Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 7.4.16

Cosmic Weather – New Moon in Cancer: The depth of feeling, healing and one big love

Hello friends. The energies have certainly been interesting lately. As we often have several planets in water signs in July, with this new moon we will have 7 (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron.) That’s a lot of depth! It’s also a lot of healing potential. That is, if we don’t let emotional traffic jams get the best of us.

The New Moon arrives on Monday on the tail end of some interesting opposition energy and well as a lovely Neptune trine. This means that the general vibe has been anything but static or ordinary. Based on a session with Guidance last night, I was told that this new moon carries a powerful stargate/portal type of energy. We will be having these little upgrades all Summer – on the road to the Fall (Spring) Equinox in September. One of the main focuses of this New Moon portal is: INTUITION. That is, learning to work with it more deeply and to trust it. It’s not a matter of letting the heart override the head so to speak these days, but activating what the Keepers have called the “wisdom eye” of the higher heart chakra, which is an accurate internal GPS system of its own.

Interestingly this new moon falls on Independence Day in the US, this of course has plenty of personal and collective implications. With two attacks that took place in Orlando and Turkey in the past three weeks wounds to the collective and vulnerability are still apparent, especially energetically. So what is the antidote? We keep our own shadow material in order by not offloading it and we add our love to the Grid. In this portal especially, the group power of Love and Compassion will have an especially potent impact.

The Universe seems to beckon, “Just how big and open can you get your heart?” “Can you be vulnerable and trust me and yourself?” Those are good questions and highly relevant at the moment. This is also a good time to practice “being with what is.” If that means having a good cry, primal scream or pillow throwing session, so be it. This is certainly no time for emotional repression.

I’m going to be honest with you this isn’t a particularly easy energy for Empath/Sensitives, but there are some good coping strategies available: limit news and negative media input, tend to your own self-care intently, avoid interpersonal drama and keep yourself attuned to the higher octaves through prayer, ritual and/or meditation.

Love, compassion and sensitivity are the natural states of Cancerian energy. Though Cancer is known for its sweetness and light it also can have a fierce side, especially when it comes to protecting its family, friends and “soul posse.” It is also a Cardinal sign which is dynamic and contains an executive type of energy, although with Cancer it may not be as readily apparent as with Capricorn or Aries, for example. It is also known as the “natural psychologist” of the Zodiac, due to the deep insight into the character and motivations of human beings that it possesses. Many Sun/Moon/Ascendant in Cancer people will tell you that they are the among ones with the most “TMI” stories from parties and other social events. We can use this depth of insight into our own “stuff” for our benefit. We also have the support of Chiron and Neptune (both Retrograde) to support inner journeys. As I mentioned in my monthly snapshot, one known benefit of these energies is much greater ACCESS to disowned or hidden psychological material. This is very appropriate in this “9” year energy which is about surrender and letting go of that which no longer serves us.

Bright Side Application: Love, Compassion (for self and others,) Healthy Boundaries, Emotional Honesty, Creativity, Self-Care, Family Harmony, Surrender and letting go.

Shadow Side Application: Irritability, Over-Sensitivity, Poor Boundaries, Passive-Aggression, Family Drama, Stubbornness.

And I guess I’m taking my chances, giving up the ring, throwing in the gloves. Then I guess I’m taking my chances, trading in my things for a couple of wings on a little white dove. And one big love. – Patty Griffin
You are deeply loved. It has been said that if you knew just how much you were truly loved, you never fret or despair again. And not only are you love – you are Cosmic Love embodied! – The Keepers, Cosmic Love, page 17

Happy New Moon friends! We need another “Summer of Love.” I suggest we all do our part to create one. To quote RCHP, “There’s never been a better time than right now.”

NOTE: The New Moon in Cancer is 7/4/16 4:01 am PDT/7:01 am EDT.


zorro 6th July 2016 2:09 am

“Can you be vulnerable and trust me and yourself?”

The answer is self-contained when read backwards:

"Yourself and me, trust and vulnerable be. You can."

cyndy 6th July 2016 8:49 am

Zorro, Vulnerable in 3d seems, as open to attack. In 5d I am open and am not attracting attack into my experience.
How are you defining vulnerable?

zorro 6th July 2016 9:09 am

Hi Cyndy,

You would have to ask the author of the statement. It is her report I quoteded from. All I did was read the read her statement backwards.

She says in paragraph 4:
"The Universe seems to beckon, “Just how big and open can you get your heart?” “Can you be vulnerable and trust me and yourself?” Those are good questions and highly relevant at the moment."

zorro 6th July 2016 9:22 am

Let' make sure we are not defining vulnerability as being weak, submissive, or insecure. Great leaders are able to allow vulnerability in their interpersonal skill sets, as it is a precursor to empathy. I believe the author is framing vulnerability in terms of it being a huge factor in true interpersonal "authenticity".

cyndy 6th July 2016 10:04 am

Oh it's ok . Something in me is sorting words. Not meaning to judge and define. And yet some words are carriers of an old energy ,old paradigm and I find that as I tweak them a bit for my own personal translation (and sometimes others) they become carriers of the new energy.
I took it as kind of openness .... as "knowing" in the new dimension , new world, new human experience, I can not be protective of myself as I am pinched off and not in receptivity , allowing of the power of this beautiful New Field that is in me and becoming a part of me like breath.


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