Cosmic Weather - Stargate/Physical Avatar Report, 5.23.14

Hello friends. This week has been so intense and odd that I sat down this morning with Guidance to check it out. Yesterday was one of the strangest days I've had online in a very long time, and I knew I wasn't alone in that assessment. I was told that we are in another Stargate period which opened early on 5/21 and fully kicked in on 5/22. It's already slowing down a bit in intensity, but will be staying "on" and open all the way through the weekend ahead. 

Stargates are little moments in time where the energies are intensified, the portal between dimensions becomes wider, and new light codes are introduced on the planet. I also saw that there has been an interesting re-visit back to some of the energies of the Full Moon/Eclipse, which were activated by the current Grand Water Trine (Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces.) This week has had all of the markers of having high solar flare activity, but when I looked into it, it hasn't. We have had the usual stream of low C-Class activity for the last several days, which is unlikely to cause the epic shifts that have been occurring. That's one of the reasons that I knew it was something else.

The astral superhighway has been very busy this week. There has been so much released that I actually saw little "containment crews," removing debris, smoothing out and recalibrating the energies. Keep in mind we are also in the "shadow" period of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (6/7,) which is bringing in what I call the "Hall of Mirrors" effect. I will get more into that with the upcoming monthly report for June. 

From the Physical Avatar (the aspect of the collective in the akashic that is related to physical and emotional health,) I was shown this:

1) There may be a low-grade physical "hum" going on that may or may not be centered in specific chakras/energy centers. It may just be an all over type of thing. This is related to the current energy upgrade that is occurring. 

2) Energetic "hangover" symptoms of headache, stomach issues and fatigue may be present. Lots of water and a soak/detox will go a long way right now. Regarding food choices, there may be a need or craving for protein to ground and help assimilate all of the shifts, but keep in mind the body is generally sensitized right now, so lighter forms of protein are indicated as they are easier to process. Intuitive eating is highly indicated also to keep stomach issues at bay and to rebalance the system. Though you may be tired, avoiding caffeine and sugar will be helpful as again the system is highly sensitized and these substances may be triggering. 

3) Energetically there are still openings occurring at the Ajna/third Eye and also the Crown/top of head. It is wise to move a bit slower than usual, keep up the grounding practices and be mindful when driving. 

4) There is something going on with the spine of the body as it also serves as a "brain" in the physical body. There are adjustments happening here as well, that may be causing odd or old pains that haven't surfaced in a long time. Again, soaking will help along with swedish/esalen massage and/or energy work. Heavy or deep tissue work is not indicated at this time for most people. 

5) BREATHE.  This too shall pass. 

Have a good weekend ahead friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!


keryndawer 25th May 2014 4:27 pm

Thank you Irma for posting this as I've definitely been experiencing more, and more unusual, sensations on the physical, emotional and intuitive levels since the 21st. I've really had a spacey, dizzy, disoriented head the past few days! I always appreciate you posting your wise and intuitive information and guidance.

Thanks again :)

akashicstargirl 25th May 2014 7:15 pm

Thank you Keryn! It's been an interesting few days hasn't it? :) Bright Blessings.

KarenOhana 26th May 2014 9:13 am

So that's why I've been hit with insomnia over the last few days... thanks for the update.


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