The Circle of Magnificence

Today we will ask time to stop for a moment and give us time to breathe.  Today we will step into love and light to be cleansed and empowered.  Today we will allow ourselves to step into our magnificence.

See that there are two circles on the floor, right next to each other, each large enough for you to stand in.  The circle nearest you is gleaming silver with a little silvery cloud overhead, releasing a gentle rain of love.  Step into this circle, like stepping into a shower of love.

Feel the flowing love as it cleanses you of all worry, all regret, all guilt, all tension.  Feel the rain as it washes away all blame, all anger and frustration.  Feel this rain of love as it cleanses you completely of fear, allowing you to live a life of freedom.  Feel it pour and pour, washing away all doubt about your capabilities. 

Rub the love all over your body.  Feel it flowing inside you as well.  Allow it to flush out all of your thoughts, so that your mind is clear and sparkling.  Allow the love to flow in and wash though your heart, healing it and opening it to the endless river of love.  Let it clear your center of old emotions.  Let all of your tension simply wash away. 

And now, the rain becomes lighter and lighter as you feel yourself completely cleansed.  And finally, it stops, leaving you in purity and innocence, trust and love, completely rested and relaxed.

Now you see the other circle, glowing golden right in front of you.  A great column of golden light extends up from that circle, reaching all the way to the heavens.  This column of glowing light is the Circle of Magnificence, and it contains the power to activate the very best of yourself.  It lights up your talents, so that you may explore and express them fully.  It fills you with the courage to shine, to express everything that you are.  It helps your unique energies to expand.  And it strengthens your inner sight, so that you might see and know yourself as the wonder you truly are, strong and capable, full of joy and love, shining out with glory for all the world to see.

See it glowing before you, shimmering in the golden light.  And now, take a deep breath and step in.  Step into your greatness, step into your wonder and glory, step into the possibilities of your life and your wondrous self.

Feel the glow of it.  Feel the wonder of it.  Spend time here, just breathing deeply and feeling what it is like to be fully empowered, glowing with all that you are, shining in wonder.

Feel yourself lifting and expanding, your energy reaching out further and further.  Feel your strength.  Feel how you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.  Feel how all things are possible.

And know that all of this is always within you, is yours, is you.  You are endowed with talent, capability, power and wonder, with everything you need to create a truly magnificent life.

And so say it now, say it strongly, say it with heart and true belief:  I am, I am, I am!



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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