Empower Your Soul Connection Part 11 - Can You Change Your Past?

Welcome back to the Empower Your Soul Connection Course. 

Part 10 is available here.

Part 11 - Can You Change Your Past? 

In the world of physics, there is a mystery which appears in a procedure known as the Delayed Choice Experiment. Basically, it demonstrates that energetic particles can and do change their past to better suit their current situation.

In the world of physics, there are towering institutions dedicated, not so much to the advancement of science, but to the preservation of their esteemed members' status as experts in their fields. This means that these self-proclaimed experts criticize mysteries like the Delayed Choice Experiment with comments like, "This is impossible as it would violate the known laws of physics." But, you might ask, what about the unknown laws of physics, the ones that the "experts" do not yet know about?

The energy particles involved in the Delayed Choice Experiment don't care what the experts think. They just go ahead and change their past anyway. After all, while they do posses conscious awareness, they are not encumbered with a human brain and its insistence that time must pass by at a constant rate.

As you know, past, present, and future are all just different viewpoints in the eternal Now moment. Time is a fabrication in the illusion of physical reality and was created to give us the ability to experience change, not instantly, but in a manner that would best suit our ability to learn from it.

Energetic particles are just fine with changing their past, but what about you? Could you change your past if you wanted to? Knowing what we now know, the answer must be, "Yes, of course you could, provided you were able to allow yourself to do so."

Imagine, in the future, enough people getting excited about proving the ability to change the past. They would begin by documenting past events in their lives, then seeking to change them and document the new situation after the change.

If physical reality were as solid as it seems to be, you could not change a past event. It would be fixed in time like concrete. However, we now understand the truth. As physical reality is a dream of the soul, anything can be changed by changing the dream at a soul level of consciousness.

Exercise: Connecting with your Perfect Potential

Repeat the Soul Simulation technique given in Part 9 so that the technique becomes second nature to you - a powerful tool that can be used from memory at any time. 

Practice makes perfect and you'll want to be ready for the next, amazing, jaw-dropping lesson and exercise in this course!

Again, decide on a version of you who already has something that you want to develop. In that case, intend that you will visit a potential version of yourself who has taken that path of development to a successful conclusion and has fully achieved that personal goal.

If you have no immediate goal in mind, refer again the following list from the recent lesson on Potential Possibilities:

Developing inner peace as a daily reality.
Healing a health crisis.
Gaining more wisdom.
Having more self-confidence.
Becoming filled with more vitality each day.
Becoming more expert at your daily occupation.
Developing skills as an artist.
Making super progress in your spiritual growth.
Developing leadership skills.
Learning to dance well.
Starting or growing a successful business doing work that you love.
Developing skills as a musician.
Becoming a skilled photographer.
Becoming financially abundant.
Becoming a world traveler.
Developing greater intuition.
Developing more social skills and having more real friends.
Becoming more self-empowered.
Writing and publishing a book.

Instead of deciding on the intention of this soul simulation session, ask your soul consciousness to provide the potential version of you that would be the most educational for you at this time.



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