The Week Ahead: April's Rebirth Fest.

Changing seasons often mark perceived time. Elements shift and some go dormant while others awaken. Shifting polarities and shifting ways. Time moves forward and so do days. Find the Spring within your ways. Awaken up to the sands of time and play.

Nothing lasts and nothing stays the same for you are in a period of great change. Rhymes and rhythms mark this day for we of the other world have come in to play. Mark this moment on clocks of time and in it try and find that which helps you remember a life sublime. ~ Marcus Andronicus

Once again it is a delight to create the opportunity to share my perspectives and ideas with you. This week in my part of the world Springtime energies are astir with new life and the intensity of the sun's rays have roused Nature from her winter slumber, inviting her to dance the time-honored rhythms of change. The fresh balanced energy of day and night sharing time in equal measure has reset Nature's programs for fruitful productivity. Songfests of bees and birds fill earth and air with vital energy, their melodies a serenade to Nature calling for her bountiful beauty to unfold. And the same is happening for humanity; we are the gateways, vortexes and portals that are unfurling in shift, vibration and frequency for The Annunciation of our own natural beauty at this time.

The signatures and tones for April are set and the month is sure to pioneer new planes of consciousness and open our minds and spirit to enthusiastically explore new terrains of existence instead of waging old battles within ourselves or others. When I tap in to what lays ahead it feels quite exciting and there is an adventurous sense of being flung! forward to the brink of a creative new reality. A place where we break free from considering ourselves merely human.

April's energetic contribution to the calendar year of 2011 is about being supported to ground and implement progressive forward ideas and movement. If you are an avid reader of my weekly postings then you are aware that we have been physically reorganized over the last 8-10 weeks. This resurrection from carbon to crystalline, from 3D to 5D, from human to spiritual being has affected each of us in differing ways and now we are finally set to use our new powers of Light. In religious circles April is a time of rebirth and renewal and so we will be in sync with that theme as well this year.

My guides were relaying to me some of the ideas of resurrection - they claim it is actually a galactic term [no egos there] and that the term was taught to the prophets of the earth approximately 3500 years ago. The idea of resurrection, as it was originally explained to the masses, was that the body upon death would remain in the death state for a period of time. After that period of time, through a miraculous energetic intervention, the body would reform itself and then transmute into the higher realms. Upon experiencing the death state, one would be able to be resurrected, or re-formed in a higher dimensional reality and state of awareness.

Next my guides proposed this: If the resurrection can occur when the body is no longer alive, then wouldn't it be logical to conclude that resurrection could also occur while the person is alive? Why is it necessary for the soul to go through the death state in order to be resurrected? In the ancient Greek and Hebrew teachings translation of resurrection meant "to restore the dead." Within the confines of the word resurrection comes this concept that the dead are restored or brought back to life. Humanity's evolution and spiritual understanding since those days has grown past the concept that one must die to be reborn into a higher state of consciousness. Thus we find ourselves coming through the transmutation process of dying to third dimensional reality while alive and entering the first stages of fifth dimensional awareness.

This is why our bodies were in such a tailspin last month! The cosmic conditions were just right for this complicated event to take place. Now most of us are on the other side of this resurrection and April will be filled with seeing how we can each best move forward with a new complex of Power (Light) and Potential (Intelligence) moving within us at the earth level. So get ready to gather up all your lovely electromagnetic waves of self-expression and use them as your latest gift of Love to the world.

New ideas and inspirations will be knocking on the door of your mind. Creativity will abound so write down any visions and dreams for future reference lest they be lost in the ethers of the subjective field of the one Mind. The first skill of being multidimensional is the awareness to consciously read and make frequencies (vibrations). To pay attention to the subtleties of life and operate from a Higher Mind. This skill becomes essential and integral this month.

For those who have been "on the ascension path" for awhile, you will begin to notice how easily and directly you are able to travel into the interior of your Being to acquire transcendent knowledge from a Source beyond your linear view of the world. As the hybrid multidimensional human being you'll catch the Inner signals and messages that are generously transmitted from the freedom and power of an expanded awakened mind. Yes, you can now call yourself a "MDB". A MDB - multidimensional being - is a proficient energy manager and perceptual integrator.

