Mass Dreams of the Future

While Jesus was an outstanding seer of future events, it should be noted that, given a good altered state, regular people like you and I can also gain glimpses of the future. It’s called future life progression; it’s similar to past life regression, but you move your awareness forward instead of backward in time.

In the early 1980’s, a research project was undertaken where hundreds of seminar attendees were progressed into the future to see what their lives would be like in the time period 2100 – 2500 AD. The future is not fixed; its details are constantly shifting, but the overall findings of this project are as significant today as they were in the early 1980’s.

In his 1989 book, ‘Mass Dreams of the Future,’ Chet Snow summarized the results of this research project, which had been conducted by himself and past lives expert Helen Wambach.

Of those subjects reporting that they are to be physically incarnate in those future time zones, they found that the information correlated remarkably well into certain categories. These showed common themes in the different living environments viewed in those future incarnations:

1. New Age-types who lived an ecological lifestyle in harmony with the Earth.

2. In-space dwellers and people who lived on other planets.

3. A world of dome-covered cities. In sharp contrast to the green earth of the first category, this was a world where people lived under domes that offered protection against an unbreathable outside atmosphere.

4. Isolated cases of survivors living in the rubble of once-great cities.

In the 2100 AD era, any expeditions outside the dome-covered cities required breathing apparatus for survival. Author Chet Snow was deeply puzzled by the contrast in environments. It was, as he stated, as though the dome cities were on an entirely different planet. The dome city people of 2100 AD weren’t living on the pre-Shift, third-density Earth that we know because that shows up in category 4 as a largely-abandoned relic of today’s world, but with a breathable atmosphere.

Well after the 2100 AD era, however, the dome planet atmosphere was seen to have become cleaned up sufficiently for humans to venture out and make rural life possible. They were then able to farm the land, initially in a low-tech way similar to the 1800’s on Earth and later with the help of machines. At that point, the dome cities were still in use by people who preferred the controlled-climate cities rather than living out in the country with its seasons and weather variations.

Stark differences were observed between conditions in the New Age eco-heaven on Earth and the domed communities on the other world; not only in the atmosphere, but in the level of crime.

The New Agers on Earth co-existed in a heart-centered reality with hardly a ripple of conflict between anyone. Some dome dwellers, on the other hand, reported lives that ended as murder victims or by being executed for having committed serious crimes against others. From this, it is safe to conclude that the world of dome-covered cities will be populated by people who did not wish to make the shift to heart-consciousness on Earth.

The ‘Mass Dreams of the Future’ project has given us some insights into the nature of life on the new world from 2100 AD onwards.

How The Shift Will Occur?

The ‘Mass Dreams of the Future’ project gives us glimpses into life in the future for the people who live on Earth today. It categorizes the different living environments of people in the 2100 – 2500 AD era.

Between now and 2100 AD, there will come a mass ascension day when the Earth will rise in vibration and take with her all who are ready to function in heart-centered consciousness. Those who do not wish to ascend will choose to stay in the third-density (‘3D’) world in which we currently live.

The Mother Earth will achieve this by creating a two-worlds reality in order that those left behind may survive. This is necessary because people who are deep into separative or divisive 3D consciousness will not be able to function in a fourth-density (‘4D’) world. If a 3D person, deep into emotional conflicts such as anger and violence, were to be forcibly dragged into 4D, their resistance to the higher energies would overload their physical brain and they would soon lose their mental balance.

In order to bring a two-worlds reality into existence, the Earth will create a copy of the 3D physical world as a parallel reality. Reality is a contruct of pure consciousness that includes the illusions of physical solidity, time and space. Parallel realities can be created by consciousness, such as your soul consciousness, that exists outside of the timespace illusion.

That means that your soul can, and does, create individual parallel realities just out of curiosity. When the time comes for mass ascension, the Mother Earth will create a global parallel reality for that purpose. She will then raise the new reality into fourth-density physical existence.

Frequency filters will exist that automatically determine in which reality – 3D or 4D – each person belongs based upon their ability to handle heart-centered consciousness. It will be, as Jesus foresaw in God’s plan for the upcoming harvest of souls, as though “one shall be taken and the other left behind.”

Membership in a particular religion is not a prerequisite to making The Shift into 4D. Being a student of spiritual philosophy is not a prerequisite to making The Shift into 4D. A warm and generous heart is all it takes.

It should be noted that animals are generally free from the conflicts of 3D-style separative consciousness and will be able to make the shift into 4D quite naturally. After all, the prediction, “and the lion shall lay down with the lamb,” requires that the lion and the lamb first shift from this 3D world into the new, peace-filled, 4D Earth.

