Awakening Your Ability To Channel

This channeling was received in the context of a workshop offered by Gerrit and Pamela on channeling. Most people attending the workshop were spiritual counselors desiring to enhance their channeling skills and rise above a lack of self-trust in this area.

Dear sister and brothers, I greet you all from my heart. I am Mary Magdalene and I am not alone; I am here with many others. Today we will speak about the art of channeling. Many of you desire to channel but feel locked into self-doubt and anxiety about it. Some of you already channel but you dare not express it publicly. Today I would like to offer a different perspective on the question whether you can or should channel. I am telling you that channeling is not new to you at all; you have done it under different names in many lifetimes before this one. It is not such a big deal! Opening up to channeling is not about learning something new for you, it is about awakening skills that are familiar, even innate to you.

You all have been on this planet before and have expressed your inner gifts on Earth in previous lives: the gifts of intuition, of channeling, of the third eye. Your previous lives were often marked by those gifts, and they are still here today. Each of you is surrounded by personalities that you once were, who in one form or another gave a hearing to that inner voice, the voice of the soul, and passed it on to other people on Earth. You were a bridge between this world and the other, the world of the soul from which you originate. This has been your soul’s calling for a long time. Try to sense, if you can, those personalities around you. They are a part of your soul, like a ray of the sun is part of the sun. Not the whole, but still an inalienable part of it. Maybe you see or feel some of these past life figures around you. Take a moment to feel that, calmly and clearly.

Channeling is not new to you. You have already done that many times before, in different ways and in different forms, and it was something familiar that came naturally for you. I ask you now to make connection with that familiar and natural way of channeling that you knew in previous lives, or call it “other lives” – these things are not as bound to time as you might think. Allow one of the individuals that you once were to approach you and to flow through you. Just observe who steps forward and do not go into it too much with your head; just let it happen naturally from a feeling. You do not need to see any person, you can simply sense them. And sometimes it just takes time before you feel anything. This woman or man, whom you feel near you and who is part of your soul, wants now to give you something.

Previous lives are like all lives, a mixture of the beautiful and the less beautiful: light and dark; good and evil, if you like. That person, who is now with you, comes to give you their Light, and the beautiful flowing part of him or herself that felt a connection to, and formed a bridge with, the other world from which they channeled love, encouragement, and hope to people around them. Remember this connection, not through your mind, but through your cells and your feelings. Get a sense again of what that bridge to the other world was like.

Allow yourself to be helped with this process by considering the person from that other life as your guide. Imagine a time when channeling went well and you were able to share the flow of your soul with others. You do not have to imagine the details of what happened. It is about the flow and the safety of it, and also the familiarity and self-evidence of it. In fact, none of you have to learn how to channel, because channeling is something you can do already. The key is to re-establish the way it is done: to re-connect with that part of yourself that does this so easily. Although there exist fears and pains built up in you that are resistant, by reminding yourself how easy channeling used to flow, you remove some of that resistance.

The time has now come when there is really an opportunity on Earth for what you have to give. There are people waiting for that energy to flow out through you and through your lightworker sisters and brothers – the world is waiting for you! Where in past lives, and in former times, you often had to be very circumspect and to operate almost surreptitiously and in secret, there is now a need and an opportunity and openness to receive your gifts. The female power of the inner eye and of intuition is once again welcome – and that is actually an understatement. It is not only welcome, it is desperately needed! Humanity is in distress; there is a crisis going on all over the world: an economic crisis, as well as an environmental crisis. It is a deep crisis in that it asks, “how do we relate to ourselves and with our world and the Earth?” The whole basis of how you will relate to yourself and to “the other” in the future, revolves around this question.

There are people caught in fears, in struggle, in illusion. People have lost themselves, and there is a deep loneliness in the hearts of human beings. From that loneliness comes a desperate search for a beacon outside yourself on which to hold. But that guiding light is not outside you, and you will not find it in another, or in an institution or organization. In this time, it becomes clear there are no certainties that lie outside you: not in a job or a house, and not even in a personal relationship or a circle of friends. You are led ever more deeply within by everything that is happening without, and this can be very frightening for many people. You felt that just now in your meditation when you connected with the collective energy. (Before the channeling, Gerrit offered a guided meditation to the group). You observed the fear and stress that many people are now experiencing.

