The Sea Turtle Speaks

As I went to get a Quado message this morning, the Sea Turtle showed up and asked to speak to you.  Quado was so pleased with the Sea Turtle’s message, that he asked that I send it out as the Quado message for the week as well.  The Sea Turtle’s wonderful message is below.

Sometimes the sand seems to stretch out for miles and miles.  It feels endless and your progress seems slow.  But still you continue, as do I, one foot reaching out then another, reach and pull, reach and pull, making your way along the sand.

And then you smell it, that sharp salt smell, and begin to hear the waves crashing.  You begin to pull harder and reach further, for you can feel it in the air, the ocean, the ocean that calls your name.

And now, finally, the sand is damp under your body, wet with promise.  And just before you plunge into the welcoming ocean, the place where you will feel the freedom flowing all through you and over you, all within you, take a moment to reflect on the journey across the sand.  Feel how strong it has made you.  Feel how wonderful it is to know that you did it, that you traveled across the sand and now have made it here.  Ah, what a feeling of reward it is, to know that you are equal to the challenges of life!

And so now, I say to those of you who are on the sand, do not quit.  Do not give up.  Keep moving in the direction your instinct guides you, toward the ocean that beckons with cool waters, waters to lift you up and allow you to float free.  Keep moving and believe.  Believe in the promise of the salt air.

And for those of you who are even now entering the surf, know that it is often like this, that at the very moment you have almost reached your freedom and ease, there is one last challenge that seems larger than all the rest.  And if you are beaten back by the waves, remember that timing is everything.  Relax.  Go down into yourself and feel the wonder of who you are.  Feel the strength you have built up.  Watch for the opening.  Listen to the rhythm of the waves.  Feel with your whole body when the moment is right to push through that surf into the ocean beyond, perhaps by going in behind that large rock which is breaking the waves for you.  But whatever your approach, push on, for you are almost there.  This is not the time to lose heart.

And for those of you who are in the ocean and swimming around, full of joy and ease, enjoy.  Enjoy this moment of oneness with all that is.  Do not allow a single moment of complaint to cross your mind.  You have worked hard and long and are now swimming freely.  One day, you may choose to go ashore again, perhaps to lay the eggs for yet another venture.  And so for now, swim, enjoy, feel the glory of being alive in every atom of your being.

This is life.  This travel across the sand, the fun and excitement of glimpsing the ocean at last, this plunging through the surf and the swim into the depths.  Ah, what a wonder and glory it all is, every step of the way.


Quado, do you have anything to add?

Take a deep breath as the clock moves another tick, another tock.  You cannot push grace, you cannot rush ease, and you cannot second-guess the movement of the spheres. 

And after all, the moments on the sand and in the surf are as precious and wondrous in their way as the swimming free.


patricia1015 22nd February 2010 3:32 pm

Yes. Thank You so much for this beautiful and perfect message. Thank you, Sea Turtle. I honor you.


mrahlenbeck 22nd February 2010 8:23 pm

What a pleasure this was to read. I have resonated with Turtle since I was a child! To have the wisdom of the Life Journey articulated through the eyes of Turtle had an "aha" of its own for me.

Thank you!


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