Positive Transformation

We are here on Earth today, separated from the memory of our Divine connection, with a mission to find our way back to that from which we came. People are awakening to that mission. This is the climax of the adventure of human life on Earth.

We are becoming aware of our spiritual nature and beginning to explore the expanded realms of awareness which open up to us as we embrace the New Spirituality. Ahead of us lies the manifestation of all of the incredible potential that we have as self-empowered individual aspects of God.

As we live our lives today, we face the great wonder that we are a part of a transformation that will be viewed retrospectively as The Great Change, or simply The Shift. To be a part of this transformation is to be a part of God's plan for humankind upon Earth. This is the time when all of our past experiences are coming together to make possible one great climactic step forward in human evolution.

When the Earth has finished moving into the new, higher energy level, everything will be different. Compared to the old days, it will be as though a great weight has been lifted from above our heads. We will be able to attune ourselves with the divine spirit within and attune ourselves with each other with such ease that we will wonder why we hadn't been living life this way all along.

*This material is an extract from Love, Light, Laughter: The New Spirituality, now available as an e-book on Amazon.com or for immediate download at: https://www.spiritualdynamics.net/ebooks/love.htm



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Owen Waters

Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to understand better the nature of their inner being and their infinite potential. For more than forty years, his life has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision.

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