What the World Needs Now

Beloved ones, holy ones, children of the Most High, I am the one you have called the mother— the mother of Christ. And I am, and you are, as well. It is my great joy to be able to speak with you with the tones of the voice. Now, I have been speaking with you because you have been coming through what you would acknowledge to be a rough patch for a couple of years or more, a more accelerated growth pattern, in truth, where you were challenged as to reality. What is reality? Is it just my reality, or is it a larger reality? Where am I in all of this adventure?

Allow yourself to take that deep breath and to come Home in peace, to feel the body energized and the spirit awakened. Know that truly you are the Child of the Father, with no separation. You are awakening to all that you are, awakening to that Child, yes, who inherits, but the Child that is very much alive and well and expressing. So allow yourself one more deep breath. Feel that going to every part of the body, down to the fingertips and down to the toes, turning on all of the lights of all of the cells of the body. And feel that the aura of you, the true being of you, has come alive.

I am the one known as the mother, the mother of one Yeshu’a and the mother of All That Is, as you are. You are the mother in the extension of all that you are. You are the mother who loves, who gathers to her heart all of the seemingly lost ones, and the mother who is the maternal one to all of your adventures, all of your creative beings, everything that you can imagine, and to bring into being to express, to adventure, to dream, and to know.

Allow yourself to take that deep breath and bring to the knowing all that you desire to know, all that you do know, and all that you will know. For truly this is a time of awakening. This is a time that will try men’s and women’s souls to come alive, to come to that place of claiming, “I Am All, everything I can imagine, everything that I feel to be reality. I Am all this and more.”

Feel yourself so loved that you are energized to be all that you can be. For truly, there is no place, no reality that excludes you, for you are the one true Christed reality.

Now, beloved ones, in this evening we will share the love of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is and to come to that place of healing. For all of you have felt over the past couple of years or more in length of time a separateness. There have been days and nights when you have cried out to me. You have cried out and asked, “What is true? Is this pandemic, as it is called, is it true? Does it have the power to affect me?”

In truth, it does and it does not. In other words, it will come nigh your dwelling place, yes, but you do not have to admit it into your reality, for your reality is one of divine Being. Your reality is one of choice. Your reality is one of coming Home one more time as you express in individuality. Now, beloved ones, I would say unto you, “Congratulations.”

For in truth, you have come through the hard time. You have come through the possibility that perhaps reality— lower case “r”—would be difficult. Perhaps it would be in a separation feeling that you could be attacked, you could be less than. And you have asked, “Where is my Reality— the Reality with a capital “R”—where is the peace of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is? Where is the peace that I have known and still seek to know?

It is, as my son has said to you many times, accompanied by the deep breath. When you will take the deep breath you have opportunity to know the deep, deep peace of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/ All That Is. I welcome you Home once again.

You have asked to know, you want to know, “Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing? Why does it feel so difficult? Why does it feel that I am outside somewhere and that I have lost my bearings as to where Home is? And yet, beloved one, I have seen you take the deep breath and I have seen you feel at peace once again. I have seen you acknowledge the angelic being that you are, the angelic being that has said she/he will come here one more time to express the Father and the Father’s love to ones who are seeking, to ones who are hurting, to ones who are putting their reality together into perhaps a jumble of beliefs, and yet wanting to know, “Who and how am I?”

You, beloved ones, each and every one of you hearing my voice at this time, each and every one of you has been with me and walked with me even in the physicality of the adventure. It is why you have felt the calling to come up higher, to come up out of the trivial, out of the worldly possibilities that you could suffer, and to know that place of peace, that place that says, “Even if I don’t have all of the answers in the human realm, I Am; full stop, period. And if I Am—and I Am—therefore, I Am All,” and you are. “I Am the Christ.”

Now, it is not just a sacred few who know how to come Home. You know with the deep breath how to find that place within, that place of peace that says, “No matter what is being suggested to me, no matter what I have to do, I Am—full stop, period—good enough.” And you are.

That is what it means to be the Christ and to bring that into expression.

Many lifetimes you have sought the Christ, thinking it to be a person, an individual, perhaps a bit exalted above you, knowing more, being more. But in truth, look at your feet. Those are the feet of the Christ, and most beautiful they are as you adorn them, yes, the feet that walk the path of humanhood. They are the feet that say, “I will come Home again no matter how far the journey may be,” and in truth, it is no length of distance, not even of time. “I will come Home in full radiance.”

