Lightworkers, Adult Indigos & those pesky FOO (Family of Origin) issues!

Hello friends. If you are reading this, it might be because the title grabbed your attention and you most likely identify as a Light worker, Adult Indigo, star seed or any combination therein. If that is indeed the case, it is highly likely that your early childhood experiences and/or your Family of Origin have been a source of pain, frustration or disappointment for you. You may also take heart that you are in quite a “club” of your peers, and that this REALLY did and does serve a higher purpose. At this point, you may think that I’m just here to sell you some New Age positive thinking Snake Oil, but I do encourage you to read on. :)

Based on my research of Hypnotherapist and Adult Indigo expert Dolores Cannon’s work, primarily her book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth,” and also my work with the Akashic Wisdom Keepers starting in 2007; it is evident to me that there are many that identify as Light workers, Adult Indigos, Blue Ray Beings, etc. that were born into lower consciousness, dysfunctional families in service to help transmute the karma(s) there. No it has NOT been easy, but we are also strong enough to handle the job. Not only that, but we have had tremendous support in this task, both seen and unseen to assist on our unique soul journeys. This is also vitally important work as it has helped to pave the way for the Shift and New Earth energies that are forming a new paradigm and higher reality that will be a blessing to all of humanity.

The Keepers have given many teachings on this subject over the years, and I have enclosed here what I consider to be some of the most clear and helpful that they have shared:

Birth families on this plane are primarily of two types: A vehicle for you to experience your karmic/soul contract, and also a place where you will experience unconditional love. For many, especially those that came in with a soul agreement to transmute ancestral and generational karma, they may find that they did not necessarily experience a loving or supportive family environment. You are now at a phase in life and growth where you are gathering your soul family groups and are finally experiencing the love that you did not receive as children. You may find that the roles of parents, grandparents or siblings have been replaced by others not necessarily in your birth families.

Bless these beings for the role that they served for you. Because of your birth parents, you have a physical vehicle to experience life, and this is a great blessing. It has been said that sometimes in the case of siblings that you are “accidental roommates,” though this is not entirely accidental. The point being, there is no obligation to keep relationships that are not productive and show no signs of becoming so. There is a tendency of the heart and mind to cling to the family of origin, even if it is not supportive or functional. Keep in mind that if you walk away from any relationship in spite or anger; you are not complete with it, and it may emerge in your life in another form. You will see that your feelings about your family or anyone, is down to you and always has been. This has been one of the great lessons of the Grand Cross energies of this year, and you have done well with this. Do not let anyone or your own ego convince you that you cannot change imprinting that you may have received as children. You are a being of Light and as you awaken more fully to this truth, all that has been created in illusion or misapprehension will fall away. Shanti. – The Keepers, 10.13.11

We understand also that one of the wounds that may be appearing for some, are those who have been “disowned,” by family members or others. First of all, this is a misnomer of sorts as no one really owns another. There are times when it is necessary to part ways with other beings for certain reasons and this is perfectly understandable. This can be done firmly, but also lovingly if it is required. To be “thrown out” of someone’s life has everything to do with them, and usually brings with it a certain amount of emotional violence. This action is often saying, “I cannot deal with your presence in my life and what it is bringing up for me.” This is usually not known in the conscious mind, however. There is only ONE of you here beloveds, and you are never disowned by Source, this is an impossibility.

Emotional pain lives in its own self-justifying Universe. Many conclusions are made about yourselves that are untrue, based on false information. For example, if you were raised in an environment devoid of love; this does not mean you are unlovable, but this is often the message that is translated, especially to the mind of a child. Though the subject of individual karma is deeply complex we will say this; that everyone embodied at this time has agreed to a certain extent to experience and transmute a small part of three-dimensional illusion. To blame others and outer experiences for emotional pain is part of egoic “hard wiring.” Yes, the actions of others and outer experiences HAVE occurred this is not to deny this, but to say that to focus only on the pain and not discover what is behind it is to dwell in the unreality of the situation. To rise above this tendency is to engage the wisdom of the soul. – The Keepers, 11.4.11

In the years from 2010-2012 especially, the task for many light workers was to identify dysfunctional patterning in their personal relationships, including their families of origin. Now from 2013 onward as we move closer into the dynamic Aquarian Age of Awakening, it will continue to be vital to work with the issues of forgiveness (for self and others,) and the transmutation of lower energies which will continue open us to higher states of love, light and expanded consciousness which are our innate birthright as multi-dimensional emanations of the ONE/Source.

Bright Blessings and much appreciation to you fellow Light Worker friends. It is you that are transforming the world. Try to remember that on both the difficult and the beautiful days, and shine like the Bright Stars that you are. ?


COBALT 20th February 2013 9:17 am


kay 20th February 2013 9:48 am

Nice one. Thank you.

