You Are Changing The World

Could it be that trend setters are operating at a higher frequency of consciousness than the trend followers, and that the higher frequency carries with it a greater influence?

That’s exactly what David Hawkins discovered when he researched the scale of human consciousness. His book, ‘Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants in Human Behavior,’ reveals some fascinating properties of human consciousness. In it, he created and calibrated an enormously useful map of human consciousness, one which should rightfully be called, “The Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.”

Hawkins began practicing psychiatry in 1952, and then discovered the power of kinesiology, the science which obtains answers direct from the subconscious mind of a subject through muscle-testing.

The subconscious (or unconscious) mind is one segment of your total range of consciousness. The subconscious mind stores memories and emotional issues. It controls the involuntary nervous system, which manages such systems as breathing, digestion and metabolism. It is also in communication with the universe as a whole. In particular, it is connected to the global, or collective unconscious, mind of humanity.

The subconscious mind is, basically, the ultimate information source, one which is ready to provide information about anything upon demand.

With kinesiology, the subjects’ conscious minds are bypassed in order to receive clear answers directly from their subconscious minds. The tests are mechanically very simple. Subjects hold out an arm horizontally to the side while people designated as testers tell the subjects to resist their efforts to push one arm down with each question. If the arm remains strong and stays horizontal, then the answer from the subconscious mind of the subject is affirmative. If the arm yields downwards due to weakness then the answer is negative.

If, for example, you tell a test subject to resist while you tell them, “You have a human body” their arm will stay strong. If you change the statement to, “You are a human body” their arm will go weak as this is an incorrect statement. The reason for this is that we, as spirits, merely inhabit our physical bodies. We are not our bodies, even though the ego tends to see us as who we are in the mirror. The subconscious mind knows that the true answer is, “You have a human body.”

John Diamond, M.D., another early researcher in kinesiology, observed cases where the right and left hemispheres of a person’s brain were working together. The left hemisphere of the brain is normally used for analytical thinking and verbal activity, while the right hemisphere is used for intuitive and artistic activities as well as spatial orientation.

This explains why it is so hard to drive a car at the same time as carrying on a telephone conversation. In order to pay attention to the road and the activities of other traffic, the driver has to switch from one hemisphere of the brain over to the other side, and then switch back again to continue the conversation.

In the rare cases where both hemispheres were working equally together, Diamond discovered that the person now displayed creativity, which he referred to as humankind’s highest functioning.

David Hawkins found kinesiology to be a fascinating avenue into the unknown, and he began accessing what he calls attractor fields in the subconscious. Attractor fields are what Carl Jung called archetypes. They are created by the group efforts of millions of minds in the collective unconscious and hold a fascination for people because of their cumulative size.

Just when his practice became huge, with fifty therapists and other employees working for him, Hawkins abandoned it all for a life of research. Instead of treating one patient at a time, Hawkins wanted to discover how everyone could be helped by the promise and potential of kinesiology.

His research over the years proved conclusively the same thing that the new theoretical physics is beginning to say, that everything in the universe is connected. With kinesiology, he confirmed that whatever question is asked, if there is an answer to that question somewhere in the universe, then that answer will become yours.

He also set up a system of calibrating levels of human consciousness. Assigning the numbers one to infinity as the possible range of consciousness, he soon found that he had to use the logarithm of numbers, rather than just plain numbers. This is because the power of consciousness at higher levels is vast compared to its power at lower levels.

When you use a base-ten logarithmic system, the number 4 is not twice the number 2. Log 4 is 10,000 (one plus four zeros) versus log 2’s value of just 100 (one plus two zeros). A consciousness level of 300 is not twice 150, it is 10 to the 300th power; a one with 300 zeros after it.

Furthermore, Hawkins found that the consciousness level of 200 was critical. A global average of 200 or more is necessary to sustain life on this planet without it sinking into eventual self-destruction. Since the mid-1980s, he reports, the global average reading for humanity climbed above the critical 200 level. This, of course, is yet another discovery confirming the existence of today’s ongoing shift in consciousness.

Then, he began to wonder how much people of higher consciousness were compensating for people who live below the 200 level. Consider, for example, that 800 million people in the world are hungry, with many of them living near starvation. The consciousness of despair tests at a level of just 50. Even anger and hatred rate higher in frequency than the deep depression experienced by those who live with no appearance of hope.

So here we are, on Planet Earth, a collective humanity swimming hard through life to keep our collective chins above the 200 level, working towards the day when hunger and hopelessness will be eradicated from our world once and for all.

What can you do to help? As you raise your consciousness, you contribute more and more to the spiritual quality of the global mind. Therefore, your greatest service to humanity is, paradoxically, the development of your own consciousness.

