Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report for 4.4.15

Hello friends. Welcome to the Full “Blood” Moon and second eclipse of the season. It is a total lunar eclipse and the 3rd in a fairly rare “Lunar Tetrad” of Eclipses that began in 2014. Though some people often ascribe doom aspects to the Full/Blood moon, my theory is that is just based on its sheer power and mystery. It is definitely a potent astro-cosmic opportunity for humanity and meditation, ritual and “holding space” for the all are recommended. The image the red colored moon is caused by the earth casting a shadow which creates a red colored glow. Metaphorically this reminds us quite directly that things aren’t always as they seem, within and without. Discernment is key.

This last eclipse cycle that started with the Solar Eclipse 3/20 has not been an easy one. Things that lift off in the last degrees of Pisces energy often aren’t. We have been called to dig very deep this past month and that hasn’t always been easy or enjoyable, but necessary. Since we are still in those potent “8” Universal Year energies, the Universe is inviting us to a higher, more illuminated version of ourselves. We can come along easily or with a fight, that part is up to us. For me personally, I have really been shown the neutrality of the cosmos lately. As in, it may seem as if we are being rewarded or persecuted, but all of these concepts exist within our own mind and the Universe is responding to both our frequency and expectation.

It’s interesting and useful for me to interact with a large community as I do with my Facebook page, “Cosmic Weather.” I know the solidarity is helpful to us all. The one thing that stood out most clearly in this cycle was the dropping of “doormat” behaviors and this sometimes involved the relationships that contained that dynamic. I had to make some adjustments myself. Especially for Empathic and Sensitive people, it’s not necessarily comfortable to be CEO in our own lives and drop the people pleasing. I kept hearing Winona Ryder from “Heathers” in my head saying, “Baby, there’s a new Sheriff in town.” ;)

The classic dynamic ascribed to Aries/Libra is the concept of self vs. the other. Areas where we are spreading ourselves thin, selling out and/or being too demanding or selfish on the other side of the coin may arise here. It is good to take the attitude of “no blame” as written in the Tao Te Ching and remember we are all working these issues out. Compassion which includes ourselves is always recommended.

Though I normally round it up to the next Sabian Symbol which in this case would be 15 degrees, I feel it is helpful to look at 14 as well.

(LIBRA 14°): In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta. KEYNOTE: The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity.
(LIBRA 15°): Circular paths. KEYNOTE: Coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity. ~ Dane Rudyhar

So the implication is this: The body/mind/spirit needs rest, especially in integrating such potent energies. In my opinion, meditation and other more “yin” pursuits are recommended in periods of high cosmic potential as we will be in this weekend. Regarding “circular paths,” there are two possibilities here: circling around and around in futility like a dog chasing it’s own tail or “cycling up,” which is definitely preferred. 15 Libra brings with it this type of examination and where we are running in place and where we have climbed to a new level. This is powerful and useful insight, especially as we just began the start of the new astrological new year. The Full Moon occurs just one day before Easter/Ostara or “Resurrection Day” as I like to call it. It marks the end of Pisces Season, the promise of Spring (in the North) and an integration of all we have experienced and learned. Whew. It’s been quite a ride hasn’t it dear readers? Take a “breather” this weekend if you can, you’ve earned it.

On the upcoming Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Dear ones, it takes effort to create a new higher frequency world and that is what you have been doing. It begins with you first. As within – so without. The work this time is around letting go of things that are not serving you and your higher purposes. People may cling to suffering and dysfunction because it is known. The end of this eclipse cycle invites you to courageously step into your greatness, essence and truth. There is great support available for you. And so it is. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 4.2.15

Happy Eclipsing and Full Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The Full Moon is 5:06 am PDT/8:06 am EDT. The Lunar Eclipse takes place at 5:00 am PDT/8:00 am EDT. We are having a Healing Event on 4/4 at 11 am PDT. Please visit the link for those details.


Gary B 2nd April 2015 5:31 pm

Good stuff Irma. The date of 4-4 is an especially powerful day for me. This lunar eclipse is thus a bonus. Thanks for the wonderful words.


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