Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report for 5/3/15

Hello friends. As usual, I’ve taken the last few days to tune into this incoming Full Moon and hear what it’s been saying. The Sabian Symbol for this Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio is particularly apt, and I will get into that a bit later. This week has certainly had a rather serious tone to it, which I attribute to the Mercury/Saturn square energies. This can make our thought processes and communications deeper than usual, with the shadow leaning towards a rather our vibe or self-absorption. Being inwardly focused is definitely on tap with this Full Moon, but as usual it’s going to be all about how we work with it. The axiom “Don’t believe everything you think,” may be especially helpful here, especially in a Full Moon that honors feeling as much as this one.

Thinking on the traditional meaning of the Scorpio moon the themes of intensity, power and for this one most importantly, TRUTH is a strong focus. This is a great opportunity to deeply look at our beliefs and reality constructs and making proper adjustments when necessary. Interestingly, the Cosmic Tune associated with this moon is “Crooked Teeth” by Death Cab for Cutie. Ben Gibbard is known for writing some really lovely songs with humorous lyrics that carry a subtle humor and depth. For me, this song illustrates the “price” of deep truth because there can often be one; that being the death of our illusions, some of which we’ve clung to for dear life. It illustrates perfectly how we can create a whole story about a person, place or thing that simply isn’t real. It may be painful to let go of our illusions, but from a certain vantage point it’s really beautiful too. We may have gotten used to a fuzzy world because we’ve been wearing last year’s prescription glasses. To see clearly again may feel like a little miracle, and that’s because it is.

Before you think how heavy this all sounds, please hang in here with me for a bit. ;) In typical Scorpio death/rebirth fashion, there’s some brand new shiny goodness within these energies too. The Sun in Taurus/Full Moon in Scorpio is the “Wesak” moon which celebrates the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha so there is a deeply spiritual connotation here, whether you identify as Buddhist or not. This moon carries the energy of *all* spiritual masters in a sense and these energies are ripe for connection and exploration. This is definitely one of those “cosmic window of opportunity” times in our world as people from all over the planet are participating in this opportunity. Be mindful that there is a certain intensity that often travels alongside at this time and not everyone will be feeling jovial or on their best behavior. There’s some major healing light being cast, that’s why. Also, both Taurus and Scorpio are “Fixed” sign energies so there’s always the chance for people to dig their heels in, so to speak. The Wesak moon is not a good time to get into controversies or entertain petty tyrants, but tune into the higher frequencies that are present.

Some recommendations for this Full Moon: Ritual, Creative Expression, Meditation, Silence, Retreat, Channeling/Automatic Writing, Healing work of all kinds.

The Sabian Symbol for 13-14 degrees Scorpio is: Telephone Lineman At Work Installing New Connections. The connections can be both inner and outer, but with these energies the inner connective side is favored most of all. This ties into the earlier theme of letting go of illusions and other things that are no longer serving us. One of my favorite quotes by Alan Watts applies well here, “When you get the message, you can hang up the phone.” It’s time to let some of those old metaphorical phone lines go dead, especially if they have nothing further to communicate with us.

Happy Full Moon and Wesak friends!

NOTE: The Full Moon in Scorpio is 5/3 at 8:42 pm PDT/11:42 pm EDT.



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