If—and you can—you could see yourself the way I see you, see the Light that you are…next time you stand before your looking glass known as the mirror, imagine, first of all, imagine how it would be reflected back to you as the radiant Light. Imagine, and a miracle will happen.

For half a second at least, maybe longer, you will see your Light, and then you will say, “But is it really me? Could I really be that brilliant?”

Yes, you are the Light of more than ten thousand candles, ten thousand stars, and you know that as you approach the stars. As you see them in your heavens and as you bring them to yourself, the light is augmented, it is radiant, and it grows to the place where the physicality cannot take in all of the radiance that you are. That is what is known to be the Christ Self of you, and in that acknowledgment, even if you don’t see it on the first try, you are the radiance of the Christ.

Now, in this evening I would speak unto you that which you have asked to know. “How long? How long will I feel apart, distant?” How long, oh angelic one, will you set yourself apart? In truth, this instant, right now, you are all that you ever have been and all that you will ever be. You have agreed that for a very short time you would turn the light of your own candle down a bit so that you could behold others’ radiance, whether they see it or not. You would behold one that you meet, and the smile on the face, on your face and on the welcoming of the other face is the light of ten thousand million candles. That is how brilliant you are.

You are the essence of Light in what you call the spiritual realm, and you are even the light upon the human plane, and each is attracted to you. They feel that you know something. “She looks like she knows something. I will be with her and see what she says, and I will be turned on by something that she says, because I feel”— and this is true for your coworkers, your friends, the ones whom you journey with; they feel something more with you, and they say, “Wow, she’s in touch with the angels; therefore, she knows, she feels, she is in touch with something beyond, and she is signaling with that smile of hers that, yes, there is a way to come up in radiance and to come Home. And boy, I am really wanting to come Home, because this place, this reality does not feel like Home.”

Because it is not. It is a clue, and it will suggest to you that you can be, and you are, more, human, self says, and there are times in your meditations, your times when you are doing something else and all of a sudden, “Oh, that’s what I was thinking. That’s what I was feeling. That’s the answer.”

Then in that moment you feel elevated in radiance, and in the next moment you say, “Okay, now where did that go?” But it is all around you in every moment to be claimed, to be known, to be loved as you sit in your quiet space and invite the Allness of you to be consciously known. You have been taught that if you feel that it is going to mean that just like that you are going to be out of the body, gone somewhere, the body is no longer going to be yours, so watch out, because yes, you want to know God the Father, Goddess the Mother, you want to know all that you are, but be careful, because if you do that you are going to be lifted out and you’re going to be lost.

Never will you be lost. Elevated, yes, to a place of peace, a place that says, “I Am, and that’s all I have to say, all I have to know, that I Am, right now, everything; the peace that passes the human understanding.” You have felt that.   have been there, and then in the next moment there has been the suggestion that, “Perhaps I want to hold onto this little piece of reality, and if I do that other, well, I feel like I’ve lost something.”

Never can you lose Who you are and What you are; never.

As you are in process of coming Home, you cannot be lost. You can be calling out for ones, yes, but you will not be lost and they will not be lost. In truth, nothing can ever be lost. You may want to breathe deeply and take to yourself the acknowledgment that, “I Am in every moment all that I have ever been. I Am the extension of the one true Spirit/Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is,  having a human experience.

You will want to return to that feeling often, because, in truth, your world is going through great change, great upheaval. Recently when you saw the upheaval in a seemingly far country from here, you have wondered, “How can that be? I thought we had moved from that space. I thought that we were living at least at the very edge of knowing our Allness. And now look at that. Ones are living in separation saying that they can be hurt, that they can have everything they have worked so hard for taken from them, destroyed. How can that be,” you have said, when you saw the action of brothers/sisters.

And it is, as ones have said to you, the ending of an old Age, the last throes of human degradation. Now, humanhood, because it is the extension of the spiritual self, is good, and you have felt this. You have believed in the best of brothers and sisters. You have believed in the best of yourself. You have attracted to yourself the writings, the tones of the voice that have said to you, “You have reached, you have known Home,” maybe for a short time, maybe for a longer time, but you have felt it even while activating the body. In other words, you did not have to give up the body and let it be forgotten. But you can come Home while still activating the body.

