Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report for July 12, 2014

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. - Elvis Presley 

Hello friends. As predicted, the incoming Full Moon in Capricorn has already been powerful as the energies make their way in, and some dust has definitely been kicked up. I was also reminded that along with this moon there will be a Moon/Pluto conjunction (by sign) in Capricorn, which is why I feel some archaic feelings of doubt and defeat have already begun to surface, and I've already heard that quite a few people have been feeling challenged and even oppressed. When this conjunction appears in a natal chart there is a tendency for the person to engage in either/or thought patterns that may actually "throw the baby out with the bathwater" at times and this to be avoided, especially now. 

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Capricorn is: "A relay race." This gives the impression of help, support and passing off the baton. Where do we need to delegate? Are we having issues asking for help? This is definitely something to ponder. Capricorn is a "CEO" type of energy, and this can also give way to feelings of burn-out and overwhelm. For some, asking for help is not an easy thing and this moon will shed more light on that issue. Self-care is indicated now, especially for those who have been pushing it hard. If we move too fast we will miss the gifts this energetic window has to offer, so paying attention with more inward focus is recommended. Be also open and available for offers of partnership and/or assistance that may come in now. If you have your Sun or other dominant personal planets in Capricorn, this is even more of a possibility. 

The traditional implications of the Sun in Cancer/Full Moon in Capricorn energies are of: family, security, status, career and ambition. Often limiting childhood issues and/or fears may surface during a Capricorn moon, and this one is no different. What *is* different about this one however, is the amount of cosmic support and flat-out Universal magic that is afoot right now. The sensitives in the crowd are feeling it already, without a doubt.  

Give me one good dose of thunder. I can feel it, start to rumble. - Paul Westerberg 

The challenge here is to remain centered and positive throughout the rumbling internal psychic storm that may be emerging. They don't call this moon the Buck or "Thunder" moon for nothing. It has tremendous potential for higher consciousness, transformation and big time "Aha!" moments, once the noise and the shake-up of the thunder quiets down.

When looking at the remainder of the year, mid to late July often marks the "Part II" energy. For 2014 especially, the remainder of the year for many will look quite different than the first half. 

Dear ones, this is one of those times where it is not enough to augment the wheel so to speak, but to RE-INVENT it. Though the outer world continues to plummet into the illusion of fear and lack of the 3D paradigm that is moving out, this does not have to be your reality. This is a moment to truly not only practice what you preach, but to EMBODY it. No matter how low or defeated you may feel in this moment, this is not the end-all for you, or for anyone. The more oppressive the energy, the more magical potential on the other side of the coin. For the moment anyway, this seems to be a dynamic of dualism that has been present in your world. As the old saying goes, "the further you go, the higher you rise." In the Cardinal Cross energies (2010-2016) you are at an apex point that will continue to build until the end of the year. Another thing, there is richness is the "low" points too, in the stillness and quiet of the void. This is one of the moments where you must exercise magical thinking and vision. Be unwavering in your intentions and will, dear ones. In the coming Capricorn full moon, put the heaviness and disappointment of your past aside, and step fully into the manifestation quality that is here for you. And so it is. Shanti. - The Keepers, 7.10.14

Happy Full Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic! 

NOTE: The Full Moon in Capricorn is 7/12 at 4:25 am PDT/7:25 am EDT.



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