The April resurrection/ascension is teaching you and offering you the opportunity to be free of the Earth's incarnation process and go to a higher realm. This is a big, big gift/accomplishment/change because it takes a higher energy vibration, energy awareness, and higher perceptual field intelligence to graduate from the Earth. And many souls will not be able to do it this lifetime without some assistance. At the same time, I can promise you that there is soooo much assistance now available for any individual that ask!

 Part of the assistance is coming from the energy transformation of the ascension itself. The energy of ascension brings forth New light, new frequencies, and new opportunities. That is, there are events, cosmic happenings, circumstances and energetic patterns occurring that are going to offer you new insights to the development of your personal Higher Realm. Before long you shall succumb to the understanding that you are in an experience of Life that we have never been in before on Earth. We are attempting to draw more of that True Reality into the densest aspects of ourselves -- matter.

We have never ascended matter, never. This is new and innovative for us. In previous times and cultures we ascended right out of the body via our upper chakras. This time we decided to take on the mystical task of ascending matter and including the lower chakras as well as the upper. The Divine actually WANTS to be absorbed in the material world so every strand of our DNA is going to transcend the meekness of our fears and impurities in order to meet its fullest potential. It is a task that will be demanding of all who desire to be led by Divine Will, but what New Age isn't?

The fact is that all of us have crossed the Old boundaries of who we are and what we are capable of achieving in the pursuit of Ascension. Each of you is moving forward into your Fuller Potential this month. The channels of embodied Divinity for this round of enlightenment will overwhelmingly include a higher order of thinking, feelings of connectedness, awareness of much larger frameworks of reality and the recognition that other forces of Intelligence are around us. To bring these supportive vibrations into your residential space you'll want to give all your special crystals and rocks a bath in the energies of the New moon that arrived last night. My guides tell that this New moon will pack a wallop on spiritual levels of consciousness. Washing our sacred healing stones in the moonlight and then bringing them back inside will enhance the spaces in which they reside.

Following along the theme of spiritual accomplishments I want to let you know that the complete energy read for April will not be up on my web site until tomorrow. I worked on Saturday so I did not get the recording to the editing team until yesterday morning. That means an extra day than usual to turn it around and get it ready for purchase.  

The alignment meditation the guides gave this month gets five stars from me! I am already using it every day and can feel the energy building that is going to assist with feeling more internal truth and Soul Presence power. Part of their advice for the month is to stay out of others stories and dramas and this exercise soooo helps with that piece.

My recommendation is to not pass up this energy read - if you have ever pondered getting a piece of my work but not actually purchased - this is the one to get. The information may fade but the energy exercise the guides gave will serve you the rest of your days. The more you use it, the more it builds and strengthens soul Power in your field and awareness! 

Celebrating your Presence in my world!

Rev. Angela


In the infinite consciousness itself  lives the vision and recognition of the uncontradicted
truth that all life is shrouded by a unique and stable source of existence. A source enchanted
by the Mistress of Creation to rediscover the "I" of self-awareness. I am born of her
movement and appreciation for a world appearance as Spirit's sparkling depths. In the
clearest moments I know I am an intentional action of universal truth which can never change.

It is this knowledge that empowers me to declare that I am a spark of light through which
cosmic truth shines. I cannot be limited by the countless reflections that constitute the
appearance of the world. I am a Creational Force in human form that is here to love all that I
am afraid of, to look at what I am afraid to look at, and to send love to that which still scars
the soul. As Spirit's celebration and renewal of love it is now time to honor myself during this
human enterprise. I pledge to gift myself my own divinity, giving expression to that secret
essence in the deepness of my heart. From this inward realm the soul's constitution blesses
me with the remembrance that I am holy and birthed from a place of love and warmth that
comes forth into a livingness that escapes all knowledge of her true form.

My heart is open to the future of a new year and the opportunity to celebrate something every day!
I am God's living definition of something transformed by the recognition of its own nature.
And so it is. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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