Prince: A Tribute to a Royal Purple Star

In another time’s forgotten space, your eyes looked through your mother’s face. Wildflower seed on the sand and stone. May the four winds blow you safely home. In Franklin’s Tower the four winds sleep, like four lean hounds the lighthouse keep. Wildflower seed in the sand and wind. May the four winds blow you home again. – Robert Hunter, 1975

Hello friends. I couldn’t have foreseen that I would be writing a tribute to another one of the greatest innovators and musical artists of our time this year, Prince Rogers Nelson. He transitioned in the Libra moon void of ironically what I called the “total Blam Blam” Full Moon in Scorpio, to borrow a lyrical phrase from Bowie. With his Scorpio Rising contacting that potent moon and Neptune transiting his 12th house it all was distinctly poetic, albeit still a great loss for fans all over the world. One of my wise astrologer friends was picking up on “The Tower” energy right as I was picking up on the lunar intensity. This was before we both heard of his passing. Later on Thursday, one of the Cosmic Tunes that came through was “Franklin’s Tower” as performed by the Grateful Dead, quoted here above. How beautiful and appropriate.

Having more time to let the Purple One’s passing sink in, I thought about this. Several of my friends had stories of him being heavily booed off the stage when he opened for the Rolling Stones back in the day in his platform boots, purple glitter raincoat and g-string. That crowd was definitely not ready for that. Oh well. He had arrived and didn’t go anywhere for almost four decades. I respected him on that point alone. That was so brave.

Another thing in common with Bowie but right here in the US, is that he made it okay to be a “weird” kid, to be LGBTQ and/or not look like everyone else. He crossed all racial, gender and sexual lines in a quietly defiant way that was his alone. Besides being a musical genius, there was definitely that wayshower aspect too.

Like other souls with a profound mission he would remain undeterred, despite what the critics and naysayers said. This review found on Twitter this morning cracked me up. “Mick Jagger should just fold up his penis and go home.” – Robert Christgau reviewing the “Dirty Mind” album by Prince in 1980.

Dear ones, you have asked us to comment on the one known to you as Prince. As you may have noticed, there has been a pattern of those most luminous “stars” to be called home perhaps sooner than expected or desired in the general public. Though we cannot comment on his individual karma and soul agreement in great detail; we can share that there was an understanding on a deeper, spiritual level of his imminent physical departure. Like other great performing artists such as your David Bowie, their legacy will live on long past their brief time on earth.

It has been noted that your “9” vibration is a completion energy and signals the end of certain eras and timelines. Though it may feel confusing or sad to you that these beings have been called home, it is actually a great celebration in Spirit for a job well done.

Profound and innovative artists such as Bowie and Prince have a large soul group that travels with them. This group is made up of concentric circles of energy – some are close in and others somewhat further out. It is not uncommon for those in these soul groups to receive messages from them either in waking consciousness or in dreams and this will continue.We understand in the collective emotional body of humankind there is an impact upon departures of this nature due to grief and shock. The Celestials and Healing Angels are on hand to provide grounding and soothing energies. Shanti. – The Keepers, 4.22.16

Interestingly, I didn’t think I would be in direct contact with Prince. I had several friends who did so on the day of his passing. What I received was on the third day, 4.23.16. I wrote a post at Facebook about how there was as in teaching in that, as several folks who have never gone public with their messages and gifts did so this week, overriding any fears that they had. It felt good to step out of the way and let that happen in divine timing. That was very much what he was all about too; being yourself and not hiding or being embarrassed to share what you have been given. Like the divine trickster energy he often embodied (Sun in Gemini,) he came through right after I posted about not talking to him. That was perfect too, I thought.

God called me home and I was happy to go. Thank you to everyone who loved my music. I am so grateful and I love you all. I did what I came here to do: make music and spread a message of love.

Music is everything. It has all of the colors of life and energy within it. That is why I played multiple instruments, I didn’t want to limit myself to just one type of expression.

Q: What can we do to continue your legacy of love and service?

A: Be loving and good to each other. Help where you can. Looking at you now it is like a vast purple sea! I am deeply humbled and moved.

I’m sure you know (IK) that the detached or aloof exterior I would display at times was to protect my inner sensitivity. It is what allowed me to create and express as I did. I chose a multifaceted (Gemini/Scorpio energy) personality for a reason. It allowed me to understand humanity much more deeply.

See me as just one vessel of God’s greatness and glory. You are all my brothers and sisters. We will meet again. – Prince, 4.23.16

Thank you for everything. All blessings and good travels to Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016.)



cyndy 25th April 2016 11:15 am

I am here in Minneapolis area living the purple wave as people pay tribute.
One of the favorite postings I saw, said. "When everyone think you "died" but you had booked shows in other dimensions."

gretchendreisbach 25th April 2016 12:42 pm

Thank You for this Rev. Irma Most Precious!