How exactly can that help the world? Getting back to modern science and its numbering systems, along with today’s liking for summaries that spell out ‘the bottom line,’ here are the test results.

One individual at a higher level of consciousness counterbalances many, many individuals who are below the critical level of 200. Below the 200 level are the attractor fields of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride. Right at the critical 200 level comes courage and its ability to empower the self out of the victim-orientation of the lower frequencies.

At 300, a person has risen above many emotions of conflict to achieve some non-judgment and to feel optimism. At 300, one person, within the global mind, counterbalances an incredible total of 90,000 people below the 200 level. Such is the power of higher states of consciousness.

At 400, the individual achieves a harmonious attitude which brings acceptance and forgiveness. Furthermore, they gain an enhanced sense of reason, which brings understanding and meaning to life. This is not a difficult level to achieve. Those who, for example, pursue higher education and the professions function at the 400 level, where one person counterbalances an incredible 400,000 people below the 200 level.

To reach 500, a person needs to be spiritually conscious. At this level, unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness become alive and well in their reality. Here, one person counterbalances 750,000 people who are below the 200 level.

When a person has practiced meditation long and diligently enough to attain bliss consciousness at the 600 level, they are, at that moment, counterbalancing 10 million people below the 200 level.

Do you need a more compelling reason to develop your inner faculties? Just look at the wonderful level of service that each advance in consciousness brings into our world.

David Hawkins’ work reveals that the power of human consciousness to influence the world doesn’t just increase as you go up the scale. It increases exponentially! That means that your spiritual practices bring more peace and enlightenment to hundreds of thousands of other people around the world!

This wonderful level of service is the direct effect of your consciousness upon a world which has been starved, for so long, of spiritual thought and spiritual energy.



Nitebloom 14th July 2015 9:07 am

Love scientific theories that overlap spirituality......its all in the numbers.....well most of it.....we strive to think broader...only to come to a realization we must look within....and look closer at ourselves ...if we are to contribute to the whole......

zorro 14th July 2015 11:56 am

Good stuff!

Could it be an accident then that the pineal gland, the third eye, which creates the hormones that regulates the communication between the right an left hemispheres of the brain is located between the two hemisheres? The pineal also holds the highest concentrations of flouride, which has been shown to stunt these secretions. Is there a correlation between consciousness in high fluoridation populations vs low flouridation level populations? Hmmm... Now why would anyone want a dumbed down population? Oh, we need it for our teeth, Right? The gums and teeth just happen to absorb that flouride sublingually better than if you swallowed it, enabling it to get to the real target, the pineal, that much faster. My, oh my...

cyndy 14th July 2015 12:44 pm

Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.

Abraham Hicks

cyndy 14th July 2015 2:37 pm

ALL is changing.
"I found a video that I will link here describing how the sun and all of the planets of our solar system are being affected as we move through what many have called the Photon Belt, an area of space with higher frequencies and a toric energy field emitting out of Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades around which our solar system rotates. My body relaxed as what we have felt and known for years was acknowledged by science with long term measurements and statistics."- Michele Mayama Lightsmith ://

cyndy 14th July 2015 2:40 pm

The link again as above link did not work.Hope this works"", "amp", "&", $...

Nitebloom 14th July 2015 4:01 pm

I agree here.....and am flouride free for a long time now...but lets not take this to the next level...I know countries on personal levels with no fluoride in their systems...that do not have the amount of spiritually inclined folks as America lets say..... its more complex then that.....if you are to be awakened....nothing can suppress it for too long....

Nitebloom 14th July 2015 4:06 pm

Nice Vid Cyndy~~ love how changes are interpreted by the scientific community....Our Solar system is learning about itself.....

zorro 14th July 2015 7:49 pm

Excellent point, nitebloom.

Nitebloom 15th July 2015 7:57 am

THank you Brother~

cyndy 15th July 2015 8:59 am

Thank you Nitebloom for the words "lets not take it to the next level." I have been observing in my own experience, my mind trying to jump to interpretation or conclusions and it no longer makes the jump. It seems interpretations and conclusions are not of the newer energies present now.

zorro 15th July 2015 8:18 pm

Well, not jumping to conclusions would not preclude having observations and having insights on those observations. Please keep sharing those folks!

cyndy 16th July 2015 9:33 am

It is perhaps just a different definition of words. I think of observing as neutral and insight as an inner awareness and knowing. I may have an insight and if my mind is free from bias, conclusions, interpretations the mind can then be free ,to translate the insight instead of making up it's own story. Of course while I was busy trying to free my mind , I may have lost it?!!? :buck2:
I love to hear people's experiences, insights and what works for them. May my mind be free enough, my heart big enough, to allow all ,while knowing what resonates for me and where the call of joy is leading me.


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