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Sometimes people wonder where I get such detailed information about the nature of The Shift and other metaphysical topics.

I have a confession to make: I take a shortcut. However, I had to change my ways in order to have that shortcut available to me.

As a lifelong researcher into metaphysics, I’ve always been the independent type. While others would sometimes look to guides or channeled information for answers (and hope the guides knew the answers) I would always look within and develop my own intuitive sense to discover how things worked.

My spiritual quest began with a wake-up call in 1963 at the ripe old age of 13. While playing a musical wind instrument (an alto horn) during a practice session, I noticed that a long, deep note had started to sound most unusual. Suddenly, my awareness lifted right out of the top of my head and I found that, instead of looking straight at the stand that held the musical sheets, I was looking down on it from above!

My first thought, which lasted for just a moment, was, “Oh, now I can’t see what the next note is.” That first thought was quickly replaced by something like “Gaaahhh!”, as I realized that I was outside of my physical body! I promptly reeled myself back in, gasping with surprise.

My curiosity was definitely piqued and, even though metaphysical books were few and far between back in the 1960’s, I read everything I could in order to learn more about the inner realms of consciousness.

Fast forward to 2002 when, after decades of dedicated research, I decided to share my findings with spiritual seekers and started the website After that decision, my rate of understanding of the mysteries of the universe suddenly accelerated. At the time, I didn’t understand why this should be. However, in retrospect I can see that my decision to teach spiritual metaphysics attracted more attention from ascended masters who work ceaselessly, yet silently, to improve conditions upon our world.

There are many thousands of ascended masters. They are people who, throughout history, have mastered the science of yoga and become capable of raising and controlling the full aspect of the kundalini life force in their spines all the way up to the crown chakra. These saints, from all races and all parts of the world, ascended in their physical bodies to a less dense physical form and now reside in the higher realms.

The main task of these ascended masters is to attract inspirational energy that comes from the Sun and condition it so that it is more easily usable by humanity. In this way, people find that spiritual inspiration is more readily available to them.

The more experienced of the ascended masters also engage in personal inspiration to help researchers and creative people, not only in the fields of spiritual research and philosophy, but in many other fields within the arts and sciences. For example, movies that change public consciousness are heavily inspired by ascended guides. Musical compositions that raise consciousness are often channeled from helping sources. Research into clean energy today is being heavily supported by teams of guides under the leadership of the ascended master who, in recent history, incarnated part of his consciousness as the electrical technology pioneer Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

Most people working in advanced research or the creative arts aren’t channels in a conscious sense, but many of these leading lights are open to inspirational ideas being fed to them by ascended masters. To the researcher, these sudden insights just seem as though they have had a good idea or a sudden breakthrough in understanding. Typically, they don’t even suspect that they have been given an invisible helping hand.

In 2002, after a flurry of new understandings had come to me, I settled down to document my accumulation of knowledge in newsletter articles and books, never really suspecting that my curious and receptive mind was being hand-fed with a series of inspirations. Then, in December 2007, all of that changed.

I was writing an e-book called Discover Your Purpose in Life and working my way through soul purpose and then increasingly higher levels of life purpose, when I hit a brick wall. I had reached the point where I wanted to know the answer to the ultimate question:

“What is the meaning of life?”

To be more specific, “WHY does the universe exist?”

As part of my spiritual path in the 1970’s, I had served for several years on the staff of a fully-enlightened master of yoga. At public lectures, this teacher would repeat the same question and point out that no one on Earth had the answer to that ultimate mystery in life. No one, he said, not even the most accomplished mystics in India, had found the answer to WHY life had begun.

The great mystery was that, if the consciousness we call the essence of God or the Absolute, had been perfection in the first place, then why did this perfect beingness create the universe so that living beings could work their way back through experience to a perfection which already existed? Why start out on a path that will bring you back to where you already are? This was the deepest of all mysteries since time began.

On that day in 2007, lost in my memories and reflections about the ultimate question, a spirit presence materialized right in front of my desk! I double-blinked my eyes, but to no avail, because physical eyes don’t see spirit bodies. However, the sense of his presence was unmistakable, as was his identity.

My former teacher was always an intrepid pioneer in searching out the answers to spiritual mysteries, so I should have known that, upon his physical demise, he would see the ultimate mystery as the ultimate challenge. That day, I learned that he had used his new location in the ascended realms as a launching pad to go far beyond; to go where no one on Earth had gone before. And, he had returned with the answer!

Despite some surprisingly discouraging opposition to my publishing the story of this contact, I published anyway. Now, the word is out as to the original reason why we are here on earth and why the universe exists.

He returned a month later and congratulated me for having had the conviction to go ahead with the publication of this key, philosophy-changing principle.

It was then that he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Knowing my independent nature, he delicately asked if I might be interested in working with a guide to assist me with my research and writing.

Then, when he added, "and the guide is an ascended master," he got me right there! This was no ordinary spirit guide. This was someone with access to the best spiritual information on the planet! How could I resist? My sense of curiosity was unbridled. "Yes," I responded excitedly, "I'd love to!"

Since that day in January 2008, I’ve spent each day beginning at daybreak with my newfound guide patiently feeding me ideas and inspirations. When I come up with a question that requires an answer from a specialist, I get the answer the next day, sometimes with the specialist showing up to expand on the answer.

Rising early for meditation, before the noises of the day begin, is a great way to find peace and balance. In this restful state of expanded awareness, your mind becomes better able to be impressed by helpful suggestions from your own soul awareness and your own guides.

If your work can inspire others, you should be aware of the likelihood that ascended masters will also take an interest and join with your guides as invisible helpers.

Inspiration is there for the asking, if you just pause to reach upwards to where it exists. Your imagination is limited only by your level of consciousness, so don’t limit your potential by spending the entire day in conscious thought. Give yourself the time to go within, expand your awareness, and be inspired by the greater visions that your soul consciousness has to offer.

Life is a voyage of exploration. Be inspired and you can be filled with the joy that comes from reaching for your highest soul potential.

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know that you hold the key to the very reason for life itself. Not just to your own purpose, but the master key to the very reason for the existence of the universe!

When you gain this profound depth of understanding, imagine the sense of purpose and destiny that will be yours each and every day!


IC2ITUC 1st December 2011 7:57 am

It is my understanding and current Perception, from the channeled information from William Pelley in the Soulcraft Scripts, that our Godhead created the Univerese so IT (Godhead) could Experience Itself, through US, as we have our experiences in the universe playground. Even with all the power of our Godhead, IT was unable to Truly Experience it's capabilities without dividing itself into the Soul Units (US) to do the experiencing in the different realms he created, both Physical and Non physical.


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