The Week Ahead: Inner Authority and Strength are the New Temple of Peace

The master does not seek fulfillment. Not seeking, not expecting, she is present and can welcome all things. ~ Lao Tzu.

We end the month with a week of the old order changing to the new, which will encourage all to feel upbeat, creative and peaceful. No doubt you experienced a dash of drama here and there last week but hopefully it gave you some positive direction for your spiritual path and life. With the exception of a couple of days this week we venture into a wonderful pool of influence that urges us to consider what it is that we actually need for our own happiness, and to be true to ourselves. Heart-centered clarity allows you to design your days with confidence.

Past the point of no return in our awakening quite a few of us are eager and ready to express our ideas for expansion and growth. Don't be surprised when you find yourself spontaneously inspiring others with dynamic truth perspectives and good vibrations. Change is presently all about us - you can feel it in the air, as shorter days yield to longer nights. Passing the balance point of another equinox, the color and temperature of the Sun's light fluctuates, sending shimmering rays of deep cosmic starlight our way. This is the in-between time my friends, a time of enchantment and vision. Use it to look at your world with the eyes of a mystic, seer or poet. Anything that is still painful to your heart is calling for the attention of healing so that it can flow away from you redefined as a blessing of expansion.

The weeks of September have supported each of us to deepen our practice as a living vessel of spiritual awareness. The trend continues this week with the universe nurturing more growth opportunities than usual. Your charge now is to "show up" and demonstrate the inner strength and authority that has been a constant process for so much of 2011. While life can be tough you now understand the truth of your situation and must display a power that can be seen, felt and heard by others without fail. Credibility with the Universe currently comes by standing in personal truth with honor and integrity. This is the necessary pathway of awareness on the way to transcending every unfavorable experience in your realm. By and large to the degree you can detach from external false limiting ideas will the measure of what the Universe can deliver in "I AM" noteworthy monies. Remain steadfast in the knowledge of what your Soul kingdom needs to anchor its energizing presence within your human nature. Keep following the brainstorms and brilliant illuminations that lead you to the heart and voice of your core. It is only through determination and discipline that the newest spiritual levels of consciousness are obtained.    

Because of our dedication and application thus far in September we (through varying and unique combinations of refinements and discernments) have gained more precision, exactitude, and expertise with higher states of awareness and focused perception perfecting our Soul congruence and shaping us for the larger life. There should be high-fives, victory marches, and loud cheers for the ways we are shining differently. Crafting disciplines that eliminate patterns and beliefs that thwart our very divination is no longer a hardship - it's simply a divine orchestration. We have just healed another layer of our extreme electric polarity or "patriarchal" conditioning that has shrouded our authentic nature. Resistance to having more Light here is leaving and in its place is the "gotta have it" attitude. This is great news because it means we are gaining the ability to see our past/present/future in one sitting seeing all expressions of ourselves - all apexes, all flaws, all talents, all loves and angers in situations time after time (your multidimensionality). Enabling us to choose with full knowledge and a peaceful heart, our next expression of Self.

Wave upon waves of soul groups are spiraling toward transcendence. We love being cosmic transducers of conscious Source energy; meaning that we emit and receive the frequency of who and where we are. Every moment our life is handing us the answers and details to our most intense questions and ponderings. There is no longer a "wait" time between what we experience and what we desire to live. We are now living in the realm of 5D embodied presence and so the clarity of answers show up as the reality that is set before us each morning. As integrated beings who "experience" life (heart living) over being taught from the memory (head) of an experience we are awakening to our greater role within the evolutionary plan. Who you perceive yourself to be (I AM) determines your relationship and identification with everything in the outer world. 

As we ascend biological matter into a higher state of being electromagnetically, ethically, and physiologically we master elevating form to its Lightbody presence. This Lightbody system is going to enable us to master our own self-healing processes, extend our life spans, purify our genetic lines, crystallize our personal energy matrixes, telecommunicate inter-dimensionally, and consciously tap the Soul's records of experience through all time. Imagine the day coming where each passing thought creates whatever you need. A time when there is never envy or jealousy towards another because all individuals possess the same inherent ability to create. All this and more is going to be easy once the physical is using its light body capabilities.

In this new ultra-conscious body we are able to resonate with all the intentions of our Spirit-infused mind. If a being holds no expectation other than the pursuit of peace and well-being for all creatures, then they emit that frequency of unconditional harmony and peace. We are just beginning to collectively understand the universal laws of cause and effect. Those that are able must immerse themselves in higher thought and work in order that the Light becomes us. We are walking currents of God-light creating a circuit of mastery for the Earth. We are stretching humanness beyond its boundaries and complications in order to receive a divine dispensation for the entire planet.

You, me, and neighbor Pete are the holy ones creating a sustainable future for the human race. We are the sovereign initiates of evolution crying for a vision of something greater by assuming the posture of receptive gratitude so that the enlightenment from the heart of the Creator flows to us and through us.

I bow my head and heart to the ones who won't settle for what is and are extending past the edges of all that can be seen to bring all our Divine abilities into fullness. We are changing the world, ultimately moving into an awareness that knows that all life is connected as One . . . and I can't wait for the ride to go faster!

Looking for the fast-pass lane,

Rev. Angela


The majestic sphere of Creation is celebrated in the intimacy
of Oneness. To recognize that each and every part and particle
is representative of the whole is to stand in the light of universal
wisdom. To know, that even genetically, I am the essence of All
That Is opens me to the Divinity of God's cause. I am the element
of ordained God thought enveloped as human nature.

I use universal law of cause and effect to reveal the Spirit of this
Living Source within. I know each moment of awareness I gain
uplifts the populace of earth so I remain steadfast as I bring the
essence, the nuance, the oxygen of God into my body, into all
details, circumstances, agendas, happenings, and enfoldments of
this earthly domain. I live the Truth of my authenticity Now! There
is nothing to gain, no more to seek on this soul path. I simply release
"forgetting" that I am God. I commit to consciously being the
spiritual ideals I hold so dearly. To begin each day in a  place of peace,
to see the labyrinth of Self-Soul, and of heart as clear to walk through.
This peaceful frequency ripples out to everyone in my soul family, in my
soul group, and to all those that are effected by the dynamics of my

I will do everything in my heart to bring forth this God agenda for the
highest global soul patterns to live in their light vibrations. I am sooo
thankful to be God's humanity, and to live it boldly and beautifully.
I am the seed source within the heart of man. And so it is.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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