When the big ascension event of The Shift happens, people will find themselves in a mental environment which is more refined and delicate than the one to which we have been accustomed in 3D. Upon adapting to the heartfelt, 4D consciousness, they will begin to build a new world based upon principles of cooperation and compassion.

In the meantime, while we are building towards this great Shift in consciousness, the opportunity exists to serve God’s plan for the enlightenment of humanity on Planet Earth. This is the opportunity that spiritual souls have waited lifetimes to experience. This is the opportunity to make a huge difference in the spiritual welfare of millions of people upon this planet at this critical time.

Walk bravely into the world and do God’s work by helping others awaken to the love in their hearts. The time for the harvest of souls is now!

Reincarnation Choices of the Future

Between now and the year 2100 AD, people will find themselves in an increasing variety of environments:

1. Today’s 3D Earth
When The Shift occurs, those who are ready will move up into fourth density. Those who choose to be left behind will exist in third density (3D) until they pass on from that life. Reincarnation into 3D Earth will wind down and stop as the new planet will be the new host for 3D humans. The 3D Earth will wind down as a place for human residence and, after centuries of being unpopulated, that version of the Earth will be withdrawn from existence.

2. The ascended physical 4D Earth
The finer senses and finer matter of physical life in fourth density (4D) will usher in a new golden age of human creativity, peace and freedom. The age of 3D limitation will have become history. Living an ecological lifestyle in harmony with the Earth will be just the first step in the flowering of human potential in this less-dense, 4D environment.

3. The ascended afterlife
Just as physical people will move up with The Shift, so will the so-called ‘dead’ – people in the afterlife – who are ready be risen from their current sub-realm of fourth-density existence to the mid-to-upper regions of 4D. Those in the afterlife who are ready to shift will exist in a higher part of 4D than those in ascended physical bodies. Because the focus of the higher realms of 4D is spirituality, they will begin to experience an unprecedented renaissance of spiritual thought and action.

4. The unascended afterlife
Just as in 3D physicality, there will be those in the afterlife who do not wish to ascend into a higher realm. 4D consists of 12 sub-realms, which we can term 4:1 through 4:12. In the afterlife, people live in the sub-realm which most suits their chosen frequency of consciousness. Those who are not interested in higher consciousness are currently in the basic afterlife realm of 4:3, or in the lower astral realms of 4:1 and 4:2. As a general rule, most of those ready for The Shift in the afterlife currently live in 4:4. In The Shift, they will ascend initially to 4:6, vacating 4:4 for use by the incoming physical ascendees from 3D.

5. The new planet
The new planet, as viewed in the Mass Dreams of the Future project, has dome-covered cities for 3D physical humans while the atmosphere of this younger planet is being transformed for general habitation and development. Those who choose to move to the new planet will begin a new cycle of incarnations. A complete set of Earth-type human experience involves a time frame equivalent to a cosmic cycle of 26,000 Earth years. The full package involves experiencing 12 different astrological ages of 2,160 years each. Within each of these, all 12 personal birth signs are experienced in both roles as male and female. 12 times 12 times 2 is 288 – one complete set of 3D physical incarnations. After that, it’s time for another ‘harvest of souls,’ where they once again choose whether to ascend into heart-centered consciousness or repeat another cycle of 3D human experience.

6. Space explorers from 4D Earth
Many participants in the Mass Dreams of the Future project saw themselves exploring space travel and other planets. The space age has begun and such explorations will accompany the development of gravitational control and new propulsion systems.

The main difference in the above environments is that they all hinge on your decision to ascend with The Shift or stay behind in a world of conflict. The pressure is rising every year for us to resolve inner conflicts and rise in consciousness through unconditional love and forgiveness. The Shift may be a sudden transformation into a higher physical environment, but the decision to join it is being made every day as we prepare ourselves for spiritual transformation.

Daily spiritual practices are important, whether you practice meditation, world healing, or just focus on becoming centered within before the start of each new day.

These are the days of the harvest of souls. Spiritual connection and the healing and release of conflicts are vital to your spiritual health and your future happiness. These are the days when a kind heart is the gateway to the next stage of human development. Everything you do to help others make it through The Shift will be forever remembered in the records of life on Earth. 



Traveler 12th October 2011 11:22 am

Thank you for this much needed insight! I so look forward to the new experiences awaiting us on the new earth. Each journey has been incredible, but the thought of a "perfect" world of harmony is beyond words. Peace and love to you my friend!

themaster 19th October 2011 8:36 am

The space age has begun and such explorations will accompany the development of gravitational control and new propulsion systems

I don't think new technological propulsion systems are necessary.. that is what the merkahbah vehicle is for :)

However, that doesn't mean we won't create them :)


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