And then, as a last question, there has been this upheaval and you have been asked, “Where do you live? What is true for you in your reality?” And you say, “Well, I thought we were beyond all of this. I thought that we could love each and every seemingly other body and come Home in that love,” and that is still true.

What you are beholding are the last throes of the seeming separation from the Christ of your Being. You have tasted, you have felt the Christ of your Being. Hold onto that. Know that that is true. It is Real—capital “R”. On the moment of your peace, your exalted feeling of being taken above all of the chaos—and you have felt that from time to time—that is your true Being, and you will come to know it and see it reflected back to you.

What you are experiencing right now are the death

throes of the old way of thinking, of the old way of saying power rules, separation rules, but it does not. It is in what you see to be the death throes, saying, “I will hold onto it one more moment, one more time. I know that if I had enough worldly power I could change everything.”

You have a seeming individual who has been testing that out right before your eyes. And yet at the same time, the same moment of seeming reality, you are seeing that no matter what he does, using the power of mere humanhood, it is not lasting. He can throw it out as a suggestion, but it is not the truth of your being. He can throw it out as a suggestion and ones will say how they suffer because of him, and yet they are going to realize— to make real in their knowing—I Am above all of this.

And there have been those feelings that ones have had that have said, “My reality is not the reality of the world that comes and goes. I Am beyond, above, and through All, the Allness of the Christed Being. This is being brought right in front of your eyes to see. For ones are seemingly suffering, and yet as the Christ Being of them they are living that Christed Being. They are coming Home moment by moment as there is acknowledgment that, yes, the human body could be taken, but life is forever ongoing. This has been a surprise for some ones as they felt that they were being offered the opportunity to lay down the body and perhaps they have said yes. Then

they have found, “I am still alive; onward, forward, always coming Home.”

Because you have agreed that you would come at this time, you are seeing a great miracle. You are seeing ones awaken. You are seeing on a large scale much that has been foretold and now is appearing right before you, because this one who thinks   that he is so much in power, he is finding, oh, there are a few cracks in what he thought his power to be, the human power. And ones are saying, “I Am That I Am, and I am not, this time around, going to be put down. I am going to arise up,” and this is what they are doing, whether with body or not.

There is much of Christed energy that has been called to a certain geographical area that ones are tapping into. Even as they use the reality of humanhood, there are ones who have felt, “I Am beyond what I felt I thought I was going to be.” And you know, they have found peace with each other. They have found the commonality of the Christ who walks and talks, experiences, and says, “This, too, shall pass.”

Already the ones who have had to seemingly lay down the body—they’ve been invited to and have done—are already planning the new life and gathering to themselves the other ones who are being uplifted. The ones who said yes, that they would demonstrate laying down the body, have found, “Hey, I’m still alive and my friends are still alive and they’re still here, and we are triumphant, because that one who thought because of the knife into the body was going to do away with me, but here I am.

And you know what? I, of my Christ Self, arise out of the tumult and the ashes and am making my plans to come back.”

There has been a great awakening on what you would call the other side. Now, in truth, there are not other sides, because it’s all One, but as ones have had the focus on the body, they’ve had to do a bit of realignment to say, “But I Am. Hm. I see bodies, but they are just empty.” Of course, they are. The angelic being is forever, and the angelic being inhabits, directs, uses the body for a time, and when it seems to be that you have played your part, you have been on stage, you have done your bit, and…“But I am still who I have always been, the Christ energy.”

So hey, this is a time that you have prayed for. This is a time that you get to see on your square box ones who are waking up to the everlasting Being, even to the place where the Christ arises. You recently had a celebration in a time, as you measure time, of coming alive again, known as the Resurrection. And you are feeling, “Well, perhaps others, maybe they can do this, but I don’t know, for myself.”

I suggest unto you that you claim it. Claim it even now as you will walk with the body. Know that you are my Child. You are the Christ born anew one more time. “I Am”—you say this—“I Am That Which I Am, always and forever beyond the understanding of time.” Wow, feel the power in that. I know. There was a time when I had to acknowledge that this is Who and What I Am, with great rejoicing, because you are not the body.

