The Week Ahead: Evolutionary Spiritual Path Just Got Wider

The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change. ~ Maya Angelou

When the universe gives you a thumbs up sign, be ready and eager to take a great leap forward. September begins on an auspicious and potentially lucrative note as we continue the journey past all that cannot support our light bodies and soul selves. Take a new look this week at what transpired personally for you during the month of August. How did you empower your Essence? What actions created more harmony and authenticity in your life?

Relax for a few reflective moments and allow your Higher Self and the Universe to play the role of coach, nurturer and best friend. Relish the chance to find overlooked treasures in those experiences and situations in which you continue to allow yourself to remain small, unheard, dismissed, or repressed. Get as honest as you can about the reasons you agree to make your Presence "less than" in any given relationship. Choosing to review, and make refinements, or adjustments, at this time will propel you into the higher consciousness realms that are set to open over the next several weeks as you continue the journey of "leading the Self well".

Here, though, let me offer a word of warning about implementing those adjustments and refinements . . . Don't let your ascension productivity be fraught with worry, stress, magnifying flaws and weaknesses, self-criticisms, or judgments towards family members, friends and colleagues. Because we find ourselves still transitioning out of the powerful summer eclipse energy there is a celestial element of the harsh kind that can manifest as explosions on the emotional plane of being. You need to stay balanced in both the emotional and mental areas so that you can lend a helping hand when life requires it. Search for spiritual insights for each difficult situation, and set the intention to give service, love and compassion to all along your new path.

With the requirement to "belong to Self" (Soul authenticity) anchored evenly and solidly in your field from August you are set this month for a period of balanced manifestation from the Higher you. You have the power to see the Truth and to understand necessary reforms. Your convictions will be easily clarified as you are challenged with the old, out-dated ways of doing things in 3-D. Defining what you wish to release and what you wish to finish will put you in cooperation with the Soul's mission making your highest ideals practical and part of your life experience. The bottom line question each day should be, "Am I doing this because it's the truth for me, or because it's what others expect?" Asking with the intention of checking in with your entire being - head, heart and soul will help you move onto the next stage of development, for yourself and all humankind.

That's your personal agenda for the week; on a collective level and within the Bigger Picture other tasks are being accomplished. Though you might be unaware of it most of the time you are probing and playing with different timelines (horizontal) and multidimensional timepieces (vertical) of experience right now. Remember, from now until the first part of November you are selecting and creating your personalized version of 2012. The ultra-conscious activity will leave you with an adventurous feeling that stems from nowhere. It also will have you feeling ready for change, so don't be surprised to find yourself cleaning out drawers, organizing closets, and daydreaming about future plans. Most definitely, if you are anxious to finish up current projects in order to move on to new ones rest assured it is a vital sign of timeline exploration.

We are also being soothed by a ray (frequency) of indigo Oneness that is allowing the real business of "true equality within one heart" to anchor in humanity. The multiplicity of earth events last week brought in a tide of universal purity and transparency that has not been available to us for approximately 14,000 years. The 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado and the 5.8 magnitude quake in Virginia were a result of Gaia, the planetary host, releasing the consciousness of "Me vs. You". If you remember over the course of the month she has been receiving wave after wave of galactic transmissions via solar flares. The byproduct of such activity is a "frequency teaching" for Gaia. Last week she integrated her Oprah "Aha!" moment and in two days changed her identity. With the US earthquakes she released the me vs. you or the win-lose consciousness and the very next day with the 7.1 earthquake in Peru she activated the "we" instead of "me" Unity consciousness.

This shift means we will be moving from the group consciousness of" us against them". The grueling game of tribal forces having to fight for control and suppress others is set for transcendence since the planet no longer has a need to experience such scenarios. The old "death to the finish" mentality is on its way to being phantom energy within the collective consciousness. What a relief! The planetary focus is taking off and transitioning to the balanced positive attitudes of cooperation and equality which is a "complementary" energy rather than a "competitive" energy.

Be observant this week and see if you notice those in resistance to these new mutual harmonies. Egos have a way of locking horns with the ways of Inner-Soul strength. They like being associated with the tribe that makes them feel accepted, superior, revered, valued and righteous. Think of a time when you felt abandoned by your family or a group of friends - remember that pain? This is the same pain that some will be feeling as this new energy placement holder settles in. Steer clear of those with chips on their shoulders or who have axes to grind.

For those asking about hurricane Irene - that showdown of force came along as balancer. The earthquakes were an electric charge through the Fire element within the planet. As its influence physically began to manifest through all the living creatures on the planet there was some shock shall we say. So that people's personal egos wouldn't override the new field of intelligence making it harder for Gaia to anchor, a magnetic Water response came about. Thank goodness by the time Irene was making landfall enough human souls had begun to circulate and ground the new 5D program and we only had to face a category one hurricane. I realize this may sound a bit bizarre but it's how Gaia's organic system functions. Just as our bodies have an innate intelligence for healing so does Gaia.  

Since there is a fracturing occurring in the collective consciousness fields of the planet your time this week is also prime for preparing a mindset that honors your inner guidance as well as your spiritual guides. It's a great time to meditate for a new energetic direction or interact with those Beings that travel ceaselessly through your life with you. Talk to them! Even if you cannot see or sense them, do it anyway. Pretend if you have to. Through the door of imagination you will be introduced to these benevolent companions.

Now is the appropriate time for you to rehabilitate the "free will" of the Soul. Begin conferencing with your team of spiritual mentors for Life direction too. As higher energies dominate this earthly plane of existence the external source of guidance is becoming less supportive. The evolutionary direction is now inward and towards what is not visible to your normal awake vision. Communicating with your Inner Christ Light or spiritual team of advisors is a talent and ability you are using unconsciously anyway; so it is just time to make that interaction more conscious.

Fortunately, having a week of easy-flowing external energies issues reprieves on the inner-personal realms so take advantage of the time to examine, investigate, and evaluate all the details of your material and spiritual affairs. And then head out into the sunshine of each new day confident in the wisdom that you are actively being responsible for the life you came here to live.

Walkin right beside ya,

Rev. Angela


As I walk upon this Earth island of light an instilled distant memory of
God's true nature stirs within the council of my mind. My heart knows it
is singular in nature; many beings reflected within oneness. My life force
responds to the one voice that is embodied here as an endless kaleidoscope
of creativity and choice. My holy spirit awakens a bit more as the lords of
wisdom whisper the one truth ~ that I AM love incarnate radiating from
within a precious physical life. How magnificent it is to sense this remark-
able action of the Great Spirit this morning!

And so from just one memory, a single spark of renewed connection I
claim my own authentic aspects of the most creative force of All That Is.
I can change the entire course of this day simply by being "what I was
made to be". . . an immortal spirit knowing that it exists through a soul
that is clearly aligned with God. A being understanding the nature of
this dimension as I journey and decode its reality. This week I stand
silently at a new sacred portal of opportunity. A new-era paradigm of
increased responsibility and compassion. Through this portal I move
into a collective of the greater whole of my existence. All my sensory
fields blend to initialize the impending September energies and I become
the confident recipient of a more specifically attuned future. Mysteries
revealed already peek between veiled thoughts, while waves of expanded
consciousness await their turn.

This island planet is known as the seeker. For as one is born into flesh, one
begins to seek. Thankfully this day I no longer seek for I know that I can
simply speak God into awakening within. And so it shall be, for the place
where I stand the Light bends just for me. So the experience is. Amen.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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