Cosmic Weather - Physical Avatar Report, 8.16.14

Hello friends. Well the collective P.A. is jumpin' this week for sure, so I will get right into it.

I recently mentioned that we've been in a collective initiation since the 8:8/Supermoon and I have yet to see how that's going to fully play out. We will just have to hang in and see. It goes beyond the usual "vibrational upgrades" that we've been experiencing in the last few years and is more in the "Quantum Leap" category. I know some of you are already experiencing this with reports of downloads of new energy and information that has been coming in at a rapid rate.

Physically we may be experiencing: fatigue, extra bizarro dreams, time loss/overlaps, brain fog, increased sensitivities especially to toxins, allergy triggers and certain foods. Body pain/issues may be all over the map depending on our own issues.

Emotionally (since 8:8) and energetically we may have had *old* issues come up to surprise and challenge us, but may have noticed how quickly they moved on. I for one, had a recurrence of something that hadn't bothered me since 2012. With the fortune of some great healers as friends and some resolve, I moved it out more quickly than I ever have. I have a feeling that I definitely wasn't the only one in that regard.

I have also actually noticed an odd thing with my arms where they didn't seem to be working quite right and seemed extra long and strange like noodles! We are working hard to reorient all of the energy and information we've assessed this week back into the body.

My suggest for the weekend is do definitely do as guided in terms of rest and food choices. I've been hearing from some sensitives that they were barely able to eat anything this past week other than very bland, simple foods. The system may be feeling maxed, so it's recommended to not push it.

Have a good weekend ahead cosmic friends!


Deeni 18th August 2014 9:59 am

Thank You, Reverend Irma Kaye.

I have been experiencing weird dreams, as though I am dreaming in layers. Not just one dream, but one on top of another. The initial dream is posed to me as though it is subject matter, and the superimposed dream is like a class teaching me about the content of the initial dream?!

I have also been experiencing a desire to create, but having 0 gumption to carry it out. I have inspiration, but my physicality seems to be at a 0 performance level. So, I just head to the couch and watch TV.

My diet is almost non-existant, I know I have to eat, but have been staying away from so much, because my body reacts, before I indulge, giving me the symptoms that I would experience if I should eat this or that?!

I am grateful for this message, Thank You.

Much Love and Light to All. :)

Mik 18th August 2014 12:18 pm

Thank you for the update,,,nice to share and cross reference experiences with you and others,,,,its has been very intense the last 10 days,ups and downs,,seems like mostly downs,lol,,,deep survival fears in the material world,,shedding old armors,,
much gratitude to the unseen support,,

peggysharon 18th August 2014 6:35 pm

Ohh, Irma, thank-you!
This is exactly me as many dreams, overlapping, wanting to be creative yet feeling lethargic, can only eat simple foods, no more wine at all, seems I have to keep it simple and pure.
Thank-you ,

keryndawer 19th August 2014 1:41 am

Thank you Rev. Irma for this perceptive information...From one Empath to another, my arms are not working properly either. I feel like I'm having growing pains in them! I also suddenly cannot tolerate any alcohol.

On the truly far-side, Wednesday in the middle of the night I awakened to pictures on my walls morphing, my two cats were awake "zoning" in a peaceful, purring trance-like state and they did not want my touch and I had a profound feeling of being surrounded by a benevolent energy/spirit. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. It was amazing... It only lasted 1-2 minutes, but I loved it! If this had happened to me two years ago, I think I would have been terrified, but because I have learned so much about energy, dimensions, realms, etc at SL, I welcomed this new spiritual experience.

woodfly 23rd August 2014 3:03 pm

RIKS. Yes indeed...all of the above is happening, had happened to myself over the last 14 days....thank you for transmitting....lots of Love To You..and for what you do....


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