The Week Ahead: The Awakening World

". . . the soul is immutable energy; it can never be destroyed; it can only be transformed." And through great cycles of evolution, we will inevitably realize that ". . . there is absolutely nothing to transcend, but only all of Creation to unite with." - Jeffery Wolf Green

Blessed holiday musings to you during the time of year when humanity resides within the one moment called Eternity. This past weekend millions and millions of hearts participated in a celebration of Awakening. It was a time when many quietly resided within their lives, within their own pleasures and within the great deep peace that flowed from their inner beingness. My holiday wish for you is that you gift yourself with the time and space to absorb all of the Divine Light structures that are making their way here this week because of that event.

Along with the hustle and bustle of holiday socializing, kids being home, family visiting, holiday meal preparation, and last minute Christmas shopping there needs to be some "alone" time for yourself or you will miss the true holiday gift that is being distributed this week.

When I told my son and his fiancé that I had to get this article done for the week they confidently chimed that they could accurately predict the energies of the week and save me the time of composing an article. David said all I had to send out was a brief announcement that "Bull#&$@ was about to commence along with a little drama." That is going to be true for sooo many households but not for my readers, right? You are above the usual shenanigans and mischief-making of mundane human dynamics. You are going to have the spiritual willpower to allow everyone to "be" wherever they need to be this holiday season.

As an aside here - a good tool to use whenever you begin to drift into the collective chaos and drama is curiosity. As soon as you feel the triggers begin to agitate you, well-up inside you, or anger you, simply take a moment to breathe - gather your sense of Self back - and then approach the situation with a "Wow, look at what I am doing. I was almost brought to tears because Aunt Josie asked everybody except me to a movie. Gee, that brought up a lot." It is especially important during intense family times to stay in neutral and allow whatever comes up to simply be. Instead of engaging with the external trigger, you can go inward and become curious, and figure it all out for yourself later in the privacy of your own solitude.

This year's spirit of the Christmas holiday is primarily very favorable - since we had a nice cosmic portal open on December 21st. The gentle light from the photon belt and the radiation from the galactic center through the portal and into our solar system will be nudging each of us to take a good look in the passion-desire mirror to figure out where we want to go in 2013. It will also be prompting us to understand more about how we operate in our subconscious universe. What that can do is have you and me link up with older issues that we thought were healed. Remember though, the journey back into distant or unknown aspects of our wounded selves is in preparation for what will happen cosmically in the new year. We need to gain the knowledge of those old wounds and pains to make room for some expertise stellar information that wants to land in our crown chakras.

If you experience waves of emotional intensity, headaches, joint aches and pains, pressure on top of the head, or stiff neck and shoulders, it is probably due to the approaching installation of star wisdom. We already know that inter-dimensional worlds of energy exist that can meet on the physical plane when an anniversary date arrives or when the planets align in such a manner as to permit a portal of light to stream through from another time-space continuum. Ancient knowledge cannot be taught - it can only be triggered by the quality and nature of the light on which it travels through the universe. This week you will be gifted with energy packets of information (in the form of light structure matrixes) placed in your crown chakra that will serve to awaken your sleeping solar consciousness.

Solar Consciousness is the intelligence that cannot be bound by linear or gravitational perceptions. It is very powerful because it is Source energy pulsating from the galactic center of the universe through our sun and then into our crown chakras - and thus our 3rd eye and mind. It extends us to the web of creation. Take a moment and imagine the sun shining on your face. Now imagine your human solar consciousness eclipsed by the Light of 1,000 suns hitting your third eye and unfolding like a lotus. Get it? This universe is unfolding to us as our dear Milky Way Galaxy travels through the photon belt and stations in alignment with the vibrations of the Central Sun or galactic center.

This blockbuster, mystical energy will have a direct influence on the brain, both conscious and super-conscious lobes, the pituitary, and pineal glands so that you can better merge the two worlds of third and fifth dimension. The shift of ages that surrounds your days is going to be taken up a notch next year and you need to be able to flourish in your New environment so you have been recently urged to create healing for out-dated suffering so that the luminescence of forgotten curiosity can grow and uncover hidden information about your Truest nature. There is hope that this new light from the stars and solar council will usher in the fifth dimensional world of cosmic consciousness and natural law to planet earth.

The current year has reinstated quite a few primal Soul desires into the collective quantum mind. In the United States it has been externalized as the populace demanding solutions to worn out, inefficient political, educational, economic and religious institutions. Old drama has been pushed into the light of day and our waking consciousness, the exclusive policies of the elite patriarch will no longer be able to withstand the revelation of the New emerging aliveness. Economic issues will clearly be the topic of the coming year, and a solution will be demanded by the common people.

We are just beginning to recognize the extent of our potential as a species. Finding and living your potential is going to become one of your "Top 5" goals in 2013 whether you are consciously aware of it or not because we now reside in an energetic environment that supports us when we are thriving in the enjoyable rhythms of our unique Spirit/Soul. This requires a 180° shifting of our lifestyles, in which we put an end to the tick-tock madness that does nothing but alarm the mind, fetter the heart, and leash us to the demands of a pressure-cooker external world.

Again, as individuals, as societies and as global inhabitants we receive the best Christmas gift that could be given this week! The Earth's energy grids and our crown chakras will be harmonized with some champion stellar teachings that will assist in shifting our auric fields so that we are more in sync with our Infinite Nature. Aren't you glad to know that your spirit senses, your innate ability to perceive subtle energies, and gather knowledge from unseen and non-linear dimensions is being uncovered?

Here's to feeling more cheerful, buoyant and content by week's end!

Happy Holidays to each of you,

Rev. Angela


There is one life, that life is God's life, and that life is my life now. I am one with the life of God because I am made out of it. What this means is that I am made of Godstuff! I think about this deeply, understanding the full impact of what this means. Everything I am, whether I call it good or bad, is the pure divine essence of life in form.

I awaken to the December divinity within me, this Christ nature that is my source and my truth. While it may be temporarily covered up or hidden, it is always there, always blazing its divine light within. Like clouds parting before the sun, I let my light shine in the world. I conscious bring this divine essence into my work, into my relationships, into my everyday consciousness.

This awakening in my mind and heart, this spiritualization of my perspective, works wonders. I experience the grace and power of Spirit in all situations. I experience it at work in others and at work in me. I see evidence of this pure and holy wholeness everywhere. I see the Christ Consciousness blazing in every corner of the universe. I thank God for the ability to awaken in this way, and I let this awakening continue every day of my life. And so it is.


Sandra Smyre 24th December 2012 3:25 pm

Awesome post--and it is right on target for me. Have a Light filled Merry Christmas and I look forward to growing and changing with all other Lightworkers in 2013! :smitten:


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