Transitioning: The New Children

Beloved one, you are now, in your timing, moving into a new season, and it is a good time to reflect on where you want to be headed in the new season.

Furthermore, this is a time of transition not only for your seasons, but a time of transition for the collective consciousness. A lot of what has been planted generations of time ago is now coming up to be looked at in a different way. You have much of conflict that is bringing into clarity the question for everyone. Everyone who looks at what is happening on the world stage has the opportunity to look at it and to ask, "Is this how I truly want to live?" And to be able to see how ones are masters who are mirroring for you conflict, so-called tragedy, as it appears on the human plane, tragedy, for ones are losing supposed trust, supposedly losing the love of loved ones. It is a time when appearances say that you could lose something.

Now, I will say unto you that all of the ones who are willing and have laid down the body, who have released the body, are in process of reincarnating in a new way, with a new consciousness. They have completed with the old way. They have completed with thinking that someone else outside of them has authority to tell them where they need to be and what they need to be doing.

You have what has been called the Indigo children and the Crystal children, and you have a new crop that is coming from all of the conflicts that are going on right now, a new crop of incarnate beings who no longer believe in the necessity for force for worldly power, but believe in their own divinity and the power of divinity, and know their Oneness. They are going to incarnate in every part of our holy Mother, the Earth, in every country. There is already a "map" of a sort which outlines the various areas that not only need, but will accept, their message. And they are going to be speaking very soon-the small ones are going to be speaking that it is not necessary any longer that we send the men, women, boys, children of any age into battle in order to sort out who is going to be in charge for the next six months or six years, because worldly power is temporal and passing.

A new consciousness

Even if a battle is won, even if a "victory" is made, it is temporal, as you have seen, and it changes. So the ones who have been willing to be the servants, to go abroad and to lay down the bodies, the ones who have been willing to be the servants to live in the geographical location and to have everything that they have cherished blown apart in an instant, are very busy incarnating once again with a new consciousness that is going to change everything.

Every moment you have choice. Every moment you can make a transition, the same as your seasons are changing, the same as the collective consciousness now is changing. Every moment you have choice as to where you will live, what you will see in your garden, what you will be growing in this new season of consciousness.

It may look like upheaval; it may look like chaos. But that is what you have to do - till the soil first, is it not? Those of you who have known the farmers in previous generations who tilled the soil, what was the first thing that they would do in the spring? They would go out and they would upheave - if that is a word - all of the soil to get it ready for the new planting. Well, that is what collective consciousness is doing now: a lot of upheaval.

Coming to Light

A lot of what has been hidden is now coming out into light to be seen for what it truly is. And ones who thought that they could live by the old thinking and that they could sweep whatever it was under the carpet are finding that in springtime you take the carpets out and you give them a good dusting. Do you remember, those of you who are perhaps of an age that you can remember, the carpet beaters? Where you take the carpet out and hang it over the rope, the line, and you would beat the dust out of it? Now you have your little machines that run around and suck up the dust, but it used to be that you would take the carpet, quite literally, throw it over a rope outside and beat the dust out of it.

Well, that is happening now. The carpets are being rolled up, and it is interesting what has been hidden under the carpets. It happens in the collective consciousness; it happens also in individual lives. You get your carpets rolled up a little bit to see, "Oh, there's an issue I didn't know I had." And you are allowing yourself to deal. Oftentimes you will roll up a bit of your carpet and you find a bit of the old squashed bugs under there, known as old issues, and you look at them and you say, "Hmm, I thought it was a big deal, but actually all it amounts to is a squashed bug."

Sometimes you want to hide something because you think it is so big that if you look at it, it is going to overwhelm you. But once you look at it, you say, "Well, you know, it's not as big as I thought it was. Perhaps it is only a squashed bug." I use a metaphor there so that you can understand that there is nothing under your carpet, and there is nothing under your leaders' carpets, that cannot be dealt with and looked upon and seen as part of the process of Atonement, of awakening.