What is your role in all this: your task, your path? The answer lies in your inner reality. It is always about staying close to yourself, because you know the “way” lies within. You are already familiar with this inner world, with the peace and calm that you can find there. For this reason, you are at this time to be guides or teachers for others and to be that in the most free, gentle sense of the word. Not like those who are leaders in the traditional sense, but to be a living example of how to make a deep connection within yourself, with what transcends the earthly life, with what transcends outer certainties, and with what is independent of these – a connection with your soul. To radiate this connection to others is in a sense your life’s mission. It brings you directly into the core of who you are, and in this way, you also touch others and invite them to do the same.

Direct yourself again to that small circle of past life personalities around you, who are part of you. You share qualities and traits with them, yet they lived in very different times and surroundings; but in essence, it is the same heart. Tell them, those who had to operate in the dark and in secret, that the way is now open: “I may now reveal all the qualities you have developed in the past; I can now radiate my own Light; I am welcome on Earth.” In some of those personalities, you can feel there are painful memories of being unacceptable, of being condemned for what you were, and for which there was no opportunity to share the reality you had to give. It is now time to heal that old pain. It must be seen, remembered and honored, so that it may be released to give way for a new joy, a new lightness, a way of effortlessly being yourself.

These old personalities can remind you of your gifts, your natural connections, your soul. That is their gift to you: qualities you were ever building up and developing very carefully in other times, through experience, practice, and training. But you also have a gift for them in return. Tell them they can now let go of their old burdens and can release the feeling of not being welcome, that pain from the past. Not to feel welcome, and not to live what was natural for you, was a deep pain for you. Yet your wisdom has grown because of that experience; your understanding of human nature and of light and dark. Accept this past and let those old lives go free again, no longer bound to old pains or traumas, let them all go their way. Take what is wise and beautiful about them with you in your heart. Thank them for it – really do so from the heart! Thank them for the gifts they are leaving for you, and then release them to be free, so they can finally put to rest their painful connection with the Earth. In this way, the past is healed.

Everything that is good and durable from the past stays with you; it is not lost even though it has long been surrounded by pain, uncertainty, fear, and frustration. You can set it free and bring a diamond from out of that past. It is now in this life that this diamond can shine and radiate into the world and give you happiness, the happiness of simply being yourself and no longer having to hide. That is the key to everything. If you can experience this beautiful diamond in yourself, then everything else in your life happens almost by itself. You attract relationships and living and work surroundings that belong to the diamond. Feel the presence of this brilliant energy in you. So much strength and wisdom bundled up in you from so many centuries and the many persons you have been. Feel the depth, the mystery and wonder of it. Have respect for who you are and stop looking down upon yourself with contempt and criticism.

Feel how you are a channel, here and now; feel the diamond that you are. Just look at that space within your body where you can feel this jewel and allow its radiant energy to flow through your entire body so you are bathed in its Light. I am here as your equal; I am not a teacher who stands above you. I am exactly like you and so I feel very close to you, equal to you in my heart. When you have doubts, which arise easily in the reality of human beings, I am with you to appeal to your strength and remind you of who you are. To call upon you to really believe in yourself, and to stay in touch with the dazzling diamond that you are already, here and now.


blj 22nd February 2013 10:25 pm

thanks! Very much enjoyed reading and using the information

Barbs2 22nd February 2013 10:48 pm

I met Mary at 3.00 am on one of the darkest nights in my life. She appeared in the doorway wearing a blue head cover with a white band across her forehead. I blinked and turned the TV on and off (in the days that we only had black and white TV) and the vision remained. When my fear took over she left and I have wanted to see her again ever since then. My path in spirituality has grown enormously since and I have taught others what I know when opportunities arose in order to help them. Finally, I have her words in this channel. Bless you I needed to hear from her and have asked her to return many times. Today I was guided to read this article.

tuttifruttee 26th February 2013 5:58 am

Thank you Mary Magdalene, thank you Pamela for this is one of the very helpful chanelings i needed to evolve :angel: i thank God for puting you on my path today. Be very blessed ! You answered my questions on chaneling and my mission on Earth today
:smitten: i know everything is on purpose and i am healing now

queens4freedom 28th February 2013 11:44 am

thanks for the official ceremony!

betsy. 26th May 2013 4:43 pm

"The time has now come when there is really an opportunity on Earth for what you have to give. There are people waiting for that energy to flow out through you and through your lightworker sisters and brothers – the world is waiting for you!" Thank you so very much for this message, Pamela. Much love to you!!!


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