The Morning Blessing: Ponder This Today

Ponder this today. For centuries people looked at the world around us and assumed that it was a place of only three dimensions. Roughly a hundred years ago Einstein identified the fourth dimension - time - and the fabric of the universe came alive as a dynamic field. No longer was there such a thing as space, it became only space-time. Currently scientists are further expanding the fabric of reality with string theories of thirteen dimensions and more.  Indeed, it is now assumed that the universe may have countless dimensions. This is a stunning insight because each progressively larger dimension seems to offer dramatically new levels of freedom for life to express itself.

Although you might seldom think about dimensions, they are basic to the way reality works. Dimensions are far more than dry mathematical concepts - they are the invisible organizing substructures within which we exist. The miracle that anything exists at all depends upon dimensions to provide the organizing framework within which things can manifest in a coherent manner. Despite the pervasive dynamism of the universe, it holds together and presents itself as the stable, predictable world we see around us. Dimensions provide an invisible framework that keeps everything in its proper place and time (space-time), and brings coherence to the mechanism of the universe.

We can infer the presence of additional dimensions in the expansion of the universe. The popular image of the Big Bang is that of an explosion hurling matter out in all directions. This is misleading because it evokes the image of a pre-existing empty space into which matter is expanding. A more accurate image is that our universe is growing from the inside out, everywhere at once, with galactic islands using their gravitation to hold themselves together against the opening flow. It is the growing "roominess" of the universe, as the fabric of space-time expands, that produces the growing separation of galaxies. Because the fabric of space-time seems able to expand indefinitely, it points to the presence of even more spacious dimensions to accommodate this elasticity.

Assuming scientists are correct that there are an infinite number of dimensions, it is both important - and humbling - to recognize that we are not living in the 3,000th dimension or 300th dimension or even 30th dimension. We live in the third and fourth dimensions, at the very beginnings of existence, just a few steps above a black hole, or the collapse of reality into a single dimension. We live in a highly constricted reality, with an immensity of freedom and evolutionary opportunity beckoning us from more spacious dimensions. If you thought we were at the culmination of evolution, think again, we are now discovering that we are only at the beginning. We are just moving out of the zone of collapse of matter into a black hole, and moving into the zone where life can encounter itself, know itself, and evolve itself further. Vastly larger ecologies of life and learning likely exist in the spaciousness beyond our few contracted dimensions. 

So instead of the end of our journey, we seem to be at the very beginning of a voyage into infinity,

Rev. Angela


The elegant universe is a dazzling Divine force of Infinite Right Action.
It is a Presence of intelligence combined with love, and It knows
exactly what to do, become, and be in each moment to achieve
perfection. I realize I am part of this evolutionary path of Light. The
companion "Source" of me has mapped out All That Is.
Today I channel this creative output of universal consciousness
throughout my human biology and physiology. I do this with an
awareness and intent of radiant, vibrant health down to the quantum
cellular level. I open my mind and allow healing perfection to travel
the heart path soothing every imbalance and discord with frequencies,
vibrations, modulations of perfect Universal Oneness. This unique
energy matrix activates the innate evolutionary codes of robust, exotic
health and challenges all illness or disease that attempts to resonate within
the cellular system. Much is changing with this accelerated consciousness
and all alien substances that do not originate from the goodness of Love
dissolve and are easily eliminated from the physical body. This temple of
Being is now a paradigm of an integral, full range harmonic repository
of vitalizing Lifewave.
Today I accept my connection with All That Is. I open to my intended
changes, and embrace the wonder of what I truly am. Joyfully I have
reached a new level of expression from an inner decision to immerse
myself in Universal Love. I am transcendence, growth, and the evolvement
of potent vital radiant health. It is done, and so the experience is.




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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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