New Moon & 12/12 Stargate Report

Cosmic Weather – New Moon in Sagittarius & 12/12 Stargate

Vision, Cheerfulness and the Triumph of Hope over Experience

The remedy is the experience. This is a dangerous liaison. The comedy, is that it’s serious. This is a strange enough new play-on-words. – Jason Mraz

Hello friends and welcome to the last New Moon of 2015. What a trip, right?! This year has been something else. The line about “The triumph of hope over experience” was from a joke that GB (Merle “Giggling Buddha” Smith) used to like to tell. It was the punchline to this question: What do you call someone’s third marriage? Indeed.

Just like last month, this new moon is in the power window of a Stargate, the 12/12. The three Stargates of 11/11, 12/12 and 1/11 are important to further activate the energies that will carry us in 2016 and beyond. I know it’s hard to forget 11/11 and the subsequent havoc that followed it. It’s only been a month, but what a difference a month can make. As the world gets more polarized, strange and goose-stepping by the moment, we are again reminded of our power as creators. Sagittarius is about IDEAS, communication, expansion and higher education. To expand our views, it’s often not consciousness alone that always can do it, information is very helpful too. One of the mantras for this New Moon will be: “Knowledge is power.”

Some interesting and pertinent food for thought here:

If we’ve given the press (even the erstwhile respectable press) that (high) level of uncritical control over our emotions, we’ve given it the power to shape our view of reality. And, it follows, to determine our reality. Question everything. Even that which feels most emotionally fervent and righteous. Maybe especially that. – Christopher DeGraffenreid

In one of my posts two weeks or so ago, I recommended that folks become “relentlessly cheerful.” Sagittarius energy can be exactly that and can go a bit out of bounds especially when the rose-colored glasses refuse to come off. Of course this can be a potentially dangerous thing, as sometimes it’s important to be practical and realistic. For this new moon however, I highly recommend that we keep them ON and I’ll tell you why. New Moons are all about sowing seeds for the next moon cycle, especially. The last New Moon of any given calendar year is also important to set the cosmic stage so to speak for the New Year to come. In times that carry a dour vibe, to be cheerful may be viewed as a revolutionary act: Be revolutionary. It’s what the world needs right now. That along with a big ol’ dose of love and light, which tends to travel alongside with cheerfulness. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly feeling it right away either, these energies might need to grow on you a bit.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is: In an old-fashioned northern village, men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the Summer. The foresighted use of natural resources to supply future needs.

This ties in beautifully for this new moon as it concerns itself with disseminating information from the year that has passed and it looking with hope and foresight into the future. This new moon energy can help us remain positive and find the wisdom in our experience. No matter the difficulties that we have experienced, we are still here and to be here is to have faith and courage. As this powerful year comes to an end, it is customary and wise to think on the next one and what we’d like to manifest and experience.

This New Moon is traveling with the 12/12 (Christ Consciousness) Stargate which gives it even greater potency. Energetically and physically we are already being primed for these energies with potential “cold” symptoms, fatigue, emotional releases, change in sleeping patterns and increased body aches. The main chakras that I feel will be impacted by these energies are: the Ajna (third eye,) Heart and Crown. Of course, your own experience may vary.

Spiritually this weekend has the potential to be a VERY powerful time. There will also be the folks getting caught in the shadow of these energies which is soapboxing and dogma. That’s okay, we can simply change the channel. Since Sagittarius is a messenger, be on the lookout for signs and symbols both on the literal and metaphorical level.

As far as the Cosmic Tune, it’s an appropriate title and it feels right to get some vintage Billy Idol (Sun in Sagittarius) up in here to rock us out as we wrap up the year.

Happy New Moon and Stargating friends! Be sure to tune back in for the 2015 year-end wrap up and 2016 forecast to be posted by 12/30/15.

NOTE: The New Moon in Sagittarius is 12/11/15 at 2:29 am PST/5:29 am EST.


Esmé 11th December 2015 5:03 am

Thank you Irma. I drew the emotional releases coupled with fatigue card....I would have rather had any of the other :) :) Light & Love, Esmé

withlove 11th December 2015 8:18 pm

Dear Irma
Thank you for this message. I've started to experience a piercing, sharp pain in my head again in the past day, like somehing is being enhanced. I experienced this intensely similar head pain for over a month up until beginning November, which felt like pressure from my brain being expanded.
With Love


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