Cosmic Weather – Monthly Snapshot for June 2014

Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

June, 2014: Superheroes, Mirror Stars and Rabbit Holes

Hello friends, welcome to the month of June and another round of Mercury Retrograde (6/7-7/1) before you recoil in horror, I actually have some encouraging words about this one. :) 

One prevailing New Age metaphysical view is that you have attracted *every* single person, dis-ease, place or circumstance into your life. Well, yes and no. It's not exactly as cut and dried as that in my opinion. According to the ancient karmic system laid down in ancient Buddhist teachings such as the ones eludicated in "The Diamond Cutter," and in my experience as an akashic record reader, your "samskaras" (imprints) do draw certain experiences to you. Imprints can be both positive and negative, and often the higher the emotional charge the more profound the imprint that is created. Also, actions made in full awareness have more karmic impact than actions that do not. As in, if you willingly seek to harm to someone as opposed to misfortune that simply happens. So when you have a negative experience with someone, say in social media for example; does that mean you have a karmic connection with that person? Not necessarily, but you do have an impression in there somewhere that has drawn that energy in the first place. The interesting thing is, so does the other person. So basically we often are getting into a "clash of the samskaras" with people and from a certain level, it's actually rather funny and absurd.

The best thing to do when one of these little incidents occur is to recognize it as such and not resist or react as best we can. We can recognize "Oh it's you again," and lovingly bless and release it. Also, to hold the view that ultimately it's not worth losing our sense of peace and harmony over, no matter how tempting of a case mind may serve up; and to realize that even in miscommunication or misperception, there is the potential for growth and realization. As Ram Dass once wisely said, "Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation, use it!" 

Learn to see that everything brought about by causes is like a star, a problem in your eye. A lamp, an illusion, the dew or a bubble; a dream or lightning. Or else a cloud. ~ The Diamond Cutter/Verse on Impermanance

Bless and be in gratitude for the people that are offering you the opportunity to turn your light and attention back inward towards yourself; for the opportunity for greater realization and clarity. You are certainly much more than what anyone else (or even your own egoic aspects of mind,) "think" you are. This is a big part of what the spiritual journey is about. Sat-Chit-Ananda. You are That. Anything else is conjecture. Shanti. - The Keepers, 5.31.14 

I feel that I'm being guided to share this information now as we prepare to enter into time period that by no means will be a "retrograde lite;" and what the Keepers have termed the "Hall of Mirrors" in the past will be in effect. Like Alice (in Wonderland,) it will be good to keep your sense of humor as you fall down the rabbit hole, and some deep conversations with a hookah-smoking caterpillar or sage isn't a bad idea either. It's also a great opportunity for "communication enhancements," an expression so cleverly espoused by a reader at the Cosmic Weather page. 

All in all it's going to be a mercurial, active month that moves along quickly. If you don't like the way your personal "weather" is feeling in the moment, no need to bother much as energies and emotion will definitely be in *motion." The first 21 days of June will have a different feel than the last 10 days, when the Sun moves into Cancer. With Mercury Retrograde until July 1st however, on a certain level the entire month will not completely lose its mercurial feel. Keep in mind that Mercury will be in the sign of Cancer until 6/17 also, which will give communication a greater depth and emotional tone. 

In the month ahead we have an opportunity to be our own cosmic "Superhero" and to prove ourselves to ourselves, and no one else. That *thing* that gets stuck in your craw, or makes you feel uneasy may have shown up already. To quote the Akashic Wisdom Keepers, "you aren't being punished," no matter how hard certain aspects of mind would like us to believe that we are. If and when the journey gets challenging, take a moment to rest and just BREATHE. By the time we get to July, the landscape's going to be looking quite different. I also feel it's going to be well worth it, but don't just take my word on it: Go ask your inner Alice, especially when she's ten feet tall. 

Mantra of the month: I use the reflections of my mind to enhance my own growth, clarity and wisdom. My tools are humor and flexibility. All is well. 

Monthly Dates of Note:

6/7: Mercury Retrograde Station
6.12/13: Full Moon in Sagittarius 
6/17: Mercury (Rx) in Gemini 
6/21: Sun enters Cancer. Summer (Winter) Solstice. Litha. 
6/27: New Moon in Cancer 

Have a great month ahead friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!



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