The Week Ahead: Week To Breathe

The universe is a communion and a community. We ourselves are that communion becoming conscious of itself. ~ Thomas Berry

The universe has backed off from its recent reign of rarified energies and you now have a harmonic period of easy flowing energies in your environment. There is a clear and distinctive mellowing out happening throughout the invisible realms now that we have passed through the full moon/total eclipse portal. The guides are saying we are to experience calm, peacefulness, and knowing this week. Take advantage because next week lighter (literally) vibrations once again carry on an inter-dimensional intimacy with our physical bodies.

Those of us residing in the northern hemisphere are vibrating like a rose with all its beauty in full bloom. Those residing in the southern hemisphere are vibe-ing in sync to the still-point of creation. So two variances of the same scale. Even though there is an air of tired-ness or laziness, if you are not feeling the tones of these states you may want to spend some time visualizing the images the guides have given. It will assist in calibrating your field to the balanced male/female tonality that is now carried in the body temple through the quantum particles in the DNA.

Over the last two weeks 50% of us have gained more pieces of our 5-D multi-dimensional skills. If you have had any odd experiences with time, space, or memory then that is your confirmation that you are bringing some of your new potential into the conscious mind. Time isn't what it used to be. It is actually accelerating. As we get accustomed to our fifth dimensional orientation to time you'll notice what seem to be "gaps" in time. There may be hours, days, or even weeks in which you cannot account your time. Not as you have in the past anyway.

Your relationship to space - personal space and space of others - is another clue that something is now different. You may have felt the recent need to have more alone time, or perhaps to be with different people and socialize even more than normal. In these times of change the shifts will be particular and specific for you. The important thing is to be aware of what is out-of-the-ordinary for you. As you let go of self-judgment and inner-criticism to make room for more of your Soul Authority the desire to "hang" with your normal crowd may just not be there. Be patient with yourself and allow your Higher Wisdom to establish what is vital to your progress on the ascension path.

Memory is another component that clues you in. Don't worry if you have to write everything down now when usually you could recall in absolute detail. You're not losing your mind or developing dementia. The physical brain is running new circuitry so it is taking extra effort to run patterns of recall. Why not just make it easy on yourself and keep a small notebook and pen with you. The brain is very busy percolating with the newest essential light-infused electricity that moves you and your perceptions into the higher/subtler realms. 

Each one of these series of occurrences serve to keep you informed that changes are happening. You may not be experiencing some of the normal psychic/telepathic dimensional bleed throughs such as seeing, hearing, or feeling other beings or places of reality. Those are the easy senses that relay to us that we are exhibiting in other realities. Time, space, and memory issues are more subtle but just as valid when transitioning through the organic universal planes of existence.

Another phenomenon that is beginning to spontaneously arise is the urge, or desire, to seek out ways to navigate this new way of living and operating. It is no longer business as usual, for the strict boundaries you were used to are no longer there. You now exist in a world of many layers, involving more unseen forces than you are used to, and more transparency than you have ever experienced this lifetime. Your uncontrollable appetite for energetic understandings and scientific validations of quantum fields is normal because intuitively you are seeking a conscious explanation for what is transpiring in your energy bodies.

Expect your higher self to bring in the real-world resources that will be the most helpful to you. Past energies placed linear boundaries upon your spiritual thinking and now you are ready to drop those veils of limitation. Your DNA quantum energies are on the move and the nature of your human-ness is changing consciousness. Inner-resources such as dreams, flashes of insight after quieting the mind, to fresh ideas coming to you upon awakening are also your greatest teachings during this time.

You must remember at this point that you requested to partake in this Universal re-ordering and that a great shift would change your world. It is so and we now sit at the apex of the cycle (2011- 2013). You must also know that there is never change without chaos. Consider whatever chaos you encounter to be a grand sign that the shifting is moving in full swing. To ease the way during these times, do not be reactive but rather intentional. Here are some guidelines to help you find more joy in each day.

Don't expect things to be like they were before. Expectations always lead to disappointment anyway. Know that you live in a very unique historic period, during which you are part of a revolution in human consciousness. You cannot have a revolution without change - lots of it.

Moving forward sometimes means being still for a bit, gathering your energy and connecting with wisdom and experience so that your next steps take you where you really want to go. This is not wasted time. To simply jump ahead, when you aren't sure where or why you are jumping, can have very mixed results. You are now responsible to work with these new energies in a skillful way. When you are having a challenging moment (or two) it is to your advantage to reflect upon your current state to gain the wisdom that is surfacing from the experience. In this manner you gain the ability to resolve things as best you can from a centered, balanced core.

Get into the habit of questioning how you spend your energy and time. The current times we live in are more fluid than before, and they require a more fluid response. The old linear approach, with rigid timetables and projections, will lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. If you have planned a weekend outing and then have a strong intuitive sense to stay home alone, you will want to do a personal check-in to discern your highest option. Remember to honor your inner wisdom as it now guides you down the path of sanity.

Remember to regularly update your relationships. As you shift your consciousness to higher levels and heal karma, you will naturally have different interests and priorities. Sometimes this means that you have less in common with old friends. New people will be coming into your life as energy invites them in, and as you take actions to befriend others and to be helpful to those you meet.

To thrive during these times of chaos and financial uncertainty, you will want to explore new ways to offer your talents. Whether you work for a company or for yourself, you will be the most successful when you keep an open mind about your present and future. Don't limit yourself by attaching too much importance to a job title, salary, company stature, or outer signs of worldly success. The key is to connect with your passion, and you can only do that by residing in your heart and living from an intuitively guided place. Your intuitively guided reason, when you learn to connect with it and apply it to your actions, will lead you in the most beneficial directions. Trust that you can fully develop this ability, and have it work for you during this transitioning times.

Know my friends that you have chosen optimal times to occupy human form and to experience a vast depth of awareness, emotion and physicality. You are part of a Greater Happening that has been eons in coming and infinite in its reach.

Oh how we must sparkle in the cosmos!

Rev. Angela


There is but One perfect experience and realization
of the Infinite Life. I am an embodiment of this beautiful
existence. A blessed manifestation of its descent into
human expression. I am a Being of this silent presence
returning to its parent Source.

In mind, I claim the calm sense of spiritual delight. Every
perception and vision spiritualized. All knowledge anointed
with the consummate power of Infinite Intelligence. In the
heart is seeded a passionate delight of universal union and love
and sympathy and the joy for all living beings and things. In the
will, I am the delight of Divine life power in action. The beauty
of the senses perceiving and meeting the One everywhere.
Celebrating the intense secret harmony of creation as the normal
aesthesis of all things. In body, I claim ecstasy of Spirit. This
energy pouring into me from the heights of Spirit. I am the peace
and bliss of a pure and spiritualized physical existence. I intone
my universal beauty and glory of Being. I am the Power of Self
in person.

I live, grateful, for this illumined universal consciousness that reveals
hidden lines, vibrations, powers, and harmonic significances within
my day. I love being the fundamental delight of a conscious Spirit.
And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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