The Week Ahead: Old World Off, New World On

The world is no more than the Beloved's face. And the desire of the One to know its own beauty, we exist. ~ Ghalib.

Every so often, the Universe stops harassing earthlings and suddenly becomes a caring big brother or sister - looking out for your welfare. Now is such a time. The energies of the week bring in a sense of "knowing where I'm going" and what "I" need to release to get there. This is a week for you to experience being centered and balanced within yourself while things externally can appear disturbing. Clarity comes by finding "you" inside the stuff that's going on and unlike times when cosmic ingredients and energies swirled around us so fast we could hardly catch our breath between experiences, the month of September is delivering a slower pace making self-discovery a do-able task. Each man, woman, child; each living, breathing creature is receiving an anointed connection to their Perfected Vision and how they would like their life to be.

While you will be faced with having to become comfortable in unorganized harmony because of the change over in the magnetic grids surrounding Gaia (the New Reality 5-D grids got set August 2nd) there should not be a lot of "fallout" for those on a conscious spiritual path. If you feel too spacey from the switch over in coding ask your guides and guardians to come in and assist on your behalf. As you turn off the limiting control codes of the Patriarchal system and turn on more of your multi-dimensional codes be careful about taking things too seriously and getting pulled into areas of contrast that keep the ego feed rather than uplifting the expression of Spirit that you are. If you can do that successfully you will gain the energetic capability to have relationships blossom fuller, events unfold easier and faster, and your entire existence become anchored in deeper understanding.

I can't emphasize enough that a wise initiate of these Ascension years would take such centered times to invite, invoke and request the assistance of their guardians in the spirit realm. The time is ripe to discover and begin moving in a new direction, taking advantage of new options, and making new choices. With the New Reality 5-D grids set and a slight DNA change over, Theta brainwaves are going from a subconscious activity to a conscious one. In Theta, we are in the waking dream, vivid imagery flashes before the mind's eye and we are receptive to information beyond our normal conscious awareness. Theta has also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.

During this time inviting your ancient wisdom teachers to show you the best way to accomplish living fully, happily, joyfully and prosperously will create an extra momentum of beneficial support and a boost of higher consciousness energy explosion in your world.

Living in harmony within Self and also in communication with your personal Spirit guides will release an element of transformational thinking, awareness, and deep-seated intuitive understanding. Seize this initiative my friends for you will then be rooted in "inner knowing" and power about your rightful path for the coming months.  

Take advantage of the new slow and methodical energy that graces us for the week - - soak it all in. Write down all your internal ponderings and ideas. Talk to yourself about visions, hopes, desires, and dreams. Write your own blessing or prayer to set the goal in action. As it starts to manifest, if the experience needs restructuring or adjusting you'll have the time, and the power, to make it happen.

This is also an excellent time for seeking out classes or workshops that will allow you to live into your vision. Any personal growth work done now moves you farther, faster assisting in gaining a sense of focus and clarity in relationship to the rest of the world. Erecting new frameworks of life, love and spirituality will square any future metaphysical energy that stands to menace your realm. Commit to facilitating, nurturing, empowering and supporting the YOU that is the coolest thing on the block right now!

Get ready to be confidently profound, insightful, and philosophical,

Rev. Angela


As I merge with this earth that is spinning through space at a dizzying speed
I breathe and relax. Deeply and fully -- merging totally with earth I find my
groundedness. It is a sensory knowledge. An encounter that teaches the value
of this physical reality. All that is made, all that I feel comes from One source.
There is nothing outside this Oneness; a powerful unification that includes me
in it's loving community.

Breathing deeply I relax and let go, affirming that no longer can any energy be
present in body, mind, spirit, and soul that denies a vibration that recalls its
memory of one energy united with Source. So strong is Spirit's loving efforts
in my experience that I am lifted effortlessly into a greater understanding of
It's New function of energetic light as united with me. Regardless of the
particulars I live day-to-day I wholly understand I am Spirit's developmental
awareness embodied as Spirit . I AM this new power! I own it! I feel
it as it exists within, and it is good. I know all those around me are also included
in this flow and we move towards our greatest truth and highest expression of
these New times.

I let go and ride the astral winds of a heightened existence. Scattering these words
into the flow of creation I joyously surrender any doubts that they are not true.
I know faith is believing so I humbly affirm, "Yes, I am the Source unfolding and
materializing the child of Its New knowing."  As I let it be, so it is. Amen.



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Author Information

Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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