You hold the power

You are the ones who are in charge, believe it or not. You are the ones who are the divine energy expressing. You are the ones who are raising your voices for harmony, for respect, for love. You are the ones who hold the power, because you are remembering who you are-divine energy come forth into form for a certain period of time to express that divinity, and to experience the human life as you have devised it, and to change it from time to time.

That is what happened in my lifetime. I came, incarnated, experienced a human life; I felt pain. When I would go barefoot and I would step on a sharp pebble or rock, I would feel it. But I learned to expand the consciousness-and you can do this; right now you can do this. Take a deep breath. Imagine your dwelling place. Imagine your favorite chair. Imagine where you like to expand in your meditations. And now bring your focus back here. Where were you in the last few seconds? Not here. The body was doing all right by itself, but you expanded; you went somewhere else; you felt what it feels like to be in your favorite chair or meditation place.

Very expansive

You are very expansive. When someone wants to have conflict with you, and this happens from time to time, they get right up in your face with some problem. When someone does that to you and they are right up in your face, you smile at them; you take that deep breath and you mentally go to your favorite place, and no matter what they are chattering on about, you smile at them.

It happens every once in awhile to you, where someone will bring you a great problem and they expect that you are the source of the problem. And they expect you to be defensive about it or to have an answer, a comeback. Well, if your comeback is the smile and you allow yourself to expand to the place where you feel comfortable in your place, in the dwelling place at home, it changes the whole energy.

And that is what you are all about-transitioning; changing the energy; allowing the expansion of what you have known yourself to be into a new self, a new image of self. And as you will do this often, it becomes very easy to live in that expanded state where "I and the Father are One." That is what it means when I said that some years ago. I and the Father are One. I realized - I made real in my consciousness - that I am the divine extension of the Father, of the energy of the Creator, that which I Am and you are - no separation - always, beyond time.

When the purpose of time has been fulfilled...because time is only a concept within this reality, and there are many realities that do not know time. But you do know it, and you do sometimes feel you have to live by and within time. When you allow yourself to expand to the place where you know that "I and the Father are One," everything else that has seemed to be a constriction disappears. It is seen to be a no-thing; a thing that, yes, you can deal with in the daily activity or world activity, collective consciousness, because that is where it is held, but it is not truly you. And so you do not have to be caught up in it. You can recognize it.

This is what I spoke to my disciples when they wanted to know how to do healing. I said to them not to ignore what the person was going through. See first what the appearances are, see what they are going through, and then remove your focus from that place to the place where you know Oneness, the Higher Self, the one Mind, the divinity. Allow that to be so pervasive in your knowing, that if ones are ready to catch it, they will feel it and there will be healing.

I said to the disciples, "First, see what is going on, but do not give it energy. Do not say that that is all there is." It is happening, yes, but look beyond that to the place where you understand the divine energy which creates everything; to the expansive state that you just experienced in the very small example we just did for a few seconds, of allowing yourself the breath and going to your place of meditation, your favorite place where you feel that you can be safe, where you can expand, where you cannot be constricted by the world.


So I say unto you, know that you are transitioning in your questioning, in your reading, in your studying, in all of the conflicts wherever the soil is being tilled to the place where there is going to be a new crop. Allow yourself to appreciate what is happening and to look past - not deny, but look past - appearances, and to know that everything serves the Atonement.

The ones who serve now in what seem to be the most tragic circumstances are the ones who have been through lifetimes such as you have - you have all laid down the body in what you would call tragic circumstances, battles, where you have been torn from the loved ones and they from you. That is why you can feel an empathy with them. Allow yourself to appreciate what they are doing in this lifetime, and know that they are busy reincarnating with a new consciousness. There is an evolutionary process which is happening, where ones are saying, "It can be different. It has to be different. "And the new ones who are coming in will be saying it loud and clear.

So live in an expanded state of consciousness as often as you can. Look at appearances, and then know that there is much more happening than what you see as the appearances. By your realization of the expanded state of consciousness you can and will change the energy.

Welcome the New Children, look for them, smile your acknowledgment of them. And then feel their acknowledgment of you, an Old Friend and Master they have known before.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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