Yes, the grief is quite palpable here in Minnesota, but so are the celebrations!

I believe there are many from this Royal Family who have left us this year, but My Personal Pattern is deeply woven
with the Vibrations of Prince, David Bowie, and Maurice White of Earth, Wind, and Fire!


(Who knows, maybe anyone of them will turn around and come right back in! Earth Planet IS the place to BE) :)

Gretchen Grace Dreisbach

kitegirlcoach 25th April 2016 6:07 pm

Very cool. Thank you Irma.

anje 26th April 2016 9:31 am

Not sharing your enthusiasm and reverence for Prince!
He's passed on and gone folks...not still hanging around stirring up more attention.

Do you really think he contributed to the dignity and advancement of humanity with his extremely raunchy and over-sexualized presentations, not to mention his often downright dark and evil looking imagery?

We would be best off being real...Prince had an interesting life, did a lot on stage and did seem to be a caring and intelligent individual and definitely
did a lot to perpetuate the philosophy of a person being free to be themselves, but we should leave it at that.

Let's focus on idolizing our own selves and what we need to do to emerge from the current cycle of darkness we are in, especially in the entertainment industry.

PMulderig 27th April 2016 9:59 am

I was so happy that there was contact between you and Prince, especially after you had posted on Facebook that you didn't expect to have any. That was so funny and fitting for his impish sense of humor.
I have read this many times since you first posted it and it makes me smile, each time. I was so deeply devastated by his leaving us in what I thought was an untimely manner. But, we each have our agreements and missions that have their own timetables.
I am just so very grateful that I was on the planet at the same time as Prince. He was mysterious and sensual and private, but his music was open and there for all of us to enjoy, if we chose. And if you ever had the chance to see him live, that was his true genius - you were in his orbit for those few hours. It was like you were on Planet Prince...a world of lace, filled with purple hues and funky beats. It was an experience I will treasure forever.
There have been quite a few jolting leavings lately, but I am so very glad that you have been able to bring messages through from them. Thank you! <3

joycequinney 27th April 2016 10:16 am

A great tribute Irma! I loved it! Prince was a gifted guy!?

Agnes Judy 27th April 2016 11:07 am

I grew up in Prince's music. I have a collection of his albums. The whole world will definitely miss his presence. RIP, Prince.

KimDonavan 27th April 2016 11:09 am

You insight is such a gift, and there will always be naysayers. Allow your truth, and I am in gratitude for the words 'sent' by Prince (as he will always be in my mind). Your gift is a blessing for both whom you are connecting with 'over there', as they still have insight and knowledge to share, and for us here on this plane who need to hear those comforting messages. Please, always allow your gifts to be shared. You are more of an inspiration than you realize. You are love, and you are loved. Always. From me and The Voices In My Head & Heart.

O.Susannah 27th April 2016 11:56 am

What a beautiful tribute, thank you so much for sharing!

13Dianne13 27th April 2016 1:16 pm

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. We are all here to walk our path on our own journey. We have the ability to learn something from those who cross our paths whether it be from the near and dear or far and famous. It is our choice to do so, or not. After all, we are all dancing to the beat of the drum we came here to bang! Prince seemed to do of lot of creative learning in this life and he made the most out of everything. Good for him! Never a dull moment when you are in the Purple Rain :smitten:

Thank you Irma, for sharing this and his message.

hpenning 28th April 2016 10:49 am

Thank you for sharing these messages.

Pure love and light to you IK!

Stardazer 1st May 2016 12:24 pm

I was never a fan of Prince or Michael Jackson, but strangely, I had precognitive dreams before their deaths. They were meaningless in each case, until I heard the news and I realized what I had seen. I do believe that we are part of a large soul group who had come to bring a higher vibration of love. Those of us still here must continue the mission to assist with the ascencion of humanity.
Thanks for the message, go in love and Light xxx

Loki 1st May 2016 12:35 pm

I don't really follow pop stars. I don't thrive on dance music. (Mostly love jazz) Yet Prince had a vast talent, extending beyond the usual limits that defy category. So, I have been aware of him at a distance for decades. I found myself in tears! I had no idea how much energy he was keeping for our music world, until he passed. My connection to him was apparently, psychic! I have been experiencing tears at the thought of him, and yet I wasn't a big fan. I have been reflecting on what Jeshua said, "there really is only one of us". So I am thinking that we are all connected through a vast network, or matrix, of being. I have been feeling his energy with me more so now, that the human veil has dropped. The images of ego have slipped away into the void, but his light remains. I have been a bass player for about fifty years, and I'm still very actively involved. There are times that I feel a shift in my personal musical energy, as I am now. And I feel that I am receiving some expansion from Prince. A fresh infusion of creativity and groove, transmitting. He is still a dynamo. New channel


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