Cosmic Weather - Monthly Snapshot for May, 2014

Hello friends. When pondering on the energies of May, I heard "How does your garden grow?" Considering the recent New Moon/Eclipse of 4/29 as the "Re-seeding," this would also support that sentiment nicely.

As you probably all know by now, April was a *very* busy month in the cosmic sky with much movement and change all around. If you're feeling a bit of what I affectionately call "cosmic whiplash," that is to be expected. I suggest we give ourselves the first few days of May to relax, integrate and celebrate our passage through what for many have not been easy transformations. We have another month of steady movement in the cosmic sky this month, but especially when compared to April, we've got this. :) 

The main thing that pops out to me with May's energies is Mars stationing direct on May 19th. For many, especially those who feel their plans have been taking longer than expected or who have been hitting more than a few road blocks on the way, this is good news. This may also have manifested physically in fatigue or sluggishness, especially in combination with the recent powerful eclipse energies. I suggest we use the first three weeks of May to further clarify, envision and drop the dead weight; especially in the form of negative mind habits such as worry, self-doubt or distrust. We also have the movement of Mercury and Venus into new signs, which always puts a spin on relationships and communication styles. We will be exploring the individual monthly aspects in more detail at the Cosmic Weather page, as they occur. 

Also on May 14th Jupiter (Cancer) is conjunct Chiron (Pisces.) This would be a great day to do healing and ritual work of all kinds using these beneficent energies. I personally love a good water trine, and find these energies to be particularly inspired and magical. This is also the Full Moon in Scorpio which will give some extra high-powered cosmic back up on what already promises to be a potent day. 

Mantra of the Month:
I seed my spiritual garden with my highest wishes and dreams, watering them with love and blessings. I am open and receptive to success for myself, and also for all. Shanti.  

Monthly Dates of Note: 
5/2: Venus enters Aries
5/7: Mercury enters Gemini 
5/14: Jupiter trine Chiron
5/14: Full Moon in Scorpio 
5/19: Mars Direct 
5/20: Sun enters Gemini 
5/28: New Moon in Gemini 
NOTE: The dates listed are based on USA aspects. Your own dates may be adjusted if you are located in GMT or elsewhere in the world. Thank you. 

Have a great month ahead friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!



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