Cosmic Weather - Energy Update 12/10 - 12/12/14

Hello friends. Today's been quite an odd day. I just couldn't really get it together though I did manage to get some things done. I actually walked away from the checkout line without my groceries, and I haven't done that in a long time. The checker laughed and said, "I hear ya. Today feels like a Monday to me." I then heard from a friend that she was also rather "dragging @$$," so I checked in. 

I was reminded we are in the window of the 12:12 Stargate. FYI, Stargate period are times of greater spiritual opportunity in the Cosmic Weather. They are indicated by the astrology, numerology and also the energies themselves. 

In times of vibrational upgrade we often have a three day window which goes something like this in my observation: Day One - fatigue, spaciness, possible increase in body aches, lucid dreaming. Day Two - Intuitive/Download day filled with synchronicity and possibly more lucid dreaming. Day Three - Grace, Joy and Integration. 

Navigational suggestions: Drink plenty of water and do not go hungry. Your body needs the fuel right now. You may need to get smaller amounts more often through the day. You also may need to change up your diet right now. Pay attention to what sounds good and what doesn't. Do keep in mind that not only are we in a Stargate, we are also approaching another pass of the Uranus/Pluto square. Big transformational times ahead! 

Thank you friends. Happy Stargating and remember to keep it Cosmic! 


keryndawer 13th December 2014 2:27 am

Thank you Rev. Irma :)

Yes, I've BEEN having those "how can things be going this horrendously bad NOW when I've come this far on my evolutionary journey" days the entire first 10 days of December. I'm glad to hear I haven't been alone. And yes, as you pointed out, things have improved infinitely in the past two days :)

YAY for the 12:12 Gateway!!! I'm feelin' the Love!!! :)

Love and Blessings~~


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