Cosmic Weather – March, 2013 Monthly Snapshot

Hello friends. Looking ahead, March is showing up as a powerful month, with much potential for healing, consciousness exploration and transformation. It is also important to note that Pisces rules the 12th house which is symbolized by places of confinement such as prisons, monasteries and hospitals, but also the ultimate freedom from *all* confinement through self-awareness and cosmic consciousness. It also rules our own Guardian Angel. This March and Lenten/Easter Season has a slightly different feel to it, due to the strong potential for transformation and not particularly having a *same as it ever was* kind of energy, which is also a part of what the Year of the Water Snake and Saturn in Scorpio are currently bringing to the table.

Note for everyone, but especially geared towards the Empaths and Highly Sensitive People: To quote the Keepers regarding the current energies, “Avoid the (psychic) soup and aim for Cosmic Consciousness.” There has been an increase in confusion, foggy thinking and general frustration in the collective; while a sparkly, cosmic and very spiritual energy rides closely alongside. Besides your daily grounding and centering practices, it’s a good idea to be especially mindful that you aren’t floating down the river of the psychic soup (that is, with the elements that you would rather avoid.) Since the astral realms are more inundated that usual, it is a good time to “unplug” from excessive media exposure, especially anything that is violent or emotionally dramatic. The same would go for dramatic, difficult or potentially draining people. For those in the industries of social work, counseling, or any of the healing arts, exercising good professional boundaries and exceptional self-care are still indicated in the current energies. It’s also a good time to reach for and keep the PEACE, on both an inner and outer level. This will help to keep your physical, emotional and spiritual immune systems in good working order. Physically it is not a high-energy time by any means, but with some good daily self-care and mindfulness this can be navigated successfully. Sun in Pisces (along with Lent,) can be a potentially karmic or difficult time for some people, and feelings of depression or hopelessness may be up. As the Keepers suggested in their last Empath/HSP Report, we don’t have to get down in it to be a blessing for it.

For more detailed information in this area, please refer to this post: Pisces, Lent & Karma

For those that are able and so inclined, doing spiritual blessing work for the planet is helpful all the time, but would be especially helpful now to offer balance. With the advent of more planets (Sun & Mercury) moving into Aries (later this month and continuing into April,) this will shift the astro-energies considerably at that time.

The way that the large wave of Pisces inflow can be of use to you are in the areas of healing, dream work, channeling, automatic writing, and so forth. The shadow is dissipation, escapism (through drugs or other means,) denial and so forth. The potential for healing deep, hidden and usually unseen issues is quite high. – The Keepers, 2.22.13

I have enclosed the link to my post from last month called the “Month of Pisces,” which is still in strong effect until late March, and will still be having some effect into the month of April.

This message received during Sun in Pisces last year seems appropriate for the current energies:

You are deeply loved and cared for, always. You can be asleep in the dream, or you can be awake. No way is “better” than the other; it is just a matter of what is in greater alignment for your soul’s purpose at this time. Also, though the view and intention of the collective is important in directing and navigating through the transition, a Cosmic Gift has also been given to you. The closest word that we can use to describe it is Grace; as in many unseen benevolent forces that are present to guide and see you through this time. – Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, from 3.10.12

Healing and “Hair of the Dog.” - A recurring theme that has been present ever since Saturn moved into Scorpio and the strong constellation of Pisces energies, is the idea of the antidote to the poison is contained within the poison itself. This being a form of homeopathic medicine or “Hair of the Dog,” in more common terminology. In psychological terms this would be represented in “Exposure Therapy,” that is facing what it is that scares or ails us on a deep level. It seems rather counter-intuitive to *face* our fears in a strongly Piscean time, which can be operating under a large amount of escapism and functional denial; but it is also a potent opportunity, since Pisces also brings our spiritual helpers and the Voice of the Higher Self a bit closer in. That is, if we can tune it in clearly and without distortion.

The man who was mortally wounded in war, kept on fighting. The man who was cut to the quick by love, kept on loving. The man who was crippled with concern, kept on caring. It was the hair of the dog that turned. – Bauhaus

Monthly Navigational Keys

The first part of the month we will still be immersed in the deep Piscean energies along with our current Mercury and Saturn Retrogrades. We will still be in reflective, healing and refinement mode. On 3/11 we will have our first planetary movement of Mars into Aries which will bring a strong dose of forward movement, to be followed by Mercury Direct on 3/17 which will help open up clarity in our thinking and communication. On 3/20 we have Sun in Aries and the Spring Equinox (Ostara) in the Northern Hemisphere, which is a rebirth into a new Season literally and symbolically.

Dates of Note:

3.11 – Mars into Aries. New Moon in Pisces.

3.17 – Mercury Direct.

3.20 – Sun into Aries. Ostara. Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere.)

3.27 – Full Moon in Libra.

3.31 – Easter.

Mantra of the Month: I drink deeply of the healing waters of Spirit. I await my rebirth into Spring. I rest and renew. All is well.

Have a great month friends.


Rainbow Princess 4th March 2013 5:03 pm

Thanking You! :angel:


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