Cosmic Weather Monthly Snapshot April 2016

Hello friends and Happy April Fools! I've always loved the deeper and more cosmic meaning of the Fool and also that his number is ZERO. As in zilch, nothing, nada. It's so perfect isn't it? It has no beginning and no end. It's a powerful reminder of our true nature and that really, anything is possible. It's really only our beliefs and our karmic "view" that can get in our way. With the Sun in Aries soon approaching a New Moon, don't like something? Change it! The time is certainly ripe for it. 

We learned A LOT throughout last month and it's time to take it on the road. Another interesting revelation that may have come to some as a byproduct of the contact between Chiron (wounded healer) and the South Node (karmic past,) is that no matter what other people are doing (or not doing) our responses totally belong to US. It's also an opportunity to get ever lighter and freer from illusions and false impressions that may be weighing us down. That kind of radical self-acceptance and realization may feel a little lonely especially if those around us do not share in it, but cosmically it is the bees knees. :) 

Oh the feeling, when you're reeling. You step lightly thinking you're number one. Down to zero with a word, leaving for another one. Now you walk with your feet back on the ground, down to the ground. - Joan Armatrading, Down to Zero

An important part of the image of the fool is that he is not flying, he's got his feet on the ground. Granted, he's about to jump and/or fall off the cliff (in total faith) but he's got this and so do we. We need to keep grounded while we're doing the work of to quote Cat Stevens, being "on the road to find out." 

Looking at the month ahead, the New and Full Moons are both especially powerful. The New Moon in Aries on 4/7 is a very powerful RE-SET point as it is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year. The Full moon on 4/22 is the Wesak or "Buddha" Moon in Scorpio, one of the most spiritually powerful of the year for healing, revelations and transformation.  We also have THREE planets stationing Retrograde this month (Mars, Pluto and Mercury,) which in "full steam ahead" Aries may feel like an oxymoron of sorts. We will have to see exactly how that plays out. Retrograde periods are good for going within, reevaluating and revisiting. This time issues around action/will (Mars) and power/transformation (Pluto) will be on the table. 

Important Cosmic Days this month:

4/7: New Moon in Aries

4/17 Mars stations Retrograde 

4/18 Pluto stations Retrograde 

4/19 Sun enters Taurus

4/22 Full Moon in Scorpio and Earth Day

4/23 The Bright Star/Cosmic Weather Wesak event 

4/28 Mercury stations Retrograde (until 5/22/16)

Have a great month ahead friends and remember as the Sacred Fool, the whole world is yours! What would you like to create that would make you feel most happy, connected and fulfilled? 



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