Sandra Smyre 20th February 2013 3:54 pm

Beautiful!!!! Thank you much :angel:

Berniesongspirit 20th February 2013 6:46 pm

Spot on! :smitten:

akashicstargirl 21st February 2013 12:03 am

Thank you so much friends! So glad the article resonated with you. :)

Naybird 21st February 2013 10:37 am

Thank you. Needed this!!!!

julieahimsa 21st February 2013 12:19 pm

In my twenties, I prayed & meditated for a spiritual epiphany. In 1995, it came
But not how I imagined it'
Instead of a peaceful experience it was a rude and shocking jolt to my sleepy half-waking consciousness. My spiritual epiphany happened when I witnessed how animals die to become the food we eat.. It changed me forever..I no longer wish to bury myself in the sands of denial, or prevent my soul's journey from reaching it's compassionate potential.I would ask you to join me on this journey of compassion..

gracey 21st February 2013 7:19 pm

this resonates so much with me! I was disowned by my parents in 2010 after speaking up about the violence in our home as a child. I have always known that my place in the family was to be the witness and to hold a mirror up for them to see their actions. Unfortunately they were not willing to see. It has been painful time but everyday I gaining more clarity for my place in the world.
This article has helped me immensely . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

akashicstargirl 22nd February 2013 1:16 pm

Hello Gracey,
Thank you so much for sharing your experience of bravery, self-love & strength. I'm so glad the article was helpful to you in your journey.

Bright Blessings,
Irma Kaye

Katrina 24th February 2013 9:23 am

Oh, Irma K! What a wonderfully appropriate message. So clear, succinct ... cutting through the bs & aimed straight for the heart.

Thank you :thumbs: :thumbs: :smitten:

Katrina 24th February 2013 9:25 am

Oh, Irma K! What a wonderfully appropriate message. So clear, succinct ... cutting through the bs & aimed straight for the heart.

Thank you :thumbs: :thumbs: :smitten:

mrmathew1963 24th February 2013 7:33 pm

G'day Rev Irma

A very good article that many need to know about especially now so if you don’t mind I will insert a link from my blog titled The World of True Spiritual Acceptance to this article.

You’re not the same Rev Irma from SF are you?


MareGrane 25th February 2013 11:32 am

This was well worth the reminder read. As a child and teenager growing up, I realized the importance of our intricate connections with our family members and how we touch each others lives in every day life. Nearly 30 years ago I released myself from almost all of my family in painful situations only to find myself reconnected later. Detachment with love is what I need to do. In this last year I have made major changes that created an impact toward the positive and found the need to reconnect with distant cousins. In some sense it resulted in a positive manner not without a few painful memories. I believe I am on the right track. Thank you for your insightful message.

akashicstargirl 25th February 2013 11:54 am

Hello Mathew,
No I'm from Southern CA, not Northern. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you.


Melissa9 1st June 2013 1:33 am

Here's ALL you should read regarding relationships in general, although start within your family environment. If you've began your own start there otherwise your immediate family even if its by taking your mind retrograde even some form hypnosis done properly. First take a moment and see what dominant energy each partner carries, its either Masculine or Feminine ...rarley is it the same if you can't decide look to your Astrology chart placement of Sun is masculine Moon feminine the # of house those rest in carries your essence example 1)Mas.2)Fem 3)Mas 4)Fem <12) Fem. Once you got this WE BALANCE the energy which raises your subconscious and awareness! If your feminine dom. Then you'll need to use more life force like I WILL action or initiate things any positive actions be a leader with love thinking of how the action made effects ALL people involved. Masculine energy is a little tougher cus it's more EGO lacking emotions LOVE obviously is everybodys desire to find yet WE got lost thru reincarnations meaning time has created a wounded moon (mother ) since go 2 next post

Melissa9 1st June 2013 1:48 am

Since the mother transfers ALL emotions through womb from her past, past lives, present life, the environments , fathers...ALL of it. Fyi..the craters on our Moon basically hold the wounds from meteorite crashes then when suns behind it shining light through the moon its basically reflecting life force from the past to our sub conscious state while sleeping mostly or in stillness. That's just.a little info. Carry on.... you've heard were called The X Generation? Well X male chromosone Y female..yup that's why. Masculine dominate through power of control and greed Abusing the suns life force. So they have harder hearts then feminine and must learn to LOVE first by thinking love and discovering its feeling through steps 1) break the routine probably work and drinking if its heavy no doubt. Then the feminine dominant instantly kicks in as the other partner becomes aware and willing. If you get this far your moat likely safe ..communicate together and decide together find your BALANCE. Laugh at each other when a fit happens don't feed it learning never stops. That's your root next po

Melissa9 1st June 2013 2:05 am

(LAST ONE) If your not sure with progress and there's children involved please please please always watch them and learn. Children TEACH US!! REMEMBER we have basically created soooo much Fear to humanity that the ( mirrors ) we do have AUTHORITY over we abuse that by forcing our innocent spirited kids to be what society expects to see. Sad!! Wrong! Precious Ones Ohhh how I wish for such pain and conflict let alone darkness wasn't inflicted upon them...then the government ugghh just worst. Let these little loves express themselves always cause they are your keys to Love Source. First child always represents the dominant aspects mostly masculine a second feminine or if one parent is off balance this second child is a key to seeing if the balances are off kilter at moments. Each child shows and reflects as parents evolve or destruct. If the dominant parent of masculine is no bueno and you've tried ...the karmic cycle start date of marriage or full commitment. 7 yrs 3.5 mnths is end or it happens 10fold again w/another. Best of LUCK I BELIEVE I CAN & I WILL BALANCE &LOVE ALL :)


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