New Moon & Stargate Report for 11.11.15

Hello friends. We’ve got a special New Moon in Scorpio happening this year. Not only is is happening right in the middle of the potent 11:11 Stargate, but the Sabian Symbol for it is particularly beautiful and in synch. I will tell you more about that in a moment.

A traditional translation of the Scorpio New Moon is self-mastery and a return to the essence of personal power. It’s regenerative properties of the “new” are particularly enhanced as Pluto is the King of all that asks to be transmuted and upgraded (and also that which doesn’t necessarily ask, too.) Everyone will be feeling this to a certain extent, but those with personal planets in Scorpio will especially be visited by this exceptionally potent and magical energy.

With Mercury also in “spiritual detective” Scorpio, our ability to look behind the masks of things has been enhanced. Just like in the “Wizard of Oz,” the advice to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” may have a new meaning at the moment. The outer world’s ability to distract and divert have definitely been called to task. It is also customary this time of year for there to be a noted inner battle between the “bad witch” of ego/ordinary mind and the “good witch” of our Higher Self. For many, we have grown tired of that particular drama and struggle, and this time around we are noticing the difference. Well done, starshines. Just like Glinda told Dorothy, “you had the power all along, my dear.” As many of the great ones have shared with us, deep contrast often serves a great purpose. That is, until we no longer require it as a teaching tool. However, it is worthy of mentioning that Sun and Moon in Scorpio are never want for intensity and a possible abundance of shadow material in the collective. For those who are of a mind to do so, please take a few moments out of your own celebrations and/or personal work to hold loving space for all who may require support through this portal.

New Moon Message: Dear ones, the Scorpio energies have been compared to the great Phoenix. Take the dust and ash of your transformation and gently blow it away. It is no longer you. – The Keepers, 11/8/15

The energies of this Stargate are already with us, starting to especially gain in potency starting on 11/7. I’ve been hearing many reports of what we jokingly call the “ascension flu” at Cosmic Weather, as its symptoms often come and go strangely and feel to be strongly energetic. Do follow the usual recommended guidance with any potent period in the cosmic weather: proper nutrition, rest, stay hydrated and don’t forget your grounding. As in all potent energy periods, whatever material is coming up and out, it’s recommended to not resist it.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Scorpio is: A woman drawing aside dark curtains that close the entrance to a sacred pathway.

This is another example of the beauty and perfection of the Universe as Scorpio represents: the hidden and the unveiled, the poison and the antidote, the illness and the medicine, death and resurrection. Especially in combination with the 11:11, the way has been opened.

The keywords for the 11:11 (2015) Stargate are: Joy. Resurrection. Truth. Return. Joy as the truth of your being. Resurrection as the end of a cycle and the beginning of new one. A return to essence, with more of the unnecessary dropped away. – The Keepers, 11.8.15

Thinking on the Cosmic Tune for this Moon/event, this great one floated in. The Golden Avatar is us, just awaiting our welcome and realization. And so it is.

I called you the keeper of my heart, ’cause I’ve felt that you’ve been there waiting from the start. – Crispian Mills

The 11:11 Stargate is one of the sacred pathways that we have been generously given for our own healing, growth and awakening. For all that we have experienced and let go of in this potent and dynamic year, this New Moon and the 11:11 feels like a sacred gift. Let us remember to dedicate it to the benefit of all sentient beings.

Happy New Moon and 11:11 friends!

NOTE: The New Moon in Scorpio is 11/11/15 at 9:47 am PST/12:57 EST.



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