Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report 4.7.16

New Moon in Aries: Bringing on the New and taking flight

Hello friends. Welcome to the powerful “reboot” that is the Aries New Moon of April. If your “I AM” presence and confidence are not feeling so solid or seaworthy due to the unsettling eclipse month of March, this is an excellent chance to get back on track. With Uranus, the Sun, Moon and Venus in action-oriented Aries, the energy is going to be dynamic to say the least. This is a great time to get moving before Mars stations retrograde later this month. That may possibly delay the harvest of some of your seeds but will not impact their planting, which is a perfect New Moon activity.

An Aries New Moon is always a powerful seed point of creation. This year with so much other Aries planetary energy traveling with it, the keyword NEW is especially highlighted.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Aries is: A Magic Carpet of Oriental Imagery

Well that sure sounds fun, doesn’t it? This symbol is also associated with the escape from the workaday world, transcendence and flights of fancy. The Shadow application of this energy is escape through the more mundane means of drugs, alcohol, television, etc. I love that we have this symbol for this new moon and it feels quite fitting. We could use a little boost from the celestial, especially now. So tune in, check up and take flight!

Vibrationally we are still partaking of a powerful portal period that peaked last weekend. Some physical and emotional symptoms may still be showing up, so be kind to yourself and continue to practice good self-care, especially for the Empaths and Sensitives. What this also indicates, is an even more powerful opportunity to drop that which is no longer working and manifest greater alignment in all areas.

When communicating with the energy of this new moon itself, I was given the impression that there is also the opportunity to drop disappointment that may have come up lately, as well as any overabundance of self-criticism. It’s important to remember that last month (and always) we’re doing the best we can, especially navigating the uncharted waters that make up the astro-cosmic landscape of 2016. Aries energy is not necessarily known for its gentleness, but I feel that this may also be a contribution from Venus now also in Aries which will be conjunct this new moon. Speaking of that particular conjunction, this energy can be a “shot in the arm” for relationships, just be sure to keep the tempers at bay in your communication.

With this much martial energy afoot, you can expect some “acting out” or even downright petulant behavior from some, especially those who may not have much fiery energy in their natal charts and/or who don’t like so much heat. Martial energy can be intense and hot, but also can burn out quickly. I would definitely keep that in mind during this New Moon window. From a medical astrology standpoint, this much fire energy can be drying to the body and increase inflammatory conditions. Be sure to stay sufficiently hydrated.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. – “Socrates,” a literary character by Dan Millman

Happy New Moon and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The New Moon in Aries is 4/7/16 at 4:24 am PDT/7:24 am EDT.



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