joy and companionship. You have experienced many lifetimes and much in this lifetime, of being away from home; not only the Home of the Father, the kingdom of the Father, but being away from home where the family was, where the friends were, the companions with whom you journeyed, created, knew oneness together.

You have wanted to return. You have looked to your heavens, and you have wondered, "What is up there? Why do I feel drawn to a certain star?"And there is a resonance that you feel, even a homesickness, a feeling of, "I think I’ve been part of that." And then there is a knowing that, "Yes, I have been part of that."

Explorers that you are, adventurers that you are, creative ones that you are, you will be forever seeking new frontiers and bringing forth new galaxies. Even as we speak, you are bringing forth the birth of new stars. You are bringing the involution of the energy of the dark holes, for there are many, right now, of the so-called black holes where the energy is being drawn in upon itself in order to become dense enough to explode once again as light particles into new stars and new galaxies, new frontiers. Will you want to experience what those new frontiers feel like? Of course, you will. That is why you have the courage in this day and time to allow the imagination to expand upon the Isness and the concept of Isness.

Your scientists are beginning to understand. They have questioned the size and nature of the universe; even if it is infinite, they say, it still has to be finite. There must be an edge. There is no edge, because you are pushing the edges all the time. The cosmos is expanding. The universe is expanding, and will continue to expand. That which you are complete with, that which fulfils its purpose, will go back into thought energy and be reborn again, much as you have the seasons of your time, where you have the season of the quiet time, and then there is the spring where the newness of life comes forth, and matures and ages and ripens as great fruit to bring forth civilizations that are in awareness of all that they are, all that they can be. And then there is a time where that fruit then is harvested, made over into new form in the quiet time to bring forth new life again, forever expanding.

Beyond even the most wonderful concept that you have of time, there is much of awareness, expression, and experience that is outside the sphere of time. That is not to naysay the value of time; there is much value in time itself. But there is within what you see as the allness of You, the concept of time, and the sphere of time is but a small percentage. That is how vast, how wonderful you are. Having said that, I will let you contemplate for awhile.

So be it.



Aruan9 9th June 2008 4:48 pm

Waauw, this makes sense!
From South Africa, Judith, congrats with the super channeled message of high content.
May we all have: "the power of going beyond what ones have said the box has to be."
I shall read all of your brought forward messages.
Donald Herman


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