Cosmic Weather - Physical Avatar Report, 5.21.16

Hello friends. Feeling it? I'm sure the sensitives are, no doubt. We are in an upgrade/gateway that began on 5/19.

The chakras that are primarily affected at the moment are: crown (pineal,) heart and sacral. There's a lot of shakin' going on at the cellular level right now. Water and more water! Also, digestive issues may be up due to the powerful detox action at hand. Take it easy if you are feeling it and choose foods based on intuition as opposed to cravings. That will help.

If you are feeling pressure in the head or behind the eyes, it is possibly crystals or other residue releasing from the pineal gland. This process actually has been going on for several months. Give your body and Higher Self full permission and space to do this. Feel free to consult your own Guidance Team and/or the healing angels on board for this process right now: AA Michael, Raphael and Metatron. This action will ebb and flow, but should be highly active all weekend through 5/23.

Happy Transformations!


ShelleyT 24th May 2016 12:57 pm

Thank you...between Mercury retrograde, full moon...I was not aware of the energies coming on 5/19, but ... The symptoms you outlined.... Right on...


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