“Wow, I thought I had to have a body.” I have news for you. No, you are always alive. That is why Yeshu’a came to give you the message that he walks with you now and forevermore. “Forevermore?” Yes, forevermore, because time is your invention. And, as he has said to you so strongly many times, “After the purpose of time has been fulfilled….” In other words, the drama, the playing, the excitement of, “Ah, a new life; I’m being born again. What can I do in this lifetime? Oh, can I be a great warrior?

Maybe I can be King or Queen. Maybe I can be the explorer and sail the oceans deep. Maybe…etc.”

And you have. You have put it all together as the great adventure. And where are you now? Still alive, still

adventuring. Know you that this room, and the room where you are, is filled with energy with ones who have walked with you, talked with you, adventured with you. There is no space that is empty. Everywhere around is the spirit of you. That is how powerful you are. So if ever you are walking, feeling alone, stop and say, “Hey, I hear that I have company on this path. Make yourself known.” And then be open, watching, believing, trusting, and you will feel the angels with you.

“Oh, my, where is that music coming from?” You will hear music, yes? You will hear a voice, a soft voice that says, “You are loved, so loved that you are love itself.” And in that moment there will be a peace that descends, arises up within you, that feels whole, feels to be the Allness, and it is you.

You are Home, beloved one. You have never gone from Home. Home is but a thought, a belief away, even a breath, and not even the measurement of a breath. You are Home. You have a saying, “To be home free,” and you are, whenever you accept it, whenever you say, “Okay, I’m trying this on for size. I am Home.”

How does that feel? “It feels powerful. I am Home. It feels comforting. I am love. Oh, you know, that feels good, but even more than that, I am loved.” Oh, okay. You see, beloved ones, you are making your reality—lower case “r” at first—out of the Reality of who you are, all the time. And you thought that only the saints could be in the capital “R” Reality. Well, I have news for you. You are a saint. Yes; yes, you—Saint Eva, yes. Know you that there are ones who pray to you and want your acknowledgment of how altogether they are. They want to be blessed by Saint Eva, want to be blessed by each and every one of you. And you do bless them. That is why you attract the four-footed ones. They can feel the love, and they want to be in that love.

Beloved ones, you are much more than you have been told. You are much more than you have ever accepted yourself to be. You are much more than you have ever dreamed. You have said, “Well, I know there’s a place somewhere that is heaven. I know there is a place that if I’m very, very good, I might be able to go there for a short time, and then I’ll probably say something I’m not supposed to say and I’ll be out of there. And there have been times that I felt like I was in heaven, especially when he/she smiled at me a certain way, but that was passing.”

If you have felt it once, you know that feeling. Come Home, beloved one. Be the essence of who you are. Come Home in love. Love every one. You call ones to you because they are wanting to know love, healing. They want to know that they are okay, the same as you have been wanting to know. And you are okay. You are my Child, Child of the one Father/God/Goddess, Whoever. You are the extension as you see it to be necessary as an extension. But in truth, you are All and always have been and always will be.

“Uh, but I think that’s a bit much. I don’t think I could accept all of that.” Okay, whatever you decree. But I suggest unto you that you can accept it right now and come Home to me. Come Home as the Christ that you are. Know that truly you are the mother of all that you devise, all that you bring into being to experience.

You are the Father, being the progenitor of all of the adventures that you say you will partake of. You are the One—capital “O”—wanting to come Home. Allow the drama of the world to be seen as a drama on your square box. You can look at it, you can resonate with it for a moment or so, but it is as the drama on your square box, and it is passing.

Right now you are feeling the birth pangs, the throes of labor, the throes of an old way of being, being put to rest. You are, beloved one, my Child. You are the Christ. Allow it to be birthed in the reality you call reality. Allow yourself to smile. Know you that every time you smile, you birth love? Allow the whole-hearted—I use that word advisedly—allow yourself to be whole-heartedly love, awakened, exhibiting a reality that knows all that you are, and come truly alive.

Welcome, beloved one, welcome to my heart. Welcome as the heart that you are. So be it.


denisesjourney 17th May 2022 2:23 pm

This is so beautiful. Thank you very much for channeling it and sharing it. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.


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