The Principle of Spiritual Energy Generation

As people become more interested in spirituality and how it can change the world and improve their lives, the understanding of spiritual energy becomes a key factor in their growth and development. This article explains the nature of spiritual energy and how it can be used in, for example, distance healing, world healing, or simply for enhancing meditation.

Like the principle of electrical generation, the principle of spiritual energy generation shows how a specific type of energy flow may be generated. In the case of electrical generation, a flow of electricity is created in a certain direction. In the case of spiritual energy generation, a flow of spiritual energy is created in a certain direction.

Spiritual energy is etheric energy conditioned by spiritual intent.

Etheric energy is a primary energy of the universe, while electric energy is a secondary, more dense form of energy. Etheric energy is also known by many other names around the world, including life energy, vital energy, prana, bioenergy, orgone, ki, chi or qi.

Etheric energy is no stranger. In fact, it’s as close as your fingertips. When seen against a light background with your eyes out of focus, etheric energy surrounds the ends of your fingertips like a ghostly aura.

For the last 5,000 years in traditional Chinese medicine, the vital pathways of etheric energy in the human body have been balanced using the healing modality of acupuncture. More recently, the electrical genius Nikola Tesla produced vast quantities of etheric energy using, apparently, very high-frequency electricity as a method of attracting etheric energy out of the atmosphere. Because its behavior is very different from regular electricity, he referred to it as ‘cold electricity.’

Just as the atmosphere is filled with electrons, ready to be channeled through an electric generator, so is it also filled with etheric energy. All energies are supplied and replenished by the Sun, including the mental energy that forms the global mind atmosphere or mind belt around the Earth.

The mind belt is conditioned by the thoughts and emotions of humankind. Each person constantly attracts mental energy, conditions it by their thoughts and actions, and passes it back into the mind belt. Every one of us affects everyone else. A spiritual act – one which expresses unconditional love – by anyone anywhere upon the planet improves the mind belt of the whole planet. A destructive act by anyone anywhere upon the planet degrades the mind belt of the whole planet.

Etheric energy is a more subtle energy than electricity and a more dense energy than mental energy. However, because of its vibrational proximity to mental energy, it responds readily to applied mental pressure.

The human mind can, through visualization and intent, attract etheric energy, condition it in any way desired, and then direct it towards any desired objective.

In 1831, at the dawn of the electrical era, visionary scientist Michael Faraday published his discovery of the law of electromagnetic induction. This law, or principle, states that an electric current will be induced in a conductor when it is moved across a magnetic field.

At the time, it seemed like the strangest thing in the world. Moving a conductor forward across a magnetic field would invoke an electrical current sideways in the conductor. This discovery showed that, with electrical generation, nothing happened in the same direction as anything else. All three directions in space were involved – a metal conductor that ran forward through a magnetic field that ran vertically, producing an electric current that ran sideways. It was truly awe-inspiring to those who saw this phenomenon clearly demonstrated for the first time. This discovery then opened the door to the generation of electricity in large quantities. As the idea was developed, electricity went on to replace steam as the working medium of the Industrial Revolution, and later gave birth to the field of electronics.

Today, the new frontier of discovery is in spiritual energy. Realizing that spiritual energy exists, and understanding how it can be attracted, conditioned and transferred, opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in humankind’s use of all types of God-given energies.

Both electric energy and etheric energy respond to pressure. In the case of electrical energy, voltage is the measure of electrical pressure. The more voltage you have available, the more electrical energy you can move through a circuit. In the case of etheric energy, the application of pressure via mental intent is similar to the principle of voltage. As a higher form of energy, etheric energy responds readily to mental pressure.

The more intense your intent, the more etheric energy you will move toward your intended objective. For example, if you are sending distance healing energy to a friend at another location, the stronger the pressure of your applied intent, the more healing energy you can generate and transfer to them.

There is a key difference between plain, unconditioned, etheric energy and spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is etheric energy conditioned by spiritual intent. In order to achieve the spiritual conditioning of etheric energy and transform it into spiritual energy, the individual’s consciousness has to first rise into the frequency range of spiritual consciousness.

In the human heart lies the doorway from material consciousness to spiritual consciousness. As explained in my book, “The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness,” there are two levels of heart-centered consciousness, and they resonate at different frequencies. It’s a yin and yang situation. The lower, passive level is heartfelt consciousness, where the person adjusts to the experience of unconditional love. The higher, active level is heart-powered consciousness, where the person puts that heart-centered awareness into action.

The doorway to spiritual consciousness is between those two levels of heart-centered awareness. There are two major tiers of human consciousness, each tier containing six stages. The basic tier has a materialistic focus and ranges from the earliest historical expression of human consciousness, all the way through the evolution of empowered action and achievement, and into heartfelt awareness. In this heartfelt state of consciousness, humans shift from supporting, for example, mindless commercial expansion into an awareness where the environment becomes an important issue.

Humans then progress into the second tier of six stages of human evolution. This is the spiritual tier and, by stepping into it, humankind today is making a quantum leap in awareness. This is the essential nature of The Shift that is transforming today’s society. As each human spends more and more time in the spiritual tier, they engage in more and more heart-powered action, changing the world through applied unconditional love.

The average person in Western society today is still in the commercial expansion stage of consciousness, and yet with one foot very much planted in the heartfelt consciousness of ecology issues. Meanwhile, today’s pioneers of The Shift are spending more and more time venturing into the spiritual tier of consciousness and, as a result, expanding the awareness of all of humanity.

In conclusion

The generation of spiritual energy is carried out through spiritual intent applied to the universal supply of etheric energy. The spiritual tier of consciousness begins with heart-powered consciousness and is entered through the doorway of the heart. The degree of intent determines the amount of etheric energy that will be conditioned into spiritual energy. Intent is also used to direct the spiritual energy towards the desired objective, such as distance healing, world healing, or simply for enhancing meditation.

In summary

The Principle of Spiritual Energy Generation states that spiritual energy is generated by the mental direction of etheric energy, conditioned by spiritual intent.


TheMediumMaria 14th August 2017 6:49 am

So glad to be on this side of that mountain after all that, with the greater flow for this fulfillment of love and passion gig…or maybe I could call it the twin flame golden ascension spiral that encompasses humanity.

TheMediumMaria 14th August 2017 6:49 am

So glad to be on this side of that mountain after all that, with the greater flow for this fulfillment of love and passion gig…or maybe I could call it the twin flame golden ascension spiral that encompasses humanity.


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