Cosmic Weather - Physical Avatar Report for April, 2014

Hello friends. It's been awhile since I've done one of these but the Gemini moon has inspired me to share some impressions that I received today. 

NOTE: The Group Avatar rules health and healing in the collective at the Akashic level. Empaths and sensitive folks will identify more with these reports, though they are meant for anyone who is drawn to read them. 

Bless, bless and more blessings! Okay, why is this important? In times of great shift and flux as we are in now, it causes a "disturbance in the force," especially in areas where they have been powerful earth changes such as earthquakes. (We are with you Chile.) We also started the month coming off one of the highest activity days in the solar flare department that we have had in a long time. All of these factors along with the transformative astro-cosmic energies, are going to create an atmosphere that is highly charged. 

For those who are feeling centered and relatively good physically and emotionally, please do take a few moments every day to send out loving light on the Earth Grid. Your fellow sentient beings will thank you. This is particularly important right now.

It will not be uncommon for either "old" physical issues or new ones to emerge in these strong energies. Before you mis or over-diagnose yourself, please be mindful of this. However, if symptoms or discomfort persists please do see your health care professional. Aries (fire) energy can exacerbate *inflammatory* issues in the body/mind. If there ever was a time to make your diet more alkaline and less acidic, it would be this month. Also, stay as hydrated as possible and rest when you can. The high energies can increase the flow of both physical and spiritual (Kundalini) energies. Walking, yoga, dancing and other forms of exercise are helpful to keeping body/mind energies balanced.  Also, bear in mind that old emotional issues may come to the fore also. This is not a negative thing whatsoever, and it the Universe giving you the opportunity to become lighter and more free from baggage. 

This month will definitely have highs and lulls in the energies. The times around the eclipses (4/15) and (4/28) will be times to watch your own energies and stay centered, especially. DAILY grounding and centering practices are vital for empaths/sensitives and highly recommended for everyone else. 

Have a great month ahead and remember to keep it Cosmic!


spiritdiver 7th April 2014 8:01 pm

Thank you Irma!

Have felt, and I am experiencing this all. And as your loving, positive prescription offers, intuitively I have been accepting and following the same. Also..if we stay aware and in the moment, the universe and nature are sending us so many heart centered symbols and messages of encouragement. They are like breadcrumbs leading us along. I am in awe, even with what is surely the littlest of openings in the big scheme of things, to witness the great power of this Devine love.

This is an intimately special time to be accepted as gift. Presently filled with potential, and 'awake' in deep gratitude we receive.

In appreciation,



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