The Emerging Age of Light

The long-awaited cosmic gateway of 2012 has passed and we have emerged into the light of a whole new set of cosmic cycles. The gateway passed peacefully. The only major casualties were inflicted upon the reputations of those who had created global disaster predictions.

December 21st, 2012 was a major turning point in the evolution of humanity. The energies upon Earth have taken a significant step higher now that the new cycles have dawned. From here on, the cosmic cycles will all be in their new, positive, building mode and no longer collapsing into a common expiry date. Because of this, you can now count on one very significant fact...

Everything positive that you create now will unfold more easily.

Your Future in the Age of Light

Prepare now for the emerging Age of Light. The time has come to embrace the next stage of your unfoldment as a spiritual being.

Once you leave Old Reality thinking behind and become accustomed to functioning in heart-centered consciousness both in your meditations and in daily life, you are ready to learn the secret to rapid spiritual development.

At first, this secret might seem like a paradox. Here it is: It isn't what you do to develop yourself that counts so much as what you do to help others. Spiritual service to others brings an immediate reflection from the ever-present mirror of life and causes you to advance automatically in a balanced and graceful manner.

The same principle applies to both physical and spiritual service. Physical prosperity comes as the reaction from physically serving others in better ways. Spiritual development comes as the reaction from helping others in spiritual ways. Fortunately, with the knowledge we now have available to us, spiritual service to the world has never been easier.

The world cries out to be helped and healed in countless ways. Ignorance, needless suffering and strife are all symptoms of the remaining Old Reality consciousness in the world. It is by spiritual teaching and healing that we help others.

Spiritual service goes beyond just receiving light and inspiration as a product of your meditations. By giving those energies out as well, you cause a self-replenishing effect which builds up and results in you becoming ever more inspired.

The new year of 2013 is just a week away. The cosmic cycles are riding with you. The Age of Light is emerging. The issues that are important to people in this age of transition are ones like these:

"What can I do to ensure the well-being of myself and my loved ones?"

"What is life really all about?"

"How can I answer the spiritual yearning that I feel?"

In the new year, we will be helping you to help others find themselves in this time of great change and transformation, so stay tuned to this newsletter and be sure to forward this good news to your friends.



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Owen Waters is an international spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to understand better the nature of their inner being and their infinite potential. For more than forty years, his life has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision.

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