Soul Mates and Soul Friends

I’ll let you into a little secret as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s about how I met my soul mate.

Romance makes you come alive, doesn’t it? It brings joy to the soul, happiness to the heart, and rose-colored glasses to the vision! With the arrival of romance, you feel that you are walking on air and that your world is filled with happiness. Because everything feels so wonderful, even simple pleasures become ecstatic delights.

Sooner or later, the natural high of new-found love settles down and everyday reality resumes. At some point, you may ask yourself, “Is this partner my soul mate?” Chances are good that they are because you have many soul mates, not just one!

Here’s how life is on the soul realms above this world: Your soul essence belongs to an immediate group of soul mates numbering typically 8 or 9 souls. Some of these are incarnate in this world, others are not. In any case, there is more than one soul mate somewhere, not far from you. They may be geographically near or distant, but, regardless, their connection with you is very strong. If you are not already together, that connection can easily draw you together.

You should be aware that all members of your soul group are not exclusively potential partners. They often serve other roles and incarnate as people who will be close to you as family members or close friends. Think about it: That really helpful person who was a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or your best friend at school was most likely a member of your soul group.

In the soul realms, groups of souls relate closely to other nearby groups and also to many other groups. An extended family of soul groups will typically number over a thousand individual souls; so, with hundreds of soul friends in existence, people with a special connection to you are never far away.

In some cases, they can be hard to recognize. Soul mates can hide their true nature from you behind a wall of separation. One of the vagaries of human existence is that we sometimes bring emotional issues into an incarnation in order to work through them. Soul friends make the best volunteers to play the part of the one who will activate an issue in you. So, you could actually see a soul friend as an antagonist rather than the helpful soul friend that they really are deep down.

The only way to find the reality beyond the illusion is to go within, raise your consciousness and tune into your own soul awareness for the real answers. Ask about your relationships. Ask about your deepest soul connections.

If you are looking to meet that someone special, ask what you can do next to make that connection. Follow your inner joy because it acts as a compass towards your heart’s desire. Inner joy is the indicator of alignment with your soul consciousness. The most joyful idea at any moment is the next step towards your self-made destiny.

Speaking from personal experience, I found my soul mate Dream many years ago even though we lived over a thousand miles apart. This was the common link that brought us together: We both felt at the same time that the most important thing in each of our lives was to attend a certain advanced meditation retreat, so we both made the effort to make the trip to that location.

It was there that our eyes and hearts met.


Barbara J.Parker 14th February 2011 12:17 pm

Valentines Day, thank you, waiting for soulmate, will use your suggestions. Thank you... Cedar


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