The Week Ahead: Deeper Understanding of the Direction You Need To Go In

The universe is a living, creative, experimenting experience of discovering what's possible at all levels of scale, from microbe to cosmos. ~ Margaret J. Wheatley

April ends on a note of intensity and yet surprise since we are still discovering what we set free these past few weeks. The self-liberation and empowerment theme of the month has come to completion energetically. If you made it through the thicket of emotional and mental challenges all in one piece then give yourself a couple of gold stars for high merit. The "you" that has been redesigned and refined should begin to sparkle in May.

Over the last few weeks your Soul has initiated the cosmic etheric orders to activate a more creative, spiritualized, soul-charged version of your human expression. I have seen the request for the redesigned Self come mostly through loss - both actual and perceived. There have been ones who have felt like they were going to lose themselves if they didn't find the courage to set new boundaries. Others that have dealt with loss by having something taken away. In both cases our newest 5D identity is asking us to decide who we want to be? What areas of personal growth have been simulated for you?  Who or what has moved you to tears, or anger, or frustration lately? Where have you been asked to feel helpless in order that you can resurrect a new You out of the ashes of creation?

A good affirmation to use while having all this come in is as follows: "I surrender to the alchemy of the forthcoming energies as they descend in and down and within Angela's physical system. I give my consent to its transforming touch and am patient in the midst of my discomfort. I am open, receptive, and resistant not. Even now I sense the Soul-activity taking place within me and am grateful for it. And so it is."

Everything is composed of energy that stays in constant motion; from the inner space of your cells and atoms to the far reaches of the universe, the field of existence is an ever-evolving creative expression engaged in a magnificent dance of intelligence. During these times of activation, your main challenge is going to be to learn how to manage subtle energy in order to evolve to the next phase of conscious awareness. Energy assumes numerous shapes and forms, and you must learn to direct it wisely, for on every level of reality creative expression is only optimal when in harmony with universal law.

The field of existence is composed of a collective consciousness that is both united and separate in its parts. Each part learns about itself through curiosity and separation; by journeying into new territory for the purpose of initiating creative experiences, and then returning instilled with unique perceptions and different expressions of energy to contribute to the motions of the dance. On all levels, consciousness is learning about itself. As Gaia traverses new areas of our galaxy she continually encounters patterns of consciousness (intelligence) that dance in those areas of the great celestial galaxy.

Those patterns of consciousness are embedded within the cosmic particles of space. They are living intelligences carrying codes of conduct that stimulate tremendous activity throughout the heavens. On a personal level, when we come into contact with these codes they arouse a deep yearning within our subjective mind to heal and become whole; to align with the inner knowledge that Life itself is a self-selected sacred journey into the depths of creation.

We have been in a cycle of many astounding changes within and upon the Earth to enhance the development of human consciousness. Presently, we are learning about the aspects of reality that will in some way enhance our own personal plans for the future expression of our creativity. Our approach to life in this dimension is based on choice. When we intentionally select the path of awareness and empowerment our decisions notifies the Universe that we are calling for opportunities to learn how to refine our use of "energy and consciousness" so that we can be in charge of a soul sovereign life.

For the last few years we have collectively been disabling beliefs that have kept us limited and powerless. Remember your beliefs establish the conditions for your participation in reality; they are the foundation of ideas that you and I build our lives upon. These beliefs are interwoven with layers of multidimensional decisions and agreements made by us for the purpose of exploring specific aspects of third dimensional existence that will augment the spiritual Self with unique creative insight.

As satellites of Source energy in a domain that is ascending matter and consciousness we must be open to the idea of change and expansion. April has been a month of personal initiations which awakened some of your dormant potential. All of us should be (or will be soon) more intently attuned to the intuitive, spiritual Self and we have begun to hear that which we were deaf to only a short time ago. Our progression into more and more Light has led to many lifting the veil off a third dimensional illusion and taking back their independent spiritual power and freedom.  Our energetic travels during April, while a bit chaotic and murky at times, has actually taken us to another level of enlightenment collectively.

We anchored more clarity about who and what we really are within the collective mind of humanity. We have caused the illusion of human form to become even more vague, and it is this new embodiment that will propel each of us forward during the next couple of months. You see, we are realizing one by one by one that perfection cannot be anything else. Truth is reaching across the great span of human intelligence; you witness it everywhere these days. In the political arenas, in the actions of people who are tired of the way our world has become, by way of celebrity causes, and even by our children bringing forth attention and lack of acceptance to those things which are of unfairness and inequality amongst people.

Yep, when we look back a year from now we'll realize how April of 2011 was an "impact" month initiating lots of new ideas, rules, and concepts. And it has the potential to pale in comparison with May and June so take this week to enjoy the calm and ease of your new energetic nature. With the newest characteristics of clarity and truth operating for you it is also a good time to reflect on how it is that you choose to live in the world. Where can you make adjustments to align with your deepest desires and beingness? What can you live into that is perhaps challenging or fearful, yet will eventually led you into more soul expression? How can you support yourself to follow what you know?  Why not take the time now to map out a mental and energetic plan?

You know you are a creator. You know you can have, do, or be anything you desire. You know the Light of Spirit resides within your own breath. You know you are the interface between Divinity and form. You know your path was only predestined by your soul. You know no limits! You are an eternal element of God's yearning to realize the preciousness of Itself. And you are important enough to take time and figure out how you can best manifest the truth of everything that you are.

Settling in the new vibrations within which to live,

Rev. Angela


The Presence of Spirit is in every living thing, on every level,
in all Beings, and because it is there the experience of unity,
of Oneness, of pure spiritual existence and consciousness,
of delight and closeness are mine by the perfection of its nature.

The light from this sanctuary can suffuse the nearest and farthest
chambers of consciousness. My consciousness is so touched by
the descent of this Spiritual force from above that I can do nothing
other than merge with the Divine. The rupture of this  Nature is
witnessed by everyone who comes before me. There is a heightening
and a widening of the consciousness, and an ascent to a new level
and a taking up of the lower levels, an assumption and new integration
of the existence by a superior power of Being which imposes its own
way of action and its character and force of infinite intelligence on as
much as it can reach through the life known as Spirit.
I am the integration into a higher principle of consciousness which is
native to Spirit. I am blessed with a divine light into the mind, a divine
purity, passion, and ardor into the heart. This new spiritual consciousness
imposes its law upon my life demonstrating Divine intervention.

My life is lifted and filled with the great I AM, the Love of Source. I am
the awesome gift of illumined Spirit traveling the path of the omnipotent warrior.
And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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