The Week Ahead: Awakening The Internal You

"This new millennium requires extending our present limited horizons of mind, heart and imagination, as well as expanding our social and religious boundaries. To live with new horizons means constantly stretching our hopes and hearts as far as possible - and then gradually and progressively taking them even beyond those limits." - Edward Hays in "The Great Escape Manual".

Know where you are going and what you are doing this week as the cosmos becomes agent-provocateur. Magnetic shifts are still stirring the "global heart" to change, not to mention our own personal experience of our own identity. We have been undergoing another level of being pulled inward - toward exploring personal truths and soul-wisdom. The vibration has brought more spiritual awakening through revelations of new plans, purposes and ambitions. You will be required - or have already had to make to make decisions that bring adaptation and renewal, both of which create an awakened spiritual awareness and illumination.

I have been witness and healer to uncertainty, surprises and upheavals in the lives of those close to me and those I work with. If you have been kicked around by universal forces and are feeling a bit discombobulated rest assured it indicates that you are walking the latest rite-of-passage and agreeing to the integrate the necessary internal rearrangements. During this time you it's key that everything happen in an order that is conscious of both timing and details, so gather the facts, look at the larger picture and see the alternatives, then make your decisions and act decisively.

For the conscious and aware there is an installation operation edging through your energetic fields that is synthesizing your heart and physical-elemental body to a new rhythm of wisdom and compassion. Therefore your soul is running its clean-up campaigns, weeding out what is no longer a match for who you are. Those relationships that aren't a good fit? Dissolved. Beliefs that fertilize the ego and 3D. Adios. Remember your fascination for dramatic, pointless discussions? Boring! Just can't do them any longer. The old paradigm is now too painful and you are simply pulling away. None of it fits for the now you.

What used to be known as your personal goals, plans, strategies and future visions by-en-large have fallen by the wayside. Ideas of who you may think/thought you are/were, and where you are/were going are changing quickly. You may even wonder if you truly have any voting rights for creating your reality and if perhaps all of this metaphysical stuff is some hooey that sounds good but doesn't really work. The bottom line is that because of what Gaia is embodying you are being offered opportunities to accelerate your consciousness. That path currently creates mental sparks and shock waves in the process. While tensions may be palpable, don't become your own worst enemy by defeating your higher purpose.

It's time to pay full hyper-awareness in the current cycle while using "nonattached receptivity" to all that appears in your path. This is a huge process; so please do not resist it or think something is wrong with you. Accept and accept some more. Your core identity, everything that you were is being reconfigured and realigned to support your Eternal Essence (true self) compassionately and selfishly. You will not be able to get the new things integrated until the old useless methods and conditions fall away. Come from the heart as you walk the path of personal truth that is in front of you, that is all that is required now.

Should a challenge greet you, center your being in your core. Assess what is required and conjure courses of action you might be able to engage in with the interest of producing a favorable outcome. As much as the patterns out there are anxiety producing and can be event creating, so are they rich in yet undiscovered possibilities, especially when approached from a spiritualized mindset. Such strategic planning shall reward those thinking deeper, looking farther and reacting from a solid center with creative solutions and unlimited inspiration. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitions this week because they will give you direction and guidance when necessary.

Be prepared to take responsibility for bringing things into harmony; this will bring peace and balance. If the elemental energies of diving deeper into your essence are overwhelming you a bit use the essences of Red Clover or Red Penstemon to restore equilibrium. Red clover assists when you are dealing with "herd" mentality. It defuses the effect when one gets upset, sending another and another into unrest or hysteria and the next thing you know, you have the entire herd stampeding. Red clover helps you to maintain your inner center and your composure. This essence helps us individuate and release the psychic ties to the herd. This is a great emergency formula when you have to deal with out-of-control people or family members.

Red Penstemon restores your sense of adventure as a Soul here. This remedy is the essence for challenges and challenging ourselves. It frees you of your personal limitations by helping you to get your old self out of the way. You know, that self with all the bumps and bruises and big attitudes of "no can do!" This is a great remedy for courage. It will support you to transform those attitudes of "I can't," into "why can't I?"

As mentioned in last week's read, there could be issues surfacing in our nervous systems and immune systems, heart and lung challenges and the need for more hydration. Think about positive ways to improve your diet and add nutritional benefits when your body begins sending the flashing red lights that warn its distress. Calcium and Magnesium are a wonderful supplement now as they send a renewed emphasis to the nervous system. Increase your intake of water, preferably with a PH of 5+, to assist the energies in moving through the body. Remember that we are composed mostly of water. Water is conductive. It also evaporates, especially when it is carrying energy. It wouldn't hurt either to learn more about medicinal herbs that can help strengthen your immune system. If stress and strain have been building up, find a temporary release through exercise routines, working out at the gym or while engaged in competitive sports.

In these end times, separating us from the shift of consciousness to occur by the end of this year survival and happiness depend on our abilities to reach enlightenment. July has within in it the simplicity and power of more of our Divinity and you are being exposed to all the resources necessary to attract a renewed state of illumination and Soul presence. Remember, that change can involve as little as a five-degree shift in perspective. Pay attention to how the universe is orchestrating events and situations to get you to your next rightful place of ascended consciousness.

Sending you galactic portions of love and pleasure during these transforming times,

Rev. Angela


Once there was a consciousness undifferentiated and having a great capacity to love. From within this originating Source there was a light formed by thought that broke out of that place of mystery. It had a tone within it which began to direct the potential,the possibilities, and to begin the process of evolving. I realize I am an individuation of this One now named in form. I, the life of me, mirrors that One, Creator, Source of love.

Today I place my attention on the pure resonant tone of consciousness that reflect beauty, wisdom, and compassion. Pure light, mind, thought, intention, and information come forth as the forms of this joyful dance of awareness of what I speak. I explore living backwards -- not towards First Cause but from it. I rest within the creative still point of universal serenity and give Mind evidence of the principles I wish to see brought into my life story. Rays of high frequency creation start to spin in a configuration unlike what I have ever created before. And every aspect that emerges from this First Cause purpose has a capacity, a power given to it to awaken greater and greater amounts of compassion and love in my world. I am an evolved, precious sage of pure thought intent volunteering to evolve that which is the Creator's heart intent as my life. In this I lift the whole world through my own choice of how to live.

That which is love fills my consciousness with a full union to devotion. I am grateful to be that embodiment of Source with feelings and emotions of everything coming together. A complete union that will never be separate again. And so it is. Amen.


Pierre 25th July 2012 10:55 am

The wisdom is in understanding that IF one is really devoted to life enhancement through human freedom, behaviours such as blame, guilt, yelling or threats, will not get anyone anywhere, but into a fast downward spiral. To overcome these disturbances, practicing non-judgment of yourself, and others, is critical to success. Again the answer is compassionate witnessing and not sympathy for sympathy is engaging with the energy of the event or wound or issue and that would probably lead to victimization which would increase low vibration energy (3D) that you wanted to release in the first place. Our ascension is a birthright and that we don’t need to do anything other than chose to come here. Our Souls are in control of our transition and create whatever reality will lead us to our ascension. YOU don’t have to DO anything or even BE anything special. YOU deserve to ascend because you chose to ascend. You deserve to ascend simply because you ARE. We are Love Incarnate…I liked the blessing at the end, in particular. Thank you, Angela.
May we awaken to the wholeness of our Being,


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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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