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It’s a little-known secret that, during the first two hours of sleep at night, people reconnect with their soul consciousness. The spirit realms are where most dreams occur throughout the night. The soul realms are beyond this. To reach soul consciousness, your awareness moves up through the spirit realms and, upon reaching the deepest sleep state, reconnects with your innermost state of beingness.

During that time of reconnection with the core of your essence, you review the latest events in your life and plan what would be best for your next moves. You won’t consciously remember the experience when you return to your sleeping physical body, but your soul awareness is always there in the background, ready to be accessed at any time by conscious intent.

Accessing the wisdom of your soul awareness takes only a moment. Just stop what you are doing, turn your attention within and see what your intuitive impressions are concerning the issue at hand. When you slow down for a moment to tune into the subtle and quiet whisperings of your soul, then you have true wisdom at your disposal in the world of daily living.

The advice to “sleep on it” when faced with a big decision now takes on a whole new meaning. Knowing that you will mull this decision over at a soul level at night, you can appreciate that, the next day, your feelings on which course of action to take will be inspired by the wisdom of your soul.

At a soul level, you have access to a much wider perspective of reality. For a start, you can project any decision into the future and see, in lifelike reality, exactly how that decision will work out. That process certainly beats guessing at such outcomes. In a soul-level projection of the future, you see all the threads of interactions with other people and how everything will turn out based upon current trends. This wisdom is then available to your waking state via the power of intuition.

Personally, when it comes to an important decision, I insist on having three nights of “sleeping on it” before I will agree to give an answer as to whether I will go ahead. Doing this means never again having to say, “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

Sometimes, you are faced with a situation that has just come up and you could use some insight as to what the real situation is. You may be on the spot and not be able to retreat into a quiet location for a good meditation. In that case, just polling your sense of intuition for inside information can be enough to bring up insights that help you handle the situation in the best way possible.

After a soul contact session, you’ll either find yourself thinking, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that earlier?” or you may find yourself feeling stuck. If that is the case, let the problem go for now and entrust your soul awareness to research and find the best solution. Ask for insights to pop up into your awareness at any time, detach by releasing the topic to your soul, and go about other activities. It won’t be long before some very helpful thoughts arise as if out of nowhere.

The power of intuition works to give you all the insights and inside information that you need to make a great success out of everything you seek to achieve.


ChasingBliss 29th August 2012 7:04 am

I love this. I was just thinking about this whole process yesterday when I found myself upset about a problem that had come up. I just got very quite and went within. But as I did this I still found myself emotionally attaching myself to possible outcomes when a still voice came to me saying "relax, continue doing your work, the answers will come." that's exactly what I did...and the answers came.

k 29th August 2012 3:24 pm

I agree with the concept of sleeping on it, but the ideas about soul and spirit are different. Leadbeater, Alice Baily and other mystics refer to the levels of the Astral plane that the consciousness evolves through. Seven in the Astral/emotional planes and then there is the mental plane. I see the levels as steps in our evolution, but the soul and the spirit are ever striving to become one. We do not travel through the spirit level to get to the soul level, the soul and the spirit travel together and the mystical union is when they become one again..the consciousness (soul) and the Oneness of the All, the Mighty Spirit....they travel together, but the soul lost in illusion can not always be aware of the spirit that is with us always. The Spirit is always calling us to reunite with it...the cardinal pecking on the window and following us as we work, the butterflies and dragonflies that dance around us, the breeze that brushes our face, the smell and beauty of a rose...the spirit is always trying to get our look away from the mundane world and know we are loved.

k 29th August 2012 4:38 pm

In certain stages of our sleep the veil thins and the two come closer together. The consciousness...the soul is able to have a better understanding of what the spirit is wanting to reveal and is open to the guidance of the spirit. The two are always together, but only after the soul has been purified can they again become one. The masters of alchemy have taught this in so many ways and through so many symbols. Even in our waking hours, we can be aware of our spirit if we are still and we know, but I think we have to have the quiet and solitude. We have to go through the pain of the death of the lower self, in this pain the worst of us comes out and we have to face it. The anger, the torment, the depths of hell. In the dark of night we fight with our demons with our spirit always guiding us to what we have to have to be what we are destined to become. And if we refuse to see the Light, our spirit will turn up the heat, because that spirit wants us to be pure so we can reunite. It is the love of our Divinity that will not